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Shokz OpenFit - Now with Bluetooth Multipoint Pairing

The so-called Bluetooth Multipoint Pairing is an extremely practical feature of headphones, which is now also to be offered by the Shokz OpenFit with the help of new firmware, as the company Shokz Holding Limited has now announced.

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  • With the help of a firmware update, Shokz Holding Limited is adding the Bluetooth Multipoint Pairing function to the Shokz OpenFit.

With the help of a firmware update that is now available, the company Shokz Holding Limited provides its latest headphone models with a very important feature, namely the so-called Bluetooth Multipoint Pairing. The Shoks OpenFit can now boast this feature, according to the company.

Headphones equipped with Bluetooth Multipoint Pairing can connect to two sources simultaneously, allowing the user to seamlessly switch between them.

Shokz OpenFit True Wireless Earbuds with Open-ear Design

With the Shokz OpenFit True Wireless Earbuds, Shokz Holding Limited offers for the first time a solution based on an open-ear design using Shokz DirectPitch Technology.

The company has always been known as a specialist for solutions that leave the ear free, so this alone is nothing unusual, but the fact that for the first time they are not using the so-called bone sound transmission or bone conduction technology, but rather the Shokz DirectPitch Technology, is.

As our detailed test of the Shokz OpenFit True Wireless Earbuds showed, this is a solution that delivers a very appealing sound image and offers the highest wearing comfort for hours on end. The Shokz OpenFit thus serve as a real alternative to conventional in-ear headphones in the form of open-ear headphones.

Bluetooth 5.2 now also with Bluetooth Multipoint Pairing

Bluetooth 5.2 is used for signal transmission, and the latest firmware now available, as already mentioned, includes Bluetooth Multipoint Pairing.

Bluetooth Multipoint Pairing means that the headphones can be connected to two source devices at the same time, such as a notebook and a smartphone. This way, you can listen to music on your notebook first, but when you receive a call on your smartphone, you can seamlessly switch to this device and immediately make the phone call.

Prices and availability

Of course, the latest version of the firmware for the Shokz OpenFit True Wireless Earbuds is available free of charge. It can be downloaded directly via the Shokz App for Apple iOS and Google Android and transferred to the headphones.

Getting to the point

The Shokz OpenFit True Wireless Earbuds with open-ear design have already completely convinced us in the test, now Shokz Holding Limited delivers a new firmware that equips these headphones for Bluetooth Multipoint Pairing.

Price€ 199,-
ManufacturerShokz Holding Limited
Distribution AustriaShokz Holding Limited
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