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Speaker Grill by Gabriel A/S for On-wall Speaker by Lyngdorf Audio

It doesn't always have to be discreet and restrained, sometimes it can be a little more colourful, at least that's how SL Audio A/S sees it now with the new textile coverings from the specialist Gabriel, which they now offer for a series of loudspeaker systems.

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  • At ISE 2023, SL Audio A/S announces that it is now offering new textile coverings from Gabriel A/S for Lyngdorf Audio's on-wall speakers.

Up to now, SL Audio A/S has focused on rather classic, timelessly elegant design variants with clear lines, black and white versions, as well as discreet colours for the textile coverings used for the loudspeaker grill. From now on, however, the company wants to be a little more versatile in this respect, and is now literally going colourful, as the company demonstrated around the Lyngdorf Audio brand speakers at ISE 2023.

New Lyngdorf Cue-100 – High-end Audio Design Loudspeaker as initial spark

Even if SL Audio A/S does not put it concretely on record, it seems that the new Lyngdorf Cue-100 – High-end Audio Design Loudspeaker, presented for the first time at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, is a kind of initial spark for daring more colour in loudspeaker systems in general.

The new Lyngdorf Cue-100 – High-end Audio Design Loudspeaker offers the possibility to refine it with an optional fabric cover, whereby the Danish company SL Audio A/S cooperated with another renowned Danish company, namely Gabriel A/S, a proven specialist for textile fabrics, not least in connection with consumer electronics solutions. This cooperation has now been extended to a number of other loudspeaker systems, so that customers will have more choice in the future.

Cooperation with Gabriel A/S

The designers at SL Audio A/S and Gabriel A/S have developed new options for the textile covering of various Lyngdorf Audio loudspeaker systems, specifically the Lyngdorf MH-2, Lyngdorf MH-3 and Lyngdorf FR-1 models.

There are a number of very appealing colours to choose from, namely Grey, Black, Petrol Blue, Dusty Green and Red. Dusty Green and Red.

Prices and availability

So far we have no details about the prices SL Audio A/S will offer the new design variants for the Lyngdorf Audio on-wall speakers and when they will be available.

Getting to the point

Yes, that’s good! We would like to praise SL Audio A/S for taking the bold step of adding a little colour to the Lyngdorf Audio on-wall speakers by offering new optional colours for the speaker grill. The expertise of the Danish specialist Gabriel A/S is used here and these are offered in grey, black, blue, green and red for the Lyngdorf MH-2, Lyngdorf MH-3 and Lyngdorf FR-1 systems.

ManufacturerS/L Audio A/S
Distribution AustriaStyria HiFi GmbH
Distribution GermanyDREI H Vertriebs GmbH
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