Piega Ace Series – The value-priced entry into the world of Piega SA

Piega Ace 30, Piega Ace 50, and Piega Ace Center – this is the line-up of the new Piega Ace Series, which succeeds the Piega TMicro Series. The elegant loudspeaker systems made of aluminium are to be the new entry into the world of Piega SA.

Loudspeaker systems from Piega SA are all characterised by the fact that they are extremely elegant solutions that offer high-end hi-fi in an astonishingly compact form. This is made possible by the fact that Piega SA relies on a very special material, namely aluminium.

Of course, this does not apply to the entire product range of the Swiss company, after all, the Piega Classic Series is an exception here, these solutions rely on a cabinet made of noble wood. And even the loudspeaker systems of the Piega Master Series in the form of the Piega Master Line Source, Piega Master Line Source 2 and Piega Master Line Source 3 – despite their aluminium cabinets – do not represent the classic loudspeaker system suitable for living rooms. The rest of the product range, on the other hand, is indeed suitable for living rooms in the truest sense of the word, one may even speak of noble lifestyle solutions, even though, to emphasise this once again, they are true high-end hi-fi solutions.

The advantage of aluminium is particularly noticeable in the systems that Piega SA offers in the entry-level segment, such as the Piega TMicro Series and now the Piega Ace Series, because it is this material that allows for very, very slim shapes.

For more than 30 years, the loudspeaker systems from Piega SA have rightly been regarded as the epitome of fantastic design paired with first-class sound, and this is exactly what the new Piega Ace Series is supposed to offer, albeit at particularly attractive prices.

Once again, the company from Horgen on Lake Zurich relies on the design expertise of Stephan Hürlemann. The renowned designer conceived speaker systems for all new models with a cabinet cross-section no larger than 14 cm in width and 16 cm in depth. In the case of the compact Piega Ace 30 bookshelf loudspeaker system, this means that you’re looking at a solution that weighs in at an impressive 3 kg, with a width of 14 cm, a depth of 16 cm and a height of 22 cm. Even more impressive are the parameters of the Piega Ace 50 floor-standing speaker system, which has a footprint of 14 x 16 cm, a height of 104 cm and weighs an impressive 12 kg. The centre speaker Piega Ace Center is also extremely compact, measuring no more than 14 cm in height, 16 cm in depth and 34 cm in width and thus weighing 4 kg.

But why are such compact speakers, with an aluminium cabinet to boot, so heavy? The answer to this is ultimately the “secret” to good sound at Piega SA, at least one of them, and that is a particularly elaborate damping system inside, optimised down to the last detail. This is what makes the use of aluminium possible in the first place, so the speakers from Piega SA cannot be compared in any way with other speaker systems that also rely on aluminium purely from a design point of view. Here, the cabinets are so optimally damped that they are acoustically “dead”, no disturbing resonances or vibrations occur and only the drivers shape the sound.

And as is well known, Piega SA also has a lot of innovations to offer when it comes to drivers, which can only be found in the Swiss range.

The models of the Piega Ace Series are equipped with drivers that have been optimised especially for this new range, above all 120 mm MDS mid-bass drivers that, according to the manufacturer, guarantee a very homogeneous midrange and very deep bass reproduction. For the high frequency range, Piega SA only uses the finest, so that this entry-level product line now also features the Piega Air Motion Transformer AMT-1. This is a particularly sophisticated ribbon driver that has been developed at Piega SA, refined over the years and always handcrafted directly on Lake Zurich. This driver features an extremely light 24 x 36 mm ribbon, which, in combination with a very powerful neodymium magnet, guarantees a remarkably detailed, impulse-frequent reproduction in the high frequency range. From my own experience as the proud owner of a Piega Coax 30 for many years, I can only say that this is something you have to hear…

While the new Piega Ace 30 as a two-way system is comparatively modestly equipped with a 120 mm Piega MDS woofer and a Piega AMT-1 tweeter, the Piega Ace 50 as a three-way floorstanding speaker system really draws on the full range. Here, two 120 mm Piega MDS-B woofers are combined with another 120 mm Mittenton driver and, of course, the Piega AMT-1 tweeter. The centre speaker, which is indispensable for home cinema, is of course very similar to the Rega Piega Ace 30 speaker system described above. The Piega Ace Centre is also a two-way system, but it combines two 120 mm Piega MDS woofers with a Piega AMT-1.

From a technical point of view, the Piega Ace 30, with an impedance of 4 ohms and an efficiency of 87 dB, is designed for amplifiers with a power output of between 20 and 150 watts and can reproduce a frequency range between 50 Hz and 40 kHz. This also applies to the Piega Ace Center. The Piega Ace 50 floorstanding speaker system also has an impedance of 4 ohms, but the efficiency is specified at 90 dB. Here, too, the manufacturer recommends amplifiers with an output of between 20 and 150 watts and specifies a frequency range of 45 Hz to 40 kHz.

All three models are capable of delivering fine sound on their own, but it shouldn’t hurt to add an appropriate subwoofer for even more bass. For home cinema applications, an additional subwoofer is essential anyway.

The new models of the Piega Ace Series are offered in three design variants. In addition to a silver-coloured aluminium cabinet with silver textile covering, Piega SA offers the speakers in a black anodised version with black fabric as well as white lacquered with white fabric covers for a small surcharge.

The Piega Ace 30 starts with a recommended retail price of € 490 per unit, the Piega Ace 50 comes in at € 990 per unit. The Piega Ace Center speaker is priced at € 590. All models should be available in specialist shops in spring 2021.

Getting to the point…

Compact size with impressive sound due to spatial, almost airy and yet extremely precise reproduction – all this is supposed to characterise the new Piega Ace Series, which the Swiss company Piega SA is now presenting in the form of the Piega Ace 30, Piega Ace 50 and Piega Ace Center models. No matter if stereo or surround sound for home cinema, these new solutions are to be the entry into the sound world of Piega SA from now on.

Manufacturer:Piega SA
Distribution:Piega SA
Price:Piega Ace 30 € 490,- per piece
Piega Ace 50 € 990,- per piece
Piega Ace Center € 590,- per piece
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