Qobuz Club - Community platform for audiophiles and music lovers

The intention of the streaming provider Qobuz is to create a platform that brings together audiophiles and music lovers worldwide around the new Qobuz Club. The company says it wants to address a community that values a high-quality music experience, first-class sound and comprehensive editorial content.

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  • The aim is to create a platform that brings together audiophiles and music lovers around the world, says Qobuz about the new Qobuz Club.

The French company Qobuz is considered to be one of those music download and music streaming providers that is aimed more at discerning users than at the masses; after all, they strive to offer music in good quality and to flank it with an extensive range of editorial content. This is to be underlined once again by a new community portal, which Qobuz is now initiating with the new Qobuz Club. The new Qobuz Club is intended to be a platform that brings together audiophiles and music lovers around the world, according to the provider’s intention.

An English beta version of the Qobuz Club has been available since the end of 2022, so that the first experiences could already be gathered. After all, almost 2,000 members are already active on the platform, says Qobuz about the new Qobuz Club.

Qobuz Club – For musical inspiration

The new Qobuz Club is intended primarily to introduce music lovers to new artists, to discover them for themselves, and the provider even speaks of musical inspiration in this regard.

This is to take place primarily through an algorithm used by Qobuz, which recommends new content to users depending on their previous use, whereby the basis for this is to be AI, i.e. artificial intelligence.

The far more important area, however, is the possibility to interact directly with other users and to discover new music for oneself through personal recommendations, as Qobuz explicitly emphasises. Via the Qobuz Club, users can share their preferences and experiences and recommend new genres, artists and albums to each other, discuss music at length and thus benefit from the community in the best possible way.

Qobuz Club – for technical tips

Interestingly, the new Qobuz Club will not only focus on the music itself, but also on the solutions that help to achieve the best possible music playback.

In addition to Qobuz News and Music Clubs, there will also be a separate HiFi discussion forum, and vinyl lovers will have their own Collectors Corner. The offer is rounded off by a special area for beta testers as well as an area for help and suggestions concerning the Qobuz offers.

Prices and availability

Membership in the Qobuz Club is open to all Qobuz account holders, according to the French company, which does not even link this membership to a paid subscription, but wants to offer it to as many music lovers as possible.

The Qobuz Club is initially available via the provider’s website, but will soon also be available directly via the Qobuz app. The platform itself is in English worldwide, but user content can also be posted in German.

Getting to the point

Offering music lovers and audiophiles a new platform for exchanging ideas and experiences, for the best possible communication and interaction with like-minded people is the idea behind the new Qobuz Club, a community platform that the French download and music streaming provider Qobuz is now presenting.

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