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Update for Volumio OS – Improvements for TIDAL and Qobuz

Volumio slr. can now boast an update for Volumio OS, which the manufacturer itself describes as the most comprehensive to date. Once again, new functions have been implemented and user-friendliness has been improved.

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  • Volumio OS is the basis for the streaming solutions from Volumio slr. and is now available in a new version.

The Italian software company Volumio slr. has dedicated itself for years to the development of an operating system optimised solely for the best possible music playback, Volumio OS, which is sold as a stand-alone solution, offered as an OEM to various hardware manufacturers and now also used as the basis for the streaming systems Volumio Rivo Music Player Transport, Volumio Primo Music Network Player and Streamer and Volumio Integro Integrated Network Amplifier.

Now Volumio slr. wants to provide another comprehensive update, with the company even talking about the most comprehensive update ever. It will not only bring new functions, but will also improve user-friendliness and, of course, resolve one or two existing problems.

Content from Qobuz and TIDAL now with simple sorting

Since streaming directly from providers such as Qobuz or TiDAL is the primary source for music consumption for more and more users, direct, easy-to-use integration into various streaming systems is of course immensely important. Volumio slr. has now also made improvements in this respect with the latest update, allowing easy sorting of tracks, albums and playlists with TIDAL and Qobuz.

The other new features are more to be found in the details, even if they are also very significant improvements for affected users or highly welcome bug fixes.

For example, the manufacturer cites a bug fix that led to occasional crashes in the multiroom network, as well as optimisation when used on a Volumio Riva Music Player Transport.

Special mention is also made of the optimisation for use on a Raspberry Pi 5, where compatibility with D/A converters connected via the I2S is said to have been improved.

Prices and availability

The update is of course available free of charge to all Volumio OS users, especially those who rely solely on the operating system or own Volumio slr streaming clients. However, the situation is somewhat different for those solutions that come from OEM partners, where you will probably have to be patient until they offer appropriate adaptations.

Getting to the point

Volumio slr. speaks of an important update, and even if it is primarily a matter of optimising the integration of streaming services from TIDAL and Qobuz, this statement is correct. For many users, services such as TIDAL or Qobuz have long been the primary source, meaning that smooth, intuitive integration into streaming solutions is immensely important.

PriceFree update
DistributionaudioNEXT GmbH
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