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Wilson Audio Submerge – New subwoofer from Wilson Audio Specialties Inc.

Wilson Audio Submerge is the latest subwoofer from the US speaker specialist Wilson Audio Specialties Inc., which sees it as an extension of its own speaker systems in the stereo and also clearly in the surround segment.

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  • Wilson Audio Specialties Inc. now presents a particularly accurate, powerful subwoofer with the new Wilson Audio Submerge.

Wilson Audio Specialties Inc. is known for developing solutions that guarantee the most accurate performance possible. This also applies to the new subwoofer that the US company is now presenting with the new Wilson Audio Submerge, whereby this solution promises particularly accurate reproduction right down to the lowest frequency ranges. In addition, and this is also emphasised by the manufacturer, it is said to be a particularly powerful solution.

This means that the new Wilson Audio Submerge is ideally equipped to provide depth not only in a home cinema environment but also in a classic hi-fi chain, especially in combination with the impressive loudspeaker systems from Wilson Audio Specialties Inc. itself.

The information that should not be lost…

Deep in the grooves of a record, in the bits and bytes of an audio CD or a hi-res audio file, as well as in the soundtrack of a film, there is information in the lowest frequencies that must not be lost, according to the company at the presentation of the new subwoofer.

It is precisely this information that is immensely important, as it conveys a realistic sense of space, ensures the right volume, guarantees the body of voices and instruments and forms the basis for the brute thunder of sound to hit us when necessary, be it the finale of large orchestral works, the beats of electronic music or simply a film soundtrack.

Wilson Audio Specialties Inc. promises that the new Wilson Audio Submerge can do all of this thanks to its unique features.

12-inch woofer with DSP-based signal processing and 1.600 watts of power

At the heart of the concept of the new Wilson Audio Submerge is a 12-inch dual-spider woofer specially developed for this subwoofer, which has been optimised specifically for the two lowest octaves of the frequency spectrum audible to humans and whose drive and surround are designed in such a way that, despite the particularly large excursion, the excursion is always fully controlled and therefore distortion is kept to a minimum.

A DSP, which is designed to achieve perfect interaction between the woofer and the cabinet and thus guarantee a balanced, lifelike sound image, also makes a significant contribution to this.

Of course, all parameters are available to optimise the adjustment to the room and the other speaker systems, whereby the control panel has fortunately been placed on the front or top, so that the configuration is particularly convenient.

However, the manufacturer expressly emphasises that the DSP-based signal processing can be deactivated if desired, for example if the Wilson Audio Submerge is used in a home cinema, which can rely on state-of-the-art signal processors and thus an individual, optimal tuning of all components to the respective conditions.

Even if users rely on a processor such as the Wilson Audio ActivXO dual subwoofer crossover, it is advisable to deactivate the DSP-based signal processing of the Wilson Audio Submerge.

Incidentally, the 12-inch chassis is powered by an amplifier module with an impressive 1,600 watts of power, as the data sheet reveals, whereby every effort has been made to ensure effective cooling. The corresponding aluminium element also serves as an attractive design accent.

Housing made of X-material and S-material

As is well known, Wilson Audio Specialties Inc. relies on different, very special materials for speaker systems, but also for subwoofers, which are recommended for different tasks due to their different properties, although it is not specified which special materials are actually involved. The new Wilson Audio Submerge uses the so-called X material for the cabinet and the S material for the baffle. This ensures optimum control of sound-damaging vibrations and thus reproduction with clarity and authority.

It should be mentioned that the new Wilson Audio Submerge can be ordered in every conceivable colour, with the entire range of WilsonGloss Colors available.

Prices and availability

According to the information currently available, the new Wilson Audio Submerge will probably be launched on the market in March 2024, at least according to Wilson Audio Specialties’ own forecast. Unfortunately, we do not yet have a final recommended retail price, but the distributor Audio Reference GmbH currently assumes a price of around € 36.000,-.

Getting to the point

Of course, the new Wilson Audio Submerge is a subwoofer that Wilson Audio Specialties Inc. is now presenting as an extension to various Wilson Audio speaker systems. The exciting thing about it is that it is a solution that is designed for both stereo and surround sound and therefore for classic hi-fi as well as home cinema, whereby particular emphasis was placed on realising a subwoofer with a particularly precise, natural and yet powerful and therefore impressive performance.

Pricearound € 36.000,-
ManufacturerWilson Audio Specialties
Distribution AustriaAudio Reference GmbH
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