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System Audio SA Room Service – Room correction for System Audio SA Legend Silverback Speaker and System Audio Stereo Hub

The System Audio SA Legend Silverback Series active loudspeaker systems from System Audio A/S represent outstanding solutions in many respects, and now another exciting feature has been added. In combination with the System Audio Stereo Hub, users can now automatically measure the room around these active speaker systems.

The Scandinavian company System Audio A/S has always been considered a proven specialist for loudspeaker systems that can be optimally integrated into almost any living environment. Almost all System Audio A/S solutions, especially the floor-standing speaker systems, are slim and graceful, so that elegant stereo and surround sound configurations can be created effortlessly in the living room.

The solutions of the so-called System Audio SA Legend Silverback Series play a very special role here, because here, too, such slim forms are used, but these are actually active loudspeaker systems, so that almost the entire hi-fi chain can be reproduced. The central component here is the so-called System Audio Stereo Hub, which serves as an interface between various sources and the speakers, whereby the speakers themselves are operated “wirelessly” using the extremely reliable industry standard WiSA Technology.

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WiSA Technology offers the immense advantage of being a wireless transmission, in fact the only one designed solely for the transmission of audio signals, in hi-res audio with minimal latency. This even goes so far that it can be used to create not only stereo, but actually surround systems. But this should not be our topic…

System Audio A/S is now extending the possibilities of the System Audio SA Legend Silverback speakers in combination with the System Audio Stereo Hub, with a function that can literally be worth its weight in gold, especially when the active speaker systems are integrated as seamlessly and discreetly as possible into the living room, and therefore have or want little influence on the room acoustics.

So the developers at System Audio A/S have now implemented a room correction in the System Audio Stereo Hub, which can largely compensate for any problems with the acoustics by simply measuring the room.

The whole thing is extremely simple, because all it takes is an Apple iPhone and the new app offered by System Audio A/S, the System Audio SA Room Service app.

We have already mentioned what System Audio A/S has called this new feature, System Audio SA Room Service.

According to the loudspeaker specialist, the improvements that can be achieved with it are astonishing. You have to hear the improvements for yourself, says Ole Witthoft in a blog post, that’s how remarkable they are. You immediately get a deeper, clearer bass, which of course also leads to a more “tidy” and detailed sound.

There is, however, one small catch, which we already mentioned in the margin. The new Audio SA Room Service system is initially designed for Apple iOS only and therefore works with Apple iPhone 6S and later. The reason for this is simple and system-related, and it also applies to many such solutions. While it is quite easy for developers around Apple iOS to work with fixed sizes, because they know exactly which microphones are implemented in the smartphones, this is almost impossible for the Google Android world. Every manufacturer does his own thing, implements different microphones in his devices. But since the room measurement via smartphone and its integrated microphone must of course rely on exactly known key data, Apple iOS has a clear advantage.

According to the manufacturer, the new System Audio SA Room Service function and app should be available free of charge from mid-June 2020.

Getting to the point

With System Audio SA Room Service, System Audio A/S will soon be introducing the possibility of room calibration and room correction around the WiSA Technology based System Audio SA Silverback Series active speaker systems in combination with the System Audio Stereo Hub. This is the simplest way to achieve striking improvements in the sound image in accordance with the individual conditions in your own listening room, simply by using an app for Apple iOS.

Manufacturer:System Audio A/S
Distribution:Libra Audio Strahl/Ross GbR

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