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Nubert nuZeo series – The new dimension of sound

It took several years of development to realise the new Nubert nuZeo series now presented, as Nubert electronic GmbH explains. The result is a product line of active loudspeaker systems that exemplify the principle of "more sound fascination".

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  • Nubert electronic GmbH has particularly high ambitions with its new product line of active loudspeakers, the Nubert nuZeo series.

Nubert nuZeo series is the latest product line of active loudspeaker systems from Nubert electronic GmbH, a new line that is described as active high-end loudspeakers and is therefore intended to represent solutions of the very highest sound quality. The principle of the Schwäbisch Gmünd-based company to offer more sound fascination has been taken literally by the developers. It took several years of development to achieve this ambitious goal.

Four models are available for the launch of the Nubert nuZeo series, namely the Nubert nuZeo 4 two-way compact loudspeaker, the Nubert nuZeo 6c, also designed as a two-way compact loudspeaker but also as a centre speaker, the Nubert nuZeo 11 three-way floorstanding loudspeaker system and the Nubert nuZeo 15 3.5-way floorstanding loudspeaker system.

A wide range of active speaker systems

It is remarkable that Nubert electronic GmbH is now launching another completely new product line of active speaker systems on the market, as the company from Schwäbisch Gmünd can already point to a number of such solutions.

In fact, it must be explicitly emphasised that Nubert electronic GmbH was one of the first loudspeaker specialists in the consumer segment to focus on active loudspeaker systems with great commitment, even though the focus was also on the semi-professional environment, and especially at the beginning not so much on hi-fi enthusiasts.

For example, Nubert electronic GmbH has been able to refer to the Nubert nuPro series for many years, which continues to be a permanent fixture in the company’s product portfolio in a wide variety of guises. Models from the Nubert nuBoxx series have also been added, with both product lines recently including soundbars in addition to bookshelf and floor-standing speaker systems. With the new Nubert nuZeo series, however, the range is now being expanded to include a further product line, which is presented in the classic way as bookshelf or floor-standing speaker systems and centre speakers, and is therefore designed for hi-fi and home cinema.

Designed for the highest demands

As already mentioned, the models in the new Nubert nuZeo series have been designed for users with high demands; never before have active loudspeakers sounded clearer and more dominant, according to the eloquent promise made by Nubert electronic GmbH on the occasion of the market launch.

The company from Schwäbisch Gmünd even goes so far as to speak of the new spearhead of the active line-up, whereby the outstanding quality is to be based on high-quality components paired with the finest tuning by the developers.

Parallels are drawn here with the passive Nubert nuVero series, in which the company is convinced that it has exhausted what is technically feasible. The same now applies to the new Nubert nuZeo series.

The most important features of the new Nubert nuZeo series include specially optimised chassis, with particular reference to newly developed dome tweeters with a Tetoron cone, a special synthetic silk, which have a particularly generously dimensioned diameter of 26 mm.

Also newly developed are the bass and midrange drivers, which, depending on the model, have a diameter of four to eight inches. These are characterised in particular by their carbon cone without dust protection domes and cast aluminium baskets, as well as by a particularly flow-optimised design and covers in the form of aluminium rings.

In the models of the new Nubert nuZeo series, these chassis are driven by newly developed amplifier modules, which are designed in Class D and can therefore provide particularly efficient high power reserves.

DSP-based signal processing, numerous interfaces and wireless connectivity

The models in the new Nubert nuZeo series all rely on DSP-based signal processing and are ideally equipped for particularly flexible use.

They not only provide analogue inputs in the form of RCA and XLR sockets, but also digital interfaces in the form of optical and coaxial S/PDIF as well as AES/EBU.

Of course, use is particularly flexible if you opt for wireless, with not only Nubert X-Connect but also Nubert X-Connect Surround available. Wireless signal transmission not only supports stereo content, but also surround sound, meaning that hi-fi solutions and home cinema installations can be realised “wirelessly” with the solutions from the new Nubert nuZeo series.

Control via app

Another outstanding feature is that the Nubert nuZeo series solutions can all be controlled via an app. This also includes calibration based on individual circumstances in order to always achieve optimum results.

Elegant design

Special attention was paid to the design in the truest sense of the word, as the speaker systems should be able to be seamlessly integrated into any living environment. The systems are available in either black or white, always with a high-quality piano lacquer finish.

Gently curved shapes are intended to ensure a timelessly elegant appearance, while on the inside, elaborate bracing combined with precisely optimised damping guarantee the best basis for the promised high-level performance.

Nubert nuZeo 4

The Nubert nuZeo 4 is the entry-level model, designed as a compact bookshelf loudspeaker system that weighs 18.4 kg each with dimensions of 43.5 x 23.8 x 36 cm. Designed as a two-way system, the active loudspeaker uses a 26 mm tweeter in combination with a 203 mm bass/midrange driver and, according to the data sheet, can therefore reproduce a frequency range between 32 Hz and 22 kHz, with the crossover starting at 1.7 kHz. The rated output is two times 160 watts, while the music output is rated at two times 200 watts.

Nubert nuZeo 6c

The Nubert nuZeo 6c is also designed as a two-way system, although, as already mentioned at the beginning, it can be used both as a compact bookshelf speaker system and – as the c in the name suggests – also as a centre speaker.

As a result, two 148 mm low-mid drivers are installed here, flanking the 26 mm tweeter in the centre. The frequency range extends from 47 Hz to 22 kHz, with the crossover starting at 1.75 kHz, as the data sheet reveals. Two times 100 watts of rated power and two times 150 watts of music power are available and with dimensions of 18.2 x 60.2 x 26 cm, this speaker system weighs 13.6 kg.

Nubert nuZeo 11

The more compact of the two available floorstanding speaker systems in the new Nubert nZeo series is designed as a three-way system and therefore relies on a 26 mm tweeter, two midrange drivers, each with a diameter of 119 mm, and two woofers, each with a diameter of 169 mm. These are driven by amplifier modules with an output of four times 160 watts nominal power and four times 200 watts music power. The frequency range is stated as 28 Hz up to 22 kHz, with the crossover starting at 200 Hz and 2.1 kHz.

The Nubert nuZeo 11 weighs in at 31.5 kg, despite its compact dimensions of 110 x 20 x 27 cm.

Nubert nuZeo 15

The Nubert nuZeo 15, the current flagship of the new Nubert nuZeo series, presents itself as a powerful active floorstanding speaker system. This 3.5-way active floorstanding speaker system measures an impressive 151.5 x 23.8 x 36 cm and weighs an impressive 52.8 kg.

The 26 mm tweeter works here in conjunction with two 119 mm mid-range drivers and four 203 mm woofers, which are driven by amplifier modules with four times 220 watts of rated power and four times 300 watts of music power, ensuring that this speaker system can reproduce a frequency range between 23 Hz and 22 kHz. The crossover is designed to start at 140 Hz and 1.9 kHz.

Prices and availability

According to Nubert electronic GmbH, the models of the new Nubert nuZeo series can already be pre-ordered and will be available from December 2023. The recommended retail prices are listed as follows: the Nubert nuZeo 4 is the entry-level model at a unit price of € 1.400,-, although a matching stand is also available for a total of € 1.600,-. The Nubert nuZeo 6c is available at a price of € 1.100,- and the Nubert nuZeo 11 costs € 2.700,-. The flagship Nubert nuZeo 15 costs € 4.800,-.

Getting to the point

Once again, Nubert electronic GmbH is presenting new active loudspeaker systems, now even a completely new product line. With the new Nubert nuZeo series, the company from Schwäbisch Gmünd wants to offer the active counterpart to the passively designed Nubert nuVero series, as we want to offer solutions that can perform at the highest level and thus, in the case of the new Nubert nuZeo series, can function as cutting-edge systems for hi-fi in stereo as well as surround in home cinema.

PriceNubert nuZeo 4 € 1.400,-
Nubert nuZeo 6c € 1.100,-
Nubert nuZeo 11 € 2.700,-
Nubert nuZeo 15 € 4.800,-
ManufacturerNubert electronic GmbH
DistributionNubert electronic GmbH
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