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Roksan Attessa Range – Premium HiFi in its most elegant form

The English hi-fi manufacturer Roksan Audio Ltd. has launched an entire new product series, the new Roksa Attessa Range. The solutions are to be presented as state-of-the-art hi-fi systems in an elegant form and are aimed at users who understand high-quality hi-fi as part of the modern lifestyle.

Roksan Audio Ltd. surprises with a new presentation, because they not only offer a new product, but also a completely new model series, the Roksan Attessa Range. This range does not concentrate on one product area, but is essentially intended to represent a complete hi-fi system, from records, audio CDs and streaming to amplifiers.

From the very beginning, the new Roksan Attessa Range consists of the Roksan Attessa Turntable, Roksan Attessa CD Transport, Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier and Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier.

Roksan Attessa Range – Combining Lifestyle and Premium HiFi

The intention behind the new Roksan Attessa Range is obvious. The English hi-fi manufacturer Roksan Audio Ltd. wants to address new customer groups who see hi-fi in the broadest sense as part of their personal lifestyle.

HiFi must be able to be integrated into their living environment, in many respects.

Timeless modern design

This begins, of course, with the ability to integrate the solutions harmoniously into the living environment, thus offering a modern, elegant design concept. Looking at the solutions of the Roksan Attessa Range, this task should be fulfilled without any problems.

The solutions present themselves with a timelessly elegant, even thoroughly modern and reduced design concept. This starts with the record player of the product line, the Roksan Attessa Turntable, is continued with the Roksan Attessa CD Transport, and is also perfectly adopted by the amplifier systems Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier and Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier.

Roksan Audio Ltd states that the Roksan Attessa range was developed entirely in the UK and the aim was to combine outstanding performance and beautiful industrial design in the best possible way.

Easiest operation

It is noticeable that the systems present themselves in a rather simple way, but this is another important factor, because high-quality hi-fi should by no means appear as complicated systems from the user’s point of view, Roksan Audio Ltd. is convinced of this. Yes, great hi-fi is incredibly multi-layered, complex and technically sophisticated, but it should not be presented that way to the user.

It is therefore up to the manufacturer to do his homework so that the pure technology is implemented in such a way that the user masters it almost intuitively and thus enjoys using it.

Practically, this has been solved very cleverly in the Roksan Attessa range, the two amplifier systems of the product series as central interfaces feature a so-called one-touch dial control.

In addition, apps play a central role in the simple control, but also in the configuration. Here, for example, the MaestroUnite setup for over-the-air updates and the connection with other devices to a single system is referred to as a customised technology and app developed for Roksan Audio Ltd.

Versatile applications

Of course, this is also true in terms of providing the user with as many options as possible to use a wide variety of content, so you don’t push them in one direction. Analogue or digital, from vinyl, CD or the net, it should be up to the customer alone to decide which content he wants to use.

That is why, according to Roksan Audio Ltd, the new Roksan Attessa range is so broadly positioned, the user should find the right solution for all wishes.

“Designed to combine the wonderfully complex sound of a premium hi-fi system with the simplicity most listeners crave – making it easier to connect with devices and the people around you.”

  • Roksan Attessa Turntable 01
  • Roksan Attessa Turntable 08
  • Roksan Attessa Turntable 07
  • Roksan Attessa Turntable 06
  • Roksan Attessa Turntable 05
  • Roksan Attessa Turntable 04
  • Roksan Attessa Turntable 03
  • Roksan Attessa Turntable 02

Roksan Attessa Turntable

Designed as a plug & play turntable, this record player is supposed to be ready for immediate use. It represents the most modern interpretation of one of the oldest HiFi technologies, according to the English company.

The Roksan Attessa Turntable features a Roksan Unipivot tonearm, which was developed using computer-aided modelling. Everything here is said to be designed to make life easier for the user. No complex multi-axis design. No set-up problems. No hassle, just hi-fi, as Roksan Audio Ltd. describes it.

From the factory, the turntable is fitted with a Roksan Dana MM cartridge and an integrated phono preamplifier is also available.

The chassis of the turntable is not only similar in design to the electronic components, it also has the same dimensions in width and depth.

  • Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier 01
  • Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier 06
  • Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier 05
  • Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier 04
  • Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier 03
  • Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier 02

Roksan Attessa CD Transport

The Roksan Attessa CD Transport is available as a further source, because the Englishmen are convinced that many users still want to use audio CDs and therefore need a corresponding drive.

They deliberately chose a CD transport rather than a CD player, since this solution was designed as an extension for the amplifiers of the Roksan Attessa range anyway, and thus D/A converters of impeccable quality can be found in the amplifier systems Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier as well as Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier.

Instead, the focus was on a drive that guarantees the most accurate reading of optical media.

It should be emphasised that MaestroUnite Communication is used here to ensure central control of the CD transport and the amplifiers of the Roksan Attessa range. In conjunction with the Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier, CD playback can even be carried out via the BluOS App. In conjunction with the Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier, playback of so-called MQA CDs is also possible.

  • Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier 01
  • Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier 05
  • Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier 04
  • Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier 03
  • Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier 02

Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier

The Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier is probably the most exciting solution of the entire new product line, that must be clearly stated. As the name suggests, this is an amplifier with an integrated streaming client, and the platform used is one of the most versatile on the market, namely BluOS from the Canadian software company of the same name, which in turn is part of the Lenbrook Group.

This means that the new Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier can not only be used as a hi-res audio streaming client, but can also be part of a multi-room audio streaming system based on BluOS Premium Multiroom Audio Technology. Up to 64 zones can be realised with solutions from manufacturers such as NAD Electronics, Bluesound, Bluesound Professional, Monitior Audio Ltd. and Dali Speaker A/S, all partners of BluOS.

Own content can be accessed here as well as countless streaming services, internet radio and podcast. Everything is controlled very conveniently and intuitively via BluOS Controller Apps, which are available for Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.

In addition, Apple AirPlay 2 is also supported here, whereby the integration into the network takes place either via cable or WiFi.

The central control with other components of the Roksan Attessa Range is carried out via MaestroUnite. Integration with Crestron, Control4, RTI, URC, Push, Lutron, ELAN and iPort is also possible.

Bluetooth is available for the integration of smartphones and other mobile devices.

The integrated D/A converter can process signals with up to 24 bit and 192 kHz, DSD is supported via DoP (DSD over PCM), and content encoded in MQA is also processed.

Two optical and two coaxial S/PDIF interfaces are available for digital sources.

In addition to two analogue inputs, the amplifier also offers an integrated phono preamplifier for drives with MM cartridge systems.

A connection for headphones can be found directly on the front, while the rear panel provides connections for the speaker systems as well as a pre-out in the form of a pair of cinch sockets.

The Roksan Attessa Streaming Amplifier delivers two times 80 watts to speaker systems with an impedance of 8 ohms. For speaker systems with an impedance of only 4 ohms, 130 watts per channel are available.

  • Roksan Attessa CD Transport 01
  • Roksan Attessa CD Transport 06
  • Roksan Attessa CD Transport 05
  • Roksan Attessa CD Transport 04
  • Roksan Attessa CD Transport 03
  • Roksan Attessa CD Transport 02

Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier

Roksan Audio Ltd. describes the Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier as an entry-level solution, which nevertheless offers the same high standards of signal processing quality and flexibility, but does without the integration of a streaming client based on BluOS.

Here, too, four digital sources are initially available, two of them optical and two in the form of coaxial S/PDIF interfaces. The converter can process signals up to 24 bit and 192 kHz.

Even if the Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier doesn’t offer network integration, you don’t have to do without Bluetooth, whereby signals are transmitted with AAC or aptX, depending on the platform, and thus in approximately “CD quality”. Of course, this also means that numerous streaming services are available, as these can be accessed directly via smartphone or tablet and played back via the amplifier, which is “connected” wirelessly.

Of course, the Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier also offers two analogue inputs as well as a phono preamplifier for turntables equipped with MM cartridge systems, has a headphone connection on the front and a pre-out in the form of a pair of cinch sockets on the back.

By the way, MaestroUnite is also used here as a control platform for the central control of several components of the Roksan Attessa range.

The Roksan Attessa Integrated Amplifier delivers two times 80 watts to speaker systems with an impedance of 8 ohms, and two times 130 watts to speakers with an impedance of only 4 ohms.

Available soon

The English HiFi manufacturer Roksan Audio Ltd. states that the new solutions of the Roksan Attessa Range should be available soon. The user always has the choice between a discreet black or an elegant silver version, whereas the housings of all electronic components are always made of aluminium.

Getting to the point

With the new Roksan Attessa Range, the English hi-fi manufacturer Roksan Audio Ltd. presents an extremely exciting product line. On the one hand, the components of the series are optimally matched to each other, so that the user can put together the ideal system for his or her needs, without having to do without “analogue” in the form of records or CDs, and certainly not without the most modern streaming. The whole range is presented with a uniform, very simple operation, one can rightly speak of intuitive. In addition, there is the extremely elegant design concept that presents itself as very harmonious and timeless across the entire product line. However, it is essential that Roksan Audio Ltd. promises quality on a premium hi-fi level, combining simplicity, simplicity and elegance with particularly appealing sound.

Manufacturer:Roksan Audio Ltd.
Distribution Austria:Styria HiFi
Distribution Germany:Pannes Vertriebs KG
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