Peachtree Audio relies on BluOS Hi-res Multiroom Audio Platform

BluOS can win another partner for the streaming platform of the same name, namely the company Peachtree Audio. Peachtree Audio wants to develop streaming solutions based on BluOS in the future. However, there are no further details so far.

Since 2007, Signal Path International LLC., a company based in Matthews, North Carolina, has been developing and manufacturing remarkable solutions under the Peachtree Audio brand.

Peachtree Audio’s solutions always stand out due to their unique concepts, whereby this special design philosophy is probably due to the fact that the company addresses a target group that hardly knows what to do with conventional hi-fi solutions, but nevertheless places the highest value on quality and functionality. The topic of streaming is therefore a very important one for the Peachtree Audio brand, and they obviously want to push this now, as the latest announcement of the US company suggests.

Peachtree Audio and BluOS have announced that they have now entered into a partnership. BluOS, they say, is to form the basis for future audio streaming products under the Peachtree Audio brand.

BluOS, as you know, is not only a streaming platform, it is also a company belonging to the Lenbrook Group, a developer forge that has its roots in NAD Electronics International and was subsequently outsourced to Bluesound International. The decision was then made to outsource the development team entirely, as BluOS.

The declared aim of this outsourcing was to win partners for the BluOS streaming platform, as was already the case with Dali Speaker A/S, Monitor Audio Ltd. and Roksan Audio Ltd.

So now Peachtree Audio follows as another partner for BluOS, with the two companies talking about a global partnership.

“We have been looking hard at different options to enter the growing multi-room audio category. After some initial attempts along the way, a full review of the available platforms led us to the decision to adopt the BluOS platform. It was clear that BluOS and Peachtree shared the same values in terms of High-Resolution Performance Audio. The scope of BluOS – including the wealth of integrations and support for multiple audio sources – went far beyond what other platforms could offer.”

Andrew Clark, President of Peachtree Audio

BluOS is a proprietary but brand-independent platform, meaning that any BluOS-enabled product connected to the same network can share music libraries and playlists, regardless of the brand of speaker or audio component. With the addition of multiple hardware partners, music lovers can choose from a variety of traditional hi-fi and modern wireless products from several premium international brands to create a wireless whole-home audio system that perfectly suits their needs without compromising on audio quality.

“Peachtree Audio’s move validates our investment in this platform and our goal to offer BluOS as a choice for discerning audio brands looking for an efficient way to adapt to changing consumer behaviour and technology standards. We want hi-res multi-room audio to be accessible to the widest possible range of audiophiles and music lovers. Bringing a unique brand like Peachtree Audio, with its modern, digitally savvy fan base, into the BluOS ecosystem helps us do just that.”

Gordon Simmonds, CEO of Lenbrook International

Getting to the point

Although the number of partners of Lenbrook International Corporation around BluOS has not grown as quickly as the Canadians would have liked since the spin-off as an independent developer forge, exciting new partners are gradually being added, such as Peachtree Audio. Since this company is quite creative, exciting new products could soon enrich the ecosystem around the BluOS hi-res multi-room audio streaming platform.

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