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REKKORD RCM - Record washing machine at an attractive price

With the new REKKORD RCM, REKKORD Audio now presents a new record washing machine, addressing all those vinyl lovers who are looking for such a solution at an attractive price.

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  • The new REKKORD RCM should prove to be a record washing machine that does not break the budget.

REKKORD RCM, with this new record washing machine, REKKORD Audio now wants to offer an admittedly simple, but nevertheless very powerful solution for the effective cleaning of vinyl. The company’s declared aim with the new REKKORD RCM is to appeal to a particularly large number of users who are looking for such a solution at an attractive price in order to literally give their records a new shine.

REKKORD RCM – Simple but effective solution

Admittedly, the new REKKORD RCM will not win a prize for creative industrial design, but that applies to almost all such solutions anyway. The REKKORD RCM has a comparatively simple design, presents itself with a solid structure of 4 mm thick aluminium composite panels in discreet black and, with dimensions of 418 x 269 x 328 mm, weighs no less than 8.6 kg, as the data sheet reveals.

A solid plate serves as a support for the record, with a microporous rubber layer absorbing any liquids so that the underside of the record remains dry and ultimately clean after each cleaning run.

A heavy puck stabilises the record on the REKKORD RCM during cleaning, ensuring that the suction arm can evenly remove the cleaning fluid from the entire record surface.

The suction arm of the REKKORD RCM is made of aluminium and appears to be a reliable and very stable solution at first sight. Self-adhesive arm strips ensure a tight connection between the arm and the surface of the record without damaging it even slightly.

Of course, the motor for the extraction is also crucial. In the case of the new REKKORD RCM, it is said to be particularly powerful, so that this solution is clearly superior to other products in this price range, both in terms of the efficiency of the extraction and the time required for it. After all, the data sheet lists the power consumption of the new REKKORD RCM at 800 watts.

However, one should assume that such a design will probably lead to a corresponding operating noise, so the REKKORD RCM will not be the quietest solution of its kind on the market.

A generously dimensioned tank with a volume of 2 litres is available for the absorbed liquid.

Do it yourself

One thing is already clear from the previous description: the new REKKORD RCM is a manual cleaning solution. The user has to apply the cleaning liquid and clean the surface of the record with a brush or a cleaning cloth.

The REKKORD RCM takes care of the rotation of the record, whereby one can choose between clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation.

The most important step towards optimal cleaning, however, is the extraction of the cleaning solution together with all the dirt dissolved in it, and it is precisely here that the new REKKORD RCM is supposed to work so efficiently that just one or two revolutions are sufficient to have a dry record in front of you.

The manufacturer explicitly points out two essential points: firstly, a cleaning fluid is used that is alcohol-free and environmentally friendly, and secondly, the REKKORD RCM is manufactured solely in Europe.

Prices and availability

The new REKKORD RCM is available immediately from specialist dealers. The recommended retail price is € 699,-.

Getting to the point

The new REKKORD RCM is a high-performance record cleaning machine, according to the promise of REKKORD Audio, which wants to offer an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

Price€ 699,-
ManufacturerREKKORD Audio – A division of Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyREICHMANN AudioSysteme
Distribution SwitzerlandDYNAVOX electronics SA
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