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Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram – For Music Lovers

An object of desire, a particularly elegant all-in-one system, a solution developed for music lovers - these are the superlatives with which the English company Ruark Audio describes its latest offspring, the Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram.

The English company Ruark Audio describes the new Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram as a true statement, a solution that clearly stands out from the wide range of products on the market, combining outstanding design with impeccable features, easy handling and, above all, captivating sound. It is a top-class all-in-one that can be seamlessly integrated into any living environment.

According to the British company, it is aimed at music enthusiasts who want a solution that offers seamless connectivity as well as impressive sound and perfect craftsmanship.

A musical instrument in the form of an iconic piece of furniture

The Ruark Audio company has been known for years for developing solutions that represent something very special, which on the one hand present themselves as elegant, versatile systems and can therefore clearly be described as lifestyle solutions, but also emphasise impeccable sound and state-of-the-art features.

The spectrum ranges from very compact solutions such as wireless speakers to systems that take the form of elegant pieces of furniture, with the new Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram clearly belonging to the latter category.

It is described as a sculptural piece of furniture, whereby it can be clearly stated that the designers have once again orientated themselves on the style of the 1960s, but have by no means indulged in nostalgia, but have skilfully incorporated the latest trends in order to ultimately achieve a timelessly elegant appearance.

The Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram alone measures an impressive 100 cm in width, has a depth of 43.5 cm and a height of 15.2 cm. It sits enthroned on a sturdy yet graceful stainless steel base with a chrome finish. If the base is included, the height is 65 cm. Without the stand, the system weighs 27 kg; including the stand, it weighs 30.7 kg, as the manufacturer states in the data sheet.

The reason for the impressive weight is, of course, the proven solid workmanship of the chassis; after all, all the virtues that apply to the construction of high-quality speaker systems are relied upon here. A robust construction consisting of several chambers is therefore used, whereby the elegant finish made of real wood veneer naturally catches the eye.

This is available in two versions, namely Soft Grey in combination with a walnut grill and a version completely in walnut.

The walnut grill on the front is only interrupted by a 4-inch colour display with graphics capability, which always shows all relevant information clearly. At the top is the RotoDial controller, which combines all the operating elements and thus ensures particularly intuitive operation. It should be noted at this point that the associated Bluetooth remote control also relies on this RotoDial Control System.

From Apple AirPlay2 to TIDAL Connect and Spotify Connect – from phono preamplifier to HDMI

When it comes to connectivity, the new Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram proves to be a solution that leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to accessing content and sources of all kinds.

First of all, the system offers – as the name implies – radio in all relevant modes. In addition to FM, DAB and DAB+ are also available, and as the Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram can also be integrated into the network via WiFi or an RJ45 Ethernet interface, Internet radio is also available.

The system naturally offers the greatest flexibility via streaming, as it initially functions as a dlna-certified UPnP streaming client, but also supports Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast, as well as Spotify Connect and TIDAL Connect. Furthermore, you can also access services such as Qobuz, Deezer, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Playback is possible in a wide range of formats up to 32 bit and 384 kHz.

It should also be emphasised that, in addition to an optical S/PDIF, an HDMI interface with eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel) and HDMI CEC is also available so that the new Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram can be connected directly to a TV set. The system is not directly equipped for audio CD playback, but this is possible if an appropriate external drive is connected to the USB port of the Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram.

If you want to use a record player, which you can easily place on the Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram, there is an analogue input in the form of a pair of RCA sockets and another such input, which conceals an integrated phono preamp designed for drives equipped with MM cartridge systems.

The new Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram features Bluetooth 5.1 for simple and fast integration of mobile devices such as a smartphone and supports the SBC, AAC, aptX and aptX HD codecs.

Powerful two-way bass reflex system with separate subwoofer

As already mentioned, the solutions from Ruark Audio are characterised not least by the fact that they rely on all the virtues that apply to the development of high-quality loudspeaker systems, as is the case with the new Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram.

The Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram is ultimately designed as a two-way bass reflex system, with the developers opting for two Ruark 27 mm silk dome tweeters, two Ruark 100 mm NS+ bass-mid chassis and a Ruark 200 mm long-throw subwoofer as well as a bass reflex system.

The drivers are powered by a 5-channel amplifier module in Class A/B with an output of no less than 180 watts.

The performance can be adjusted to suit your own preferences using a tone control with bass, mid-range and treble, as well as separate control of the subwoofer, an adaptive EQ and stereo+ enhancement.

Prices and availability

The new Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram should be available from specialist retailers within the next few days. As already described, two versions are available, namely Fused Walnut and Soft Grey. The price is listed by the manufacturer at GBP 3.000,-.

Getting to the point

With the new Ruark R810 High Fidelity Radiogram, Ruark Audio is once again offering a very special audio system that presents itself in the form of a stylishly designed piece of furniture and will therefore easily fit into any modern living environment as an extremely flexible, easy-to-use and powerful-sounding solution.

PriceGBP 3.000,-
ManufacturerRuark Audio
DistributionTAD Audiovertrieb GmbH
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