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sonoro PRIMUS – New audio system in classic design

Great sound from an all-in-one system with a classic design – this is what the latest solution from sonoro audio GmbH is supposed to offer, namely the sonoro PRIMUS, designed as a 2.1-channel bass reflex music system.

sonoro PRIMUS is the latest solution from sonoro audio GmbH, the Neuss-based company that sees itself as one of the leading suppliers of high-quality audio products in the lifestyle segment and is now once again expanding its already very broad product range. This new all-in-one system is once again based on a classic design and is intended to be a prestigious “eye-catcher” in any modern living environment, in which, sonoro audio GmbH promises, it will nevertheless blend in harmoniously.

2.1-channel bass reflex speaker system with DSP-based signal processing

From a purely technical point of view, the new sonoro PRIMUS is an all-in-one system designed as a 2.1-channel loudspeaker. The combination of two 0.75 inch tweeters and two 3 inch mid-range drivers, supported by an additional subwoofer based on a 5.25 inch driver, is supposed to provide a rich, balanced sound. In addition, the developers rely on a so-called bass reflex system with a flow-optimised bass reflex opening. The speakers are driven by amplifier modules in Class D with two times 20 watts each for the high and midrange drivers, as well as an additional 40 watts for the bass chassis.

Furthermore, the new sonoro PRIMUS has a DSP-based signal processing, which should ensure an optimal control of the drivers. A DSP (Digital Signal Processor) of the latest generation is used here.

This also allows the sound of the system to be adjusted according to one’s own preferences via an equaliser with options for bass and treble, as well as 3D sound, a loudness function and various other modes.

All in all, the sonoro PRIMUS should be able to be used in somewhat larger rooms without any problems; the manufacturer even promises a virtually sensational sound experience.

FM, DAB+ and Internet Radio

First and foremost, the new sonoro PRIMUS will probably be used as a classic radio, although it is equipped with both an FM and DAB+ tuner. Another important feature is the integration into the network, so that Internet radio is also available. Direct access to thousands and thousands of radio stations worldwide is thus possible.

Spotify, Deezer, Napster, TIDAL, Qobuz…

And if you already integrate the radio into the network, which can be done first and foremost via an integrated WiFi module, but also via an Ethernet interface, nothing stands in the way of using a wide range of streaming services. Spotify including Spotify Connect is supported as well as TIDAL, Napster, Qobuz, Amazon Music HD and Deezer. As a dlna-certified streaming client, your own content in the network is accessed via UPnP.

Bluetooth for smartphones and headphones

If you want to use mobile devices such as smartphones directly as a source, you can also do this without connecting them to the network, as the new sonoro PRIMUS is equipped with Bluetooth. A module from the specialist Qualcomm is used here, offering support for aptX for a loss-free, bidirectional connection in “CD quality”. Bidirectional means that the sonoro PRIMUS can be used not only as a receiver but also as a transmitter. This means that Bluetooth headphones can also be used in conjunction with the new sonoro PRIMUS. However, headphones can be connected directly via a cable using a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, which should also be mentioned here for the sake of completeness.

Inputs for other source devices are also available in the form of an AUX input as a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, as a cinch pair, and also in the form of an optical S/PDIF interface.

Intuitive operation

The new sonoro PRIMUS is designed to be operated intuitively via practical direct selection buttons and station buttons directly on the front of the unit. There is also a rotary encoder, which can be found directly next to the generous 2.8 inch display on the front.

  • sonoro PRIMUS 02
  • sonoro PRIMUS 05
  • sonoro PRIMUS 04
  • sonoro PRIMUS 03

A matching infrared remote control is also part of the scope of delivery.

Of course, this solution has an alarm function as well as a sleep timer.

Compact dimensions, elegant appearance

The new sonoro PRIMUS measures 153 x 450 x 258 mm and weighs 9.8 kg due to its solidly designed wooden housing. The hand-ground cabinet has elegant rounded corners and is finished with high-quality piano lacquer. However, the cabinet is not finished in high-gloss, as is often the case with this type of lacquer, but in a pleasingly matt black. The stainless steel front is also black.

In the future, however, this solution will also be available in other versions. The manufacturer lists the options high-gloss white with silver front, matt graphite with silver front, as well as matt champagne with rose gold front.

The new sonoro PRIMUS will be available at the end of March 2021 at a recommended retail price of € 699, initially at sonoro Premium Partners and, of course, first and foremost in the German manufacturer’s online shop.

Getting to the point

With the new sonoro PRIMUS, the specialist for all-in-one systems sonoro audio GmbH wants to offer another particularly elegant, compact, flexible and good-sounding system. The main focus here is on radio, but also on music streaming from various sources, and Bluetooth is also on board.

Manufacturer:sonoro audio GmbH
Distribution:sonoro audio GmbH
Price:€ 699,-
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