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Nubert nuPro AS-2500 - The first "real soundbar"

According to Nubert electronic GmbH, a gap has been identified in the product range of soundbar systems between the compact, relatively wide Nubert nuBoxx AS-425 max and the significantly higher Nubert nuPro AS-3500, and this is now to be closed with the new Nubert nuPro AS-2500.

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  • Closing the gap between the Nubert nuBoxx AS-425 max and Nubert nuPro AS-3500 is the task of the new Nubert nuPro AS-2500 soundbar.

The new Nubert nuPro AS-2500, which Nubert electronic GmbH is now presenting as a further solution in the field of soundbar systems, promises maximum sound in a minimal format. According to the company from Schwäbisch Gmünd, the new soundbar will fit seamlessly into the existing product range.

The Nubert nuPro AS-2500 has been chosen for a very special task, as it is supposed to close the gap between the compact but relatively wide Nubert nuBoxx AS-425 max and the Nubert nuPro AS-3500, which is clearly already in the upper segment.

And: strictly speaking, the new Nubert nuPro AS-2500 is the first “real” soundbar from Nubert electronic GmbH.

Nubert nuPro AS-2500 – Compact in form

It is still interesting to note that Nubert electronic GmbH refers to all such solutions as soundbar systems, even though the company’s special approach means that they should be referred to as sound decks or sound bases. A soundbar has to be slim and, in the best case, designed so that it can be mounted on the wall directly under the TV set.

The solutions from Nubert electronic GmbH do not meet these criteria, as they are rather designed according to a conventional loudspeaker system and can therefore boast a truly outstanding quality of performance.

From this point of view, the new Nubert nuPro AS-2500 stands out in particular, because for the first time, one can actually speak of a form factor that most closely resembles the idea of a conventional soundbar.

The new Nubert nuPro AS-2500 measures 105 cm in width, 12.5 cm in depth and only 7.3 cm in height. If you include the feet, the height of the soundbar is 8.1 cm, and with the front cover it is 14.5 cm deep. The weight is reported by the manufacturer as 7 kg.

First solution from Nubert electronic GmbH for wall mounting

The new Nubert nuPro AS-2500 is – and this really is a surprise – the first “real” soundbar, if you will. In any case, it is the first model in the broad product range that is designed for wall mounting.

Of course, the new Nubert nuPro AS-2500 can also be placed directly on or in a lowboard or sideboard designated TV furniture, but the TV cannot be placed directly on top of it, as has been possible with almost all solutions from Nubert electronic GmbH up to now.

Focused on the essentials

According to the manufacturer, the development of the new Nubert nuPro AS-2500 has focused on the essentials. Despite its compact dimensions, this new soundbar is designed as a stereo three-way bass reflex system, using two 25 mm silk fabric dome tweeters, two 66 mm Nomex midrange drivers and two woofers with 90 mm polypropylene cone.

The drivers are driven by four Class D amplifier modules with a total continuous power of 160 watts and a pulse power of 200 watts.

The lower frequency limit is 60 Hz, upwards the reproduction is supposed to reach up to 20 kHz, whereby the crossover starts at 210 Hz, 60 Hz and 2 kHz.

Optional expansion with Nubert nuConnect trX

What we haven’t mentioned yet is the output on the Nubert nuPro AS-2500, which can be used to connect a subwoofer. This sub out is designed as a cinch socket, so far so unspectacular.

What is interesting is that the new Nubert nuPro AS-2500 has a recess on its rear side that accommodates the optional Nubert nuConnect trX, which is then connected to the aforementioned RCA socket in order to “wirelessly” control a subwoofer based on the Nubert x-Connect wireless standard in the future.

Prices and availability

The new Nubert nuPro AS-2500 is to be available immediately from Nubert electronic GmbH, with a choice of matt chrome or matt white finish. The recommended retail price is listed at € 495,-. The scope of delivery includes a matching infrared remote control.

Getting to the point

Even though Nubert electronic GmbH always referred to the countless solutions for optimal TV sound as soundbar systems, they were actually so-called sounddesk or soundbase systems. With the new Nubert nuPro AS-2500, however, things are different, because for the first time, the company from Schwäbisch Gmünd can actually present a soundbar with this solution, and a particularly slim and elegant one at that, which is nevertheless designed as a two-channel three-way bass reflex system, as befits it, and comes with all the DSP functions that have been appreciated so far with the solutions from Nubert electronic GmbH.

Price€ 495,-
ManufacturerNubert electronic GmbH
DistributionNubert electronic GmbH
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