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Denon PerL and Denon PerL Pro - Personalized Earbuds

Denon Signature Sound, active noise cancellation, True Wireless, and Massimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology - according to Masimo Consumer, these are all features of the two new in-ear headphones from the Denon brand, which are now being presented in the form of the Denon PerL and Denon PerL Pro.

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  • In-ear headphones with Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology and thus the possibility of individual adjustment are available with the Denon PerL and Denon PerL Pro solutions.

It is above all the Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology that Masimo Consumer is focusing on with the latest True Wireless Earbuds from the Denon brand, the Denon PerL and Denon PerL Pro models, because they offer the unique and characteristic Denon Signature Sound in a form individually adapted to the needs of the user and in combination with Active Noise Cancelling. This is to guarantee a particularly lively, spatial sound experience anytime and anywhere.

Denon PerL and Denon PerL Pro with Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology

Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology, also known as Masimo AAT, is not a completely new technology, as Masimo Consumer already announced it a good three months ago. The company relied on a cooperation with Nura Operations Pty Ltd., a proven specialist for headphones that offer the possibility of individual adaptation to the user by measuring otoacoustic emissions and adapting the reproduction accordingly.

This is exactly what the new solutions of the Denon brand are supposed to offer. The Denon PerL and Denon PerL Pro are the first products that use Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology.

Masimo Consumer therefore refers to the two True Wireless in-ear headphones as self-learning headphones and solutions that are intended to guarantee an incomparable, personal sound experience.

Optimally adapted to the user

Masimo Adaptive Acoustic Technology is based on the measurement of so-called otoacoustic emissions by means of a highly sensitive microphone integrated into the in-ear headphones. To get to the point, this technology essentially measures the individual auditory canal and how this affects the reproduction. Using sophisticated DSP algorithms, the reproduction is corrected accordingly in real time to ultimately guarantee a neutral performance.

Active Noise Cancelling and Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling

In order to be able to enjoy music undisturbed at all times, the two new models from Denon are equipped with Active Noise Cancelling.

The two models differ in one crucial detail: in contrast to the Denon PerL, the Denon PerL Pro not only offers Active Noise Cancelling, but Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling.

This means that the Denon PerL Pro’s active noise cancellation is automatically optimally adapted to the respective conditions, and should therefore deliver significantly more accurate results. However, both models offer a so-called Ambient Aware Mode, in which you can perceive important events from your surroundings.

Denon Signature Sound

There are also differences in the driver: while Masimo Consumer refers to the Denon PerL simply as a dynamic driver with a diameter of 10 mm, the driver of the Denon PerL Pro is described as an ultra-low-distortion triple-layer titanium diaphragm dynamic driver with a diameter of 10 mm.

The frequency response of both models, however, is described as 20 Hz to 40 kHz.

The Denon PerL Pro is also said to offer immersive audio via Dirac Virtuo, as Masimo Consumer states in the headphones’ data sheet.

True Wireless via Bluetooth 5.0 and Bluetooth 5.3

The two models also differ in terms of signal transmission, because while the Denon PerL uses Bluetooth 5.0, the Denon PerL Pro uses Bluetooth 5.3. Accordingly, the Denon PerL supports the codecs AAC, SBC and aptX, while the Denon PerL XL supports the codecs SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX Adaptive and aptX Lossless. Bluetooth Quick Switch and Bluetooth Multipoint Connect are also available.

Best voice quality

Of course, you can make phone calls and video calls with both models, whereby the Denon PerL has two microphones for this purpose and the Denon PerL Pro even has four microphones on each side, two of which are so-called bone conduction microphones. The aptX Voice codec is also intended to ensure that crystal-clear voice quality is achieved.

Six or even eight hours of playing time

While the Denon PearL provide a playing time of up to six hours, the Denon Pearl Pro have a playing time of up to eight hours. The transport case with power bank included in the scope of delivery provides a total of 24 hours for the Denon PerL and 32 hours for the Denon PerL XL.

Charging is via a USB-C interface in both cases, and the Denon PerL Pro also offers Qi wireless charging. Via Quick Charging, five minutes of charging should be enough for the Denon PerL Pro and ten minutes for the Denon PerL to play back an hour of music.

Both the Denon PerL and the Denon PerL Pro offer individually configurable touch control, for which the Denon Headphone App for Apple iOS and Google Android is available.

Four different ear tips, which are part of the scope of delivery, are intended to ensure comfort, and two Secure-Fit Wings are also included in the package.

Both True Wireless in-ear headphones are offered in black alone and are IPX4 resistant to sweat and bad weather.

Prices and availability

It is not yet clear when the new headphone models from Masimo Consumer will actually be available. However, it is already clear that you will have to budget € 199 for the Denon PerL and € 349 for the Denon PerL Pro.

Getting to the point

Masimo Consumer recently announced that they are working on the development of headphones that can be individually adapted to the user, thus offering a sound experience that is optimally adapted to the individual needs. With the new solutions of the Denon brand, Masimo Consumer now offers exactly that, so that the solutions Denon PerL and Denon PerL Pro are called Personalised Earbuds.

PriceDenon PerL € 199,-
Denon PerL Pro € 349,-
ManufacturerMasimo Consumer
Distribution AustriaMasimo Österreich GmbH
Distribution GermanyMasimo Europe Ltd. Niederlassung Deutschland
Distribution SwitzerlandMasimo International Sàrl
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