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sonoro Meisterstück gen. 2 – Sound quality without compromise

It is an all-in-one system where the name stands for exactly what it is, says sonoro audio GmbH about the sonoro Meisterstück, which is now in its second generation. And here, too, the company is pragmatic and has simply named the new offspring sonoro Meisterstück Gen. 2.

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  • sonoro audio GmbH describes the sonoro Meisterstück Gen. 2 as a smart audio system that sets new standards.

The first generation of the all-in-one system was already described as a solution that was unrivalled and sonoro audio GmbH decided to express this in its name: sonoro Meisterstück. The second generation of this solution is now in the starting blocks, with a pragmatic approach and presented simply and simply as sonoro Meisterstück Gen. 2.

sonoro audio GmbH is convinced that the new generation of the all-in-one audio system will be revised and modernised, taking sound, design and user-centricity to a whole new level.

sonoro Meisterstück Gen. 2 – The all-in-one audio system

sonoro audio GmbH has always focussed on designing solutions that can be used in a particularly flexible way. This is particularly true of the new sonoro Meisterstück Gen. 2, as it is the company’s flagship product.

It therefore offers a particularly wide range of different options, from wired source devices to wireless ways of playing content via the sonoro Meisterstück Gen. 2.

Firstly, the sonoro Meisterstück Gen. 2 itself functions as a CD player and is equipped with a slot-in disc drive. Of course, radio is also a must, with not only FM but also DAB+ available.

The new HDMI connection, which not only supports HDMI CEC but is also designed as eARC, allowing direct integration of a TV set, is particularly emphasised.

Furthermore, a USB-A and USB-C port are also available here so that corresponding storage media can be used directly as a source. There is also an optical S/PDIF interface and an analogue input.

Streaming via Bluetooth and WiFi

The simplest way to transmit signals wirelessly is Bluetooth, which is a bi-directional Bluetooth module that is used in the new sonoro Meisterstück Gen. 2. Not only can smartphones be used as a source, but headphones can also be controlled in this way.

The new sonoro Meisterstück Gen. 2 is of course particularly flexible when it is integrated into the network via WiFi and can therefore even be part of a multi-room audio streaming system via Apple AirPlay or Google Chromecast. Spotify Connect and TIDAL Connect are also supported.

Once integrated into the network, Internet Radio is also directly available, which should not be forgotten to mention explicitly.

It is also particularly easy to control via the network using the sonoro audio app, which is available for Google Android and Apple iOS. As a simple alternative, a suitable infrared remote control is also available and even on the device itself, all the relevant control elements for convenient control are available around a 4-inch display.

2.1-channel bass reflex speaker system with Dynamic Bass function

A 2.1-channel loudspeaker system is designed to provide a particularly rich sound, with an equaliser and dynamic bass function available on request for a particularly rich, full performance.

Room correction is also available with the help of the aforementioned app, as the manufacturer explains.

Elegant design concept

A particularly elegant design was naturally also a major concern for the developers at sonoro audio GmbH with the new sonoro Meisterstück Gen. 2. The company even speaks of an iconic design and refers in this context to a hand-sanded wooden housing finished with high-quality lacquer and an aluminium front with a floating appearance that was laser-cut from a single piece in a lengthy and elaborate process involving the finest detail work.

Prices and availability

The new sonoro Meisterstück Gen. 2 should already be available from specialist retailers these days, according to the manufacturer from Neuss. You can choose between the versions black (matt)/black, white (matt)/silver and graphite (matt)/silver. The recommended retail price is listed at € 1.399,-.

Getting to the point

The latest generation of the flagship from sonoro audio GmbH is also simply called sonoro Meisterstück, albeit sonoro Meisterstück Gen. 2, whereby the company from Neuss is convinced that it has once again raised the bar in the field of all-in-one audio systems.

Price€ 1.399,-
Manufacturersonoro audio GmbH
Distribution Austriasonoro audio GmbH
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