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Audio Research ARC Remote – Now available

As early as last September, Audio Research Corporation announced that it was working on a new remote control. A remote control that could fully live up to the high standards of the company. This is now available as the Audio Research ARC Remote.

As promised by Audio Research Corporation last September, the new Audio Research ARC Remote is now available. A remote control that completely meets the high standards of the US high-end hi-fi manufacturer and thus reflects the value that the company’s solutions are supposed to convey in this detail as well.

The new Audio Research ARC Remote is made entirely of metal and is handcrafted.

Audio Research ARC Remote – The end of an unsatisfactory predicament

After the takeover of the company by TWS Enterprises LLC., Audio Research Corporation found itself in the unfortunate situation of no longer having an adequate supplier for remote controls. The previous supplier simply no longer manufactured the model used by Audio Research Corporation, so it was a matter of finding a replacement in a hurry, whereby they ultimately had to resort to a stopgap solution, which in the end was obviously really embarrassing for the US Americans.

“We were embarrassed that they got a cheap plastic remote with their valuable and expensive new Audio Research components, they deserve a remote of proper quality, so we’re going to make it right.” Audio Research Corporation

However, they immediately announced that they were working on a solution, as sempre-audio.at was able to report. Now the time has come and Audio Research Corporation can actually offer the promised new remote control.

Audio Research ARC Remote – No more plastic

The new Audio Research ARC is completely handmade of metal. According to the manufacturer, the new remote control is beautiful, heavy and yet feels good in the hand. It is milled from a solid aluminium block and then coated with a black Cerakote ceramic coating. The upper edge is brushed and shows the aluminium, so the design language of the current Audio Research components is taken up here.

  • Foto © Audio Research Corporation | Audio Research ARC Remote
  • Foto © Audio Research Corporation | Audio Research ARC Remote
  • Foto © Audio Research Corporation | Audio Research ARC Remote

The front of the remote control is made of black acrylic that is laser engraved directly at the factory in Maple Grove in the US state of Minnesota. The front is held in place by magnets, so there are no external screws. Instead of AA or AAA batteries, a long-life 3 V button cell battery is used for power. On the bottom of the remote, four clear, dome-shaped rubber feet are embedded in the case.

Prices and availability

The new Audio Research ARC Remote will now be included with the following systems from Audio Research Corporation: Audio Research REF10, Audio Research REF6SE, Audio Research REFPH3SE, Audio Research LS28SE, Audio Research PH9 and Audio Research DAC9.

Existing customers who have received one of these solutions with a plastic remote control can exchange it. The relevant conditions can be found out at the dealer of your choice.

Getting to the point

For many people, it may be an insignificant detail anyway, since they regard a remote control as a tool limited purely to its practical functionality. The material it is ultimately made of is therefore of secondary importance to them. However, many people don’t see it that way, including Audio Research Corporation, so that the US high-end hi-fi manufacturer is now offering the new Audio Research ARC Remote.

ManufacturerAudio Research Corporation
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyAudio Components Vertriebs GmbH
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