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Wilson Audio Sasha V - Designed from scratch

The new Wilson Audio Sasha V has many of the features of the latest generation of models in the top price range from Wilson Audio Specialties Inc. according to the US loudspeaker specialist, which now also wants to make them accessible in the more affordable price range.

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  • With the new Wilson Audio Sasha V, many technologies of the latest model generation in the top price segment are to find their way into more affordable price ranges.

The new Wilson Audio Sasha V is a loudspeaker system that has been completely redeveloped in practically all areas, according to the US loudspeaker specialist Wilson Audio Specialties Inc., which clearly wants to express that the new model generation has little in common with its direct predecessors when it comes to technical features.

Rather, this is a solution that benefits directly from technologies developed for the latest generation of models in the top price range, such as the Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX, Wilson Audio Alexx V or Wilson Audio Alexia V. The technologies implemented here are now to be made accessible in the lower price range with the new Wilson Audio Sasha V.

Learning from the greats – Wilson Audio Sasha V

Of course, nothing has changed in the basic concept of the loudspeaker system, which has been one of the most successful models of Wilson Audio Specialties Inc. in the different generations for years. So it would not be wise to change this, the own, unmistakable identity of the loudspeaker system shall still be preserved, the new Wilson Audio Sasha V even represents the essence of its predecessors, but combines them with essential elements that were developed for its bigger siblings, as the manufacturer itself expresses it.

The Most Powerful Model in the Wilson Audio Sasha Line

From the point of view of Wilson Audio Specialties Inc., it is immensely important that loudspeaker systems have perfect timing, that the signals from the different drivers reach the listener at the same time, so that the perfect sound image is presented to him in all its glory. This is achieved through adjustable modular arrays and is referred to as a time-centred approach to sound reproduction.

In the Wilson Audio Sasha Line, this is traditionally achieved by using such a modular array, combining tweeter and midrange drivers, while the base module houses the bass drivers.

To the user, the loudspeaker system presents itself as a solution with a clear structure, as a sculptural masterpiece, as the manufacturer himself describes it, this also applies to the latest generation and thus the Wilson Audio Sasha V.

The A, B, C of Wilson Audio

Anyone who has dealt with solutions from Wilson Audioi Specialties Inc. will have noticed the special materials used by the company, some of which are particularly expensive high-tech materials for which they do not like to be shown their cards and therefore refer to them with letters alone.

In the case of the new Wilson Audio Sasha V, for example, it is said that the proprietary V material is used at strategically important points on the upper module and on the top of the woofer cabinet, thus following the design philosophy of the Wilson Audio Alexx V as well as the Wilson Audio Alexia V. The upper array baffle is made of the same material that was used for the Wilson Audio Alexx V. The V material is also used for the upper module.

The upper array baffle uses the so-called S-material and the solid side walls of the woofer cabinet are made of the so-called X-material, with a wall thickness that is a good quarter thicker than before, and the internal bracing is also made of the said X-material.

In addition, newly designed woofer struts should also contribute significantly to the increased rigidity of the cabinet.

The tweeter – CSC Tweeter

Another feature taken directly from the Wilson Audio Alexx V is the 1-inch CSC tweeter, which stands for Convergent Synergy Carbon Tweeter. This tweeter is promised to offer an extended high frequency range, a remarkably smooth linearity and an outstanding harmonic expression. By the way, the tweeter chamber is produced by Wilson Audio Specialties Inc. using a 3D printing process.

The midrange driver – AlNiCo QuadraMag

The midrange driver is a 7 inch AlNiCo QuadraMag driver. This unusual name refers to an equally unusual mixture of materials: aluminium, nickel and cobalt. This driver was also used in the Wilson Audio Alexx V and Wilson Audio Alexia V, and was originally developed for the Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX.

The woofer section

Two 8-inch woofers are responsible for the lower frequency spectrum, although, as already mentioned, these are mounted in a separate cabinet. A bass reflex system is also used here, which is led out to the rear and should make the reproduction in the bass even more sovereign and powerful.

The crossover

As secretive as Wilson Audio Specialties Inc. is about the material used for the cabinet, they are equally cagey when it comes to the crossover, which the company considers to be an essential component.

The only thing they reveal is that the new Wilson Audio Sasha V is a crossover that consists of first-class components, including capacitors that come from their own production, and that it is manufactured by hand. For example, they are convinced that conventionally constructed circuit boards as the basis for the crossover compress the sound. They avoid this sound problem by not shying away from the effort and taking the time to carefully hand-build each component with point-to-point connections.

Levelling and alignment

There is a flush-mounted spirit level on the back of the woofer enclosure that allows for quick and reliable alignment during installation, according to the manufacturer’s promise, which in this context also refers to the first-class cables that connect the two components of the speaker system.

All external cables are fitted with the cable lugs manufactured by Wilson Audio Specialties Inc., which are also used in the Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX, Wilson Audio Alexx V and Wilson Audio Alexia V speaker systems.

Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode

Even the feet of the new Wilson Audio Sasha V are unusual, as it is said to be a Wilson Audio Acoustic Diode. In fact, it is a comparatively complex construction of height-adjustable spikes, whereby not only stainless steel is used, but once again the so-called V-material.

The technical key data

Soberly considered, the new Wilson Audio Sasha V is a loudspeaker system with a 1 inch tweeter, a 7 inch midrange driver and two 8 inch woofers. As described, the high and midrange drivers are mounted in a separate array that can be moved on top of the woofer’s cabinet for time-aligned reproduction.

The Wilson Audio Sasha V is said to be able to reproduce a frequency range between 20 Hz and 32 kHz, as the data sheet reveals.

The impedance is listed at 4 ohms, the sensitivity at 88 dB, with the minimum amplifier power listed at 25 watts.

With dimensions of 114.48 cm in height, 36.83 cm in width and a proud 60.78 cm in depth, the speaker system weighs in at an impressive 111.3 kg. Just to give you an idea, if you order the new Wilson Audio Sasha V, you will have to move a total of 344.73 kg…

As usual, Wilson Audio Specialties Inc. offers the new Wilson Audio Sasha V in several standard finishes: Galaxy Gray, GT Silver, Quartz, Carbon and Medio Grigio. Then there are dozens and dozens of other colour variations, and you can always choose the colour of the speaker grill. Even the lacquering in any RAL colour is possible on request, of course for an extra charge.

Prices and availability

According to the distributor Audio Reference GmbH in Hamburg, the new Wilson Audio Sasha V is expected to be available in specialist shops at the end of the third quarter of 2023. Prices for this new loudspeaker system start at € 59.000,- per pair.

Getting to the point

With its own distinctive identity, the new Wilson Audio Sasha V combines the essence of its predecessors while incorporating the latest technologies and features developed for its larger siblings, such as the Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX, Wilson Audio Alexx V and Wilson Audio Alexia V. In doing so, the new Wilson Audio Sasha V brings these outstanding features into a more affordable price range, according to US-based loudspeaker specialist Wilson Audio Specialties Inc, who says that this model is a new solution developed from scratch.

Priceab € 59.000,-
ManufacturerWilson Audio Specialties
Distribution AustriaAudio Reference GmbH
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