Roon Labs LLC. presents Roon MUSE Precision Audio Control for Roon ARC

The outstanding sound quality that Roon Labs LLC. can deliver with its Roon software is now also available in Roon ARC, says the software company about the latest achievement that the Roon ARC app can boast, namely Roon MUSE.

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  • The latest version of Roon ARC introduces Roon MUSE, the "precision audio control on-the-go", as Roon Labs LLC. describes it.

It is a completely new audio engine that is now available with Roon MUSE in the app Roon ARC in its latest version for Apple iOS as well as Google Android, according to the software company Roon Labs LLC. With Roon MUSE, it has now been possible to guarantee the best quality of audio playback at all times, even when on the move; it is said that the sound quality has been raised to a completely new level.

The Roon Audio Shaping Suite and its special sound quality are now also available in the mobile area with the latest version of the app Roon ARC, the software forge Roon Labs LLC. even speaks of a bold design that has never existed in a mobile app before.

Roon MUSE offers unique EQ processing, optimised balance control, volume control, support for content in DSD and much more.

Roon MUSE – The new name of the Roon Sound Engine and Roon Audio Processing Suite

From the developers’ point of view, Roon MUSE is an almost revolutionary concept, because, as described, the full functionality of Roon is now also available with Roon ARC and thus also on the move.

Roon MUSE is the new name of the Roon Sound Engine as well as the Roon Audio Processing Suite, and thus offers all its possibilities, even when used on a smartphone.

As already mentioned, MUSE is said to be characterised by a particularly refined design concept and to allow signal processing that guarantees an outstanding sound quality that has not been achieved by any other music app so far.

First and foremost, the software forge emphasises the available EQs, an improved balance control, volume control, crossfeed, and of course the support of content in DSD, as well as the possibility of a sample rate conversion.

In view of the unique possibilities, the name was inspired by Greek mythology and thus the patron goddesses of the arts.

Optimally adapted to the hardware

A very important aspect of Roon MUSE with Roon ARC is of course the possibility to adapt the playback to the available hardware. In this way, the best settings can always be made for the most diverse scenarios in the simplest way, for example, for playback via Bluetooth headphones, or a D/A converter with integrated headphone amplifier.

Roon MUSE automatically “remembers” the last settings, so that these are naturally recalled as soon as an already known device is used again. However, it is also possible to recall manually defined presets.

As one is used to from Roon, Roon MUSE is also supposed to have a completely transparent signal path with Roon ARC.

Prices and availability

Roon ARC with Roon MUSE is available immediately for Apple iOS as well as Google Android in the respective app stores. As before, the app is of course free of charge, but its use requires a corresponding subscription or a so-called lifetime subscription of the software by Roon Labs LLC.

Getting to the point

With the latest update of the media management and hi-res multi-room audio streaming software Roon, Roon Labs LLC once again focuses on improvements to Roon ARC, the app that allows full access to all content on the go and is rightly called a personal streaming service by the software company. With Roon MUSE Precision Audio Control, Roon ARC will now not only offer the full functionality of Roon, but also the outstanding sound quality, always optimally adapted to the hardware used, as Roon Labs LLC. promises.

PriceUSD 12,49 per month billed annually
USD 14,99 per month billed monthly
USD 829,99 Lifetime license
ManufacturerRoon Labs LLC.
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyRoon Labs LLC.
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