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CM-audio – Price adjustment for MERASON

CM-audio – Flöter Technology Service has to announce a price adjustment for the solutions of the MERASON brand. As of February 2022, the prices for the MERASON DAC1 as well as MERASON frérot are to be raised moderately.

CM-audio – Flöter Technology Service as distributor of the solutions from the Swiss manufacture dafraud GmbH has to announce a price adjustment. According to the company, the price of some MERASON brand solutions will be increased moderately as of February 2022.

A conscious decision was made to communicate this necessary price adjustment now and thus very early before it comes into effect, so that interested parties still have the opportunity to make investments within the planned budget.

In March of this year, dafraud GmbH had to adjust the price of a very important product. For more information, see “CM-Audio – Price Adjustment for MERASON frérot”. Even then, the Swiss, like so many other companies, were faced with the problem that the market situation regarding the availability of essential components was very tense, and in some cases they were not available at all.

This has hardly changed so far, quite the opposite, and the situation of the worldwide supply chains for products that are available in principle is still tense, so that they not only function much more slowly than usual, are less reliable, and are also associated with considerably higher costs.

At least the problem of product availability has now been largely solved, although there was another “problem”, because in the current situation with production capacity that is difficult to calculate anyway, customer demand has increased. Delivery bottlenecks have been largely eliminated, however, and all solutions should now be available again at short notice.

Foto © Dafraud GmbH | Price adjustment at MERASON
Foto © Dafraud GmbH | Price adjustment at MERASON

Merason frérot price raised again

The price of the Merason frérot, for example, will have to be raised again, but, as the sales department emphasises, only moderately.

The Merason frérot will be offered at a price of € 1,100 until the end of January 2022, after which it will have a recommended retail price of € 1.200,-.

Foto © Dafraud GmbH | Price adjustment at MERASON
Foto © Dafraud GmbH | Price adjustment at MERASON

Merason DAC1 with new price

The Merason DAC1 is also affected by the price adjustment this time, with a recommended retail price of € 4,900 from February 2022. Here, too, CM-audio – Flöter Technology Service emphasises that orders until 31 January 2022 will still be calculated with the previous price, which means that only € 4.500,- have to be budgeted.

Foto © Dafraud GmbH | Price adjustment at MERASON
Foto © Dafraud GmbH | Price adjustment at MERASON

Merason pow1 with the same price

Those who want to upgrade the smaller of the two transducers from Switzerland, the Merason frérot, can do so with the optionally available Merason pow1. It is pleasing that this solution is not affected by the price adjustment this time. This solution will therefore continue to be available at the recommended retail price of € 690.

Those who want to convince themselves of the capabilities of the Swiss transducers directly in their own four walls can do so in the proven manner via the so-called test packages from CM-audio – Flöter Technology Service. Further information about the exact procedure can be found on the sales website.

Getting to the point

Once again, CM-audio – Flöter Technology Service has been forced to adjust the prices of MERASON solutions from dafraud GmbH. This time it concerns the Merason frérot as well as the Merason DAC1, whereby this price adjustment is announced very early, as it will only become effective on 1 February 2022. Until then, there is still time to buy the solutions of the Swiss high-end hi-fi manufacturer at the previous price.

PriceMERASON DAC1 € 4,500 – from February 2022 € 4,900
MERASON frérot € 1,100 – from February 2022 € 1,200
MERASON pow1 € 690,-
Manufacturerdafraud GmbH
DistributionCM-Audio – Flöter Technology Service
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