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audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker – News from Sicily

audel presents the new audel U-Basik 5/8, a new interpretation of a classic monitor loudspeaker system, whereby this is the first pure monitor model from audel and the Italians are breaking new ground.

With the new audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker, the Italian loudspeaker specialist audel is breaking new ground, this can be stated by way of introduction. Not only is this the first so-called monitor speaker ever from audel, but this new model is intended to reinterpret the concept of a classic monitor speaker system.

Moreover, it is the first product of the audel brand that does not rely solely on manual work, but relies at least in part on machine production. Nevertheless, audel promises an impressive performance, impeccable manufacturing quality and a particularly attractive price-performance ratio for the new audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker.

audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker – The entry at audel

The audel company is a very unusual one, that can be clearly stated. The company’s founder and developer is Walter Carzan, who is actually an architect, one of the best known in Sicily. The loudspeaker manufacturer audel is his passion, here he can not only implement his special ideas in the development of loudspeaker systems, but also his passion for industrial design with a focus on wood processing.

The fact that audel always realises exciting concepts is due to this special constellation of the company alone.

Since its beginnings in 2008, audel has strived to realise solutions that stand out as finely crafted products with a unique aesthetic appeal and outstanding sound.

The new audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker, however, represents an innovation in this respect.

For the first time not entirely handcrafted

In order to counter the increasing cost pressure on the market, especially for materials such as wood, but also for essential components, and yet not to have to change the basic corporate philosophy as much as possible, audel decided for the first time to design the new audel U-Basik 5/8 monitor speakers in such a way that they could do without very costly manual work in parts, and instead rely on machine production in small series.

The production of audel loudspeaker systems already takes sometimes up to ten days, to realise this by pure manual labour is therefore very expensive. In the case of the new audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker, a new design was used to reduce the pure processing time by about half by manufacturing individual components of the cabinet by machine.

In this way, it was possible to compensate for the massive price increases in raw materials and still achieve an attractive price point while maintaining the highest manufacturing standards.

New interpretation of a monitor loudspeaker system

For audel, the new audel U-Basik 5/8 monitor speaker is a premiere, because, as mentioned above, it is the first monitor speaker of the Italians. Instead of relying solely on the tried and tested, however, Walter Carzan designed this solution in such a way that, in his view, the audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker is a new interpretation of this particular type of loudspeaker.

“I have always said that revisiting simple objects is indeed a very complex experience- The U-Basik 5/8 has absolutely confirmed my opinion!”

Walter Carzan, founder and owner audel

The audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker was of course developed based on the company’s now very long expertise and with the inclusion of various patents that audel has acquired over the years.

Two-way bass reflex system

The audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker is a two-way bass reflex system with a 5 inch woofer and a 29 mm soft dome tweeter. The bass reflex system is front-firing, which is a striking detail of the speaker system’s outstanding design concept.

Of course, the fact that the bass reflex system is led out to the front also makes it easier to position this compact bookshelf loudspeaker system close to the wall without any loss of imaging performance.

The audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker has a cabinet made of laminated birch plywood. The front panel and the speaker’s connection panel can be finished in either ebony black or Canaletto walnut. By the way, the surface is finished solely with biologically produced beeswax varnish.

With dimensions of 350 x 220 x 210 mm, the audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker has a volume of 8 litres and can therefore – not least due to the bass reflex system – deliver a rich, voluminous sound. At least this is what the frequency range of 47 Hz to 25 kHz stated by the manufacturer indicates.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the loudspeaker system with an impedance of 4 ohms and a sensitivity of 89 dB is designed for amplifiers with a power of at least 20 watts up to 100 watts.

By the way, the weight of 12 kg per pair proves that this is a very elaborate cabinet construction.

Foto © audel | audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker
Foto © audel | audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker

Prices and availability

The new audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker should be available in specialist shops within the next few days. As described, the ebony black and Canaletto walnut versions are available. Accordingly, the price is slightly different: the ebony black version costs € 2,199 per pair, the Canaletto walnut version € 2,299 per pair.

Getting to the point

Even though the Italian loudspeaker manufacturer audel had to make a few concessions in the production of the new audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker, which means that they cannot rely entirely on handcrafting, this is still a solution that fully meets the high standards the Italians set for themselves. What is exciting here, however, is that this is the first monitor loudspeaker system designed by Walter Carzan, who reinterpreted the concept of this special type of product and thus realised another remarkable product with the new audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker.

Priceaudel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker Ebenholz Black € 2.199,-
audel U-Basik 5/8 Monitor Speaker Canaletto Walnut € 2.299,-
ManufacturerAudel di Walter Carzan
DistributionCMI Distribution Europe
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG

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