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Steinway & Sons Model C MK II Loudspeaker – Even more elegant, even more graceful, even better

SL Audio A/S first presented the Steinway & Sons Model C loudspeaker system back in 2008, based on the Steinway & Sons Model D reference loudspeaker system. Now the company is using ISE 2024 in Barcelona to launch the latest generation, the Steinway & Sons Model C MK II Loudspeaker.

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  • It is based on the legendary Steinway & Sons Model D, albeit in a more living room-friendly version, the Steinway & Sons Model C, which is now presented as the Steinway & Sons Model C MK II Loudspeaker.

SL Audio A/S is now announcing the new Steinway & Sons Model C MK II Loudspeaker as the direct successor to the Steinway & Sons Model D Loudspeaker, the company’s very first loudspeaker system. It is said to have the same technology as the Model D, but is slightly smaller and lighter, making it much easier to integrate into a modern living environment. This was achieved by using separate woofers in the Steinway & Sons Model C loudspeaker, in contrast to the Steinway & Sons Model D, which utilise the so-called Steinway Lyngdorf Boundary Woofer Concept.

Of course, this downsizing does not alter the fact that the new Steinway & Sons Model C Loudspeaker and, of course, the new Steinway & Sons Model C MK II Loudspeaker are entirely in the spirit of the Steinway & Sons Model D, offering the highest sound quality as a solution for even the most demanding hi-fi enthusiasts and fully in keeping with the tradition of the Steinway & Sons brand.

Steinway & Sons Model C – Presented for the first time in 2008

SL Audio A/S first introduced the Steinway & Sons Model C Loudspeaker in 2008, shortly after the presentation of the Danes’ very first loudspeaker system, the Steinway & Sons Model D Loudspeaker, which was seen as a clear reference.

The latest generation of the Steinway & Sons Model C Loudspeaker, which is now being presented at ISE 2024 in Barcelona, is therefore ultimately to be understood as the Steinway & Sons Model C MK II Loudspeaker and, according to the company, is intended to present itself in an even more elegant, graceful design.

This is achieved by outsourcing central components, namely the crossover and the amplifier module, which are now part of the external digital amplifier and processor.

Instead of these elements, the rear of the new Steinway & Sons Model C MK II Loudspeaker now features elongated black sides as a distinctive stylistic element and, as a side effect, the sound quality has been further improved once again, as fully digital signal processing is now used.

“Our best speaker is undoubtedly the Model D, which established our partnership with Steinway & Sons. But not every living room can accommodate such a statement speaker. The new Model C features the same dipole element in the mid-high range as the Model D, but with the bass response of the ingenious Boundary Woofer concept – the best of both worlds. Rounded off with an elegant and lightweight design that reflects the materials and design language of the world’s best concert grand pianos.”

Roland Hoffmann, Product Marketing Director at Steinway Lyngdorf

Open Dipole Loudspeaker Design

The Steinway & Sons Model C MK II Loudspeaker utilises a so-called Open Dipole Loudspeaker Design, as described by SL Audio A/S. The completely open baffle means that there is no air compression and therefore no sound colouration, as might be the case with a conventional loudspeaker cabinet.

The Mittenton drivers used in the form of two 130 mm precision-cast magnesium cone drivers with ventilated hexydym neodymium magnets as drive units and optimally ventilated baskets produced using the aluminium die-casting process and the Air Motion Transformer as tweeter can therefore perform their task in the best possible way without any disturbing influences, as the company promises. The result is an extremely pure, transparent, high-resolution sound.

In addition, and this is not insignificant, this special design is understood as a kind of homage to a Steinway & Sons grand piano, as SL Audio A/S states. This is further emphasised by the typical bronze-gold lacquered inner frame and other design accents as well as the high-gloss black lacquer finish of the MDF cabinet.

“Just as a Steinway & Sons concert grand has been synonymous with outstanding craftsmanship and uncompromising quality since 1853, our Model C and D represent the pinnacle of Steinway Lyngdorf loudspeaker systems. With the latest model update, we are revitalising the Model C with a much more elegant design, but with the familiar aesthetics and natural sound reproduction that makes the speaker a centrepiece in any home.”

Thomas Birkelund, Steinway Lyngdorf CEO and CTO

Independent boundary woofers for a slim design and flexible positioning in the room

As already mentioned, the Steinway Lyngdorf Boundary Woofer Concept is used here. Two such woofers – boundary woofers – are placed separately in the room, whereby these are active modules that therefore allow a particularly tight, deep and powerful bass reproduction. What is particularly important here is that different solutions can be brought into play depending on the nature and size of the room.

For example, the manufacturer lists the Steinway Lyngdorf LSR-210, Steinway Lyngdorf LSR-212, Steinway Lyngdorf LS BW, Steinway Lyngdorf Model M BW and Steinway Lyngdorf Model S-210 as possible options.

Integrated Systems Approach

This possibility of using different bass modules alone is proof that SL Audio A/S is once again focussing on an integrated system approach with the new Steinway & Sons Model C MK II loudspeaker, as the manufacturer itself describes it. Products such as the Steinway & Sons Model C MK II Loudspeaker are clearly understood as a system that can be customised as far as possible to meet the needs of the customer.

According to the company, all components add up to a perfectly harmonised whole, from the loudspeakers and boundary woofers to the stereo and multi-channel processors and amplifiers.

The tweeters, midrange drivers and woofers are controlled via DSP-based digital signal processing and dedicated amplifier modules, allowing the best possible customisation. Of course, this is also where SL Audio A/S’ unique calibration system, RoomPerfect, comes into play. RoomPerfect allows the speakers and woofers to be individually calibrated and thus accurately adapted to the respective room acoustics for an optimal listening experience.

“The Model C has been our hidden gem for some time. It is the space-saving version of our Model D full-range speaker, designed for smaller rooms. Interior design styles have changed since the first Model C was launched. To reflect this development, we have redesigned the Model C and changed its appearance: Slimmer, more discreet, more contemporary – the essence of the Model C. This has been achieved without compromising on sound, and we’re sure the Model C Mk II will be very popular with anyone looking for the ultimate experience in their home.”

Anker Haldan, CCO at Steinway Lyngdorf

Prices and availability

The new Steinway & Sons Model C MK II Loudspeaker is handcrafted directly in Skive, Denmark. In addition to the standard version in high-gloss black and gold-plated design elements, customised lacquer finishes and surfaces are also available on request.

The new Steinway & Sons Model C MK II Loudspeaker will be available from the second quarter of 2024, with the price of course depending on the desired configuration consisting of loudspeaker, boundary woofer and stereo or multi-channel processor.

Getting to the point

The new Steinway & Sons Model C MK II Loudspeaker, a solution from the Steinway Lyngdorf brand based on technologies from the reference Steinway & Sons Model D Loudspeaker system, has been further refined in the latest generation. Once again, the sound quality has been refined, the options for perfectly customising the system to the individual needs and circumstances of the customer have also been extended, and the design of the new Steinway & Sons Model C MK II Loudspeaker is said to be even more exclusive, according to SL Audio A/S.

ManufacturerS/L Audio A/S
Distribution GermanyDREI H Vertriebs GmbH
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