"Plāys with Audirvāna" - Audirvāna SAS partnership with hardware manufacturers

Automatically recognising hardware for music playback, automatically finding the optimal settings - this is now to be made possible by Audirvāna SAS' intensified cooperation with hardware partners within the framework of the "Plāys with Audirvāna" programme.

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  • The software company Audirvāna SAS wants to automate hardware detection based on the partner programme "Plāys with Audirvāna".

“Plāys with Audirvāna” is the name of the partner programme initiated by the French software company Audirvāna SAS as a basis for intensive cooperation with hardware manufacturers.

Audirvāna SAS is finally implementing a path that was set some time ago and wants to raise the cooperation with various hardware manufacturers to a completely new level and thus ensure that users can make the best possible use of the Audirvāna Studio software.

“Plāys with Audirvāna” follows “Works with Audirvana”

Audirvāna SAS first unveiled the “Works with Audirvāna” label back in 2017, in conjunction with the launch of Audirvāna Plus 3.1, which also enabled hi-res audio streaming via the industry standard UPnP for the first time.

“Works with Audirvāna” was intended to ensure that hardware from a wide range of manufacturers worked smoothly with the software from Audirvāna SAS, although not many partners could really be won over for this label.

For the user, it didn’t matter anyway, because the software from Audirvāna SAS worked without any problems even without the label, so the practical significance didn’t really exist.

“Plāys with Audirvāna” goes further than before.

So why should the new label “Plāys with Audirvāna” be relevant now? Well, according to Audirvāna SAS, the new “Plāys with Audirvāna” is intended to go further than before, because this is supposed to be a sign that a device has actually been extensively tested in interaction with Audirvāna Studio and everything has been done to achieve optimal playback.

UPnP, USB or Google Chromecast

Devices bearing the label “Plāys with Audirvāna” are automatically recognised by the Audirvāna Studio software as soon as they are connected directly to the PC or Mac via USB, or are to be used as a streaming device via UPnP or Google Chromecast.

A “Plāys with Audirvāna” pop-up should appear to confirm that the devices have been fully tested and work seamlessly with the software, as Audirvāna SAS reports.

Most importantly, the manufacturer’s recommended settings are also suggested, if specified. They have been working with partner manufacturers for months to make this possible and to certify their devices at no additional cost to users, he says.

First partners already on board

The first brands to officially join the programme are Atoll, Audioquest, Bricasti, Clarus-Coda, iFi Audio, Kalista, Octavio, Wattson Audio and Weiss. Soon to follow are CH Precision, Lyngdorf, Métronome Technologie, Soulution, Vermeer Audio and many others. Detailed test results and specifications are to be found on the Audirvāna Community Forum, says Audirvāna SAS.

Prices and availability

Audirvāna SAS states that “Plāys with Audirvāna” should be ready from 24 May 2023, on which day there will probably be a corresponding update for the Audirvāna Studio software for Apple macOS as well as Microsoft Windows. As already indicated, all this is to be available to the user at no cost.

Getting to the point

With “Plāys with Audirvāna”, Audirvāna SAS wants to intensify the cooperation with hardware manufacturers and thus ensure that their devices always work smoothly with the Audirvāna Studio software. This is a noble goal, but it must not lead to the certification process becoming too complex and costly for the manufacturers, as is the case with similar programmes.

PriceAudirvāna Studio 2 monthly payment € 6,98 per month
Audirvāna Studio 2 subscription with annual payment € 69,98 per year
Audirvāna Origin 2 € 119,99
ManufacturerAudirvana SAS
DistributionAudirvana SAS
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