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Yamaha R-N1000A and Yamaha R-N800A - Two new network receivers with automatic calibration

As smaller siblings of the Yamaha R-N2000A, Yamaha Music Europe GmbH is presenting the two systems Yamaha R-N1000A and Yamaha R-N800A at the High End 2023 in Munich, which feature many of the flagship's characteristics and are thus intended to stand for the finest sound in the living room.

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  • The new network receivers from Yamaha Music Europe GmbH, the Yamaha R-N1000A and the Yamaha R-N800A, are supposed to guarantee the finest sound.

These are said to be two more particularly high-quality, so-called network receivers, which Yamaha Music Europe GmbH now presented for the first time at the High End 2023 in Munich with the Yamaha R-N1000A and Yamaha R-N800A systems. These are, of course, the smaller siblings of the Yamaha R-N2000A, whereby the two newcomers have many of the essential features of the flagship, so that they also have the potential to provide the finest sound in the living room.

Just like the Yamaha R-N2000A, the two new systems Yamaha R-N1000A and Yamaha R-N800A are designed to combine hi-fi tradition with audiophile playback via numerous sources and streaming services, according to Yamaha Music Europe GmbH.

Yamaha R-N1000A and Yamaha R-N800A – Many features of the Yamaha R-N2000A

It was exactly one year ago when Yamaha Music Europe GmbH presented the Yamaha R-N2000A for the first time at the High End 2022 and thus announced a stereo receiver or network receiver that is supposed to provide the best sound in the living room with a variety of technologies.

Not only that a flexible control centre for the most diverse sources as well as a flexible streaming client should be available here, an outstanding feature was the integrated automatic calibration, which allows an optimal adjustment to the individual room conditions.

The two new systems, the Yamaha R-N1000A and the Yamaha R-N800A, draw on many of the technologies of the top model and should thus also be able to provide flexibility as well as full music enjoyment, according to the promise of Yamaha Music Europe GmbH.

Streaming via Yamaha MusicCast

Of course, streaming is the main feature of the Yamaha R-N1000A and Yamaha R-N800A systems that ensures particularly flexible use. After all, the developers once again relied on the Yamaha MusicCast platform, which has been tried and tested for years.

This means that countless streaming services such as TIDAL, Amazon Music, Deezer, Qobuz or Spotify are available, as well as Internet radio and, of course, your own content. The network receivers can also be used in combination with other Yamaha MusicCast-enabled systems in a Multiroom network.

The systems support audio data in all relevant formats, from lossy encoded data to hi-res audio with 32 bit and 384 kHz or DSD, whereby a converter from the specialist ESS Technology Inc., an ESS Sabre 9080Q DAC, is used for signal processing.

The Yamaha MusicCast App, which is available as a particularly flexible, intuitive solution for Apple iOS and Google Android, takes over the control.

The Yamaha R-N1000A and Yamaha R-N800A systems can be connected to the network either via WiFi or cable, whereby Apple AirPlay 2 is also supported for the sake of completeness.

The two systems can also connect mobile devices directly via Bluetooth, even though the data sheet states that this is still Bluetooth 4.2.

From phono preamplifier to HDMI

Both the Yamaha R-N1000A and its little brother, the Yamaha R-N800A, are equipped with numerous inputs, both analogue and digital. The spectrum here ranges from RCA sockets for a wide variety of analogue sources, including a phono preamplifier for drives with MM cartridge systems, to optical and coaxial S/PDIF interfaces. The Yamaha R-N1000A even has an HDMI interface so that a TV set can be connected directly.

Both models also have a headphone amplifier, and they would not be so-called stereo receivers or network receivers without an integrated radio tuner, which is a DAB+ module.

Yamaha ToP-ART Concept

For the circuitry, the developers of the Yamaha Corporation followed a long tradition, the so-called ToP-ART concept, where this stands for Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology.

According to the manufacturer’s description, this concept is based on a left-right symmetrical design, which pays attention to the shortest possible signal paths. Thanks to a special frame, the Art Base, and feet for vibration damping, vibrations are not passed on to the sensitive electronics, so that the pure sound comes into its own with full dynamics. The Yamaha R-N1000A also has a double-bottom chassis with metal plate and receives extensive sound tuning with high-quality, precisely matched capacitors and resistors.

Room calibration using Yamaha YPAO Technology

At the touch of a button, the two network receivers are supposed to be able to determine the most important acoustic characteristics of the room, including the position of the speakers, with the help of the measuring microphone included in the scope of delivery.

Yamaha’s automatic calibration system, Yamaha YPAO Technology, then automatically analyses the results and precisely adjusts the frequency response of the connected sound transducers. The parametric equaliser used for this purpose can also be used for an optional subwoofer to guarantee a perfectly tuned 2.1-channel system.

Another helpful feature is the innovative YPAO R.S.C (Reflected Sound Control) technology, which counteracts disturbing initial reflections from the listening room to raise the listening experience to an even higher level. At the same time, the automatic calibration of the new network receivers with a digital resolution of 192 kilohertz at 64 bits meets even the highest audiophile demands.

Prices and availability

According to the manufacturer, the two new network receivers, the Yamaha R-N1000A and Yamaha R-N800A, are expected to be available from specialist dealers from July 2023. If you are interested in the Yamaha R-N1000A you will have to pay € 1.599,- and for the Yamaha R-N800A € 1.099,-.

Getting to the point

It has been clear for some time that the Yamaha R-N2000A Network Receiver will be accompanied by smaller siblings, and now, as expected, these have been presented by Yamaha Music Europe GmbH at the High End 2023 in Munich in the form of the Yamaha R-N1000A Network Receiver and Yamaha R-N800A Network Receiver systems. It is noteworthy that these have many of the features of the flagship and can therefore be regarded as a particularly interesting solution.

PriceYamaha R-N1000A € 1.599,-
Yamaha R-N800A € 1.099,-
ManufacturerYamaha Corporation
DistributionYamaha Music Europe GmbH
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