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Nubert nuConnect ampXL - Stereo integrated amplifier for the highest demands

It is another particularly exciting electronic solution with which Nubert electronic GmbH is now attracting attention in the form of the new Nubert nuConnect ampXL, which is said to be the big brother of the remarkable Nubert nuConnect ampX.

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  • Nubert electronic GmbH describes the new Nubert nuConnect ampXL as a stereo integrated amplifier designed to meet even the highest demands.

The new Nubert nuConnect ampXL, which Nubert electronic GmbH is now presenting for the first time at the High End 2023, can be described as a powerhouse for a wide range of tasks. It is a solution designed for the highest demands, according to the company from Schwäbisch Gmünd, which in this context also speaks of the big brother of the Nubert nuConnect ampX.

This characterisation alone gives reason to hope for great things, because Nubert electronic GmbH was indeed able to present a much acclaimed stereo integrated amplifier in compact form with the aforementioned Nubert nuConnect ampX. If the same features can now be offered in a similar form with even more power reserves, it will be no problem to achieve the high goals they have set themselves.

Nubert nuConnect ampXL – Powerful with 340 watts per channel

In order to be able to offer a solution with the new Nubert nuConnect ampXL that can easily keep a multitude of speaker systems under control, this new stereo integrated amplifier relies on power, and plenty of it. After all, 340 watts per channel are available for speaker systems with an impedance of 4 ohms. The impulse power is even reported by the manufacturer to be up to 510 watts per channel.

The fact that such power can be provided in a comparatively compact form – the new Nubert nuConnect ampXL measures no more than 43 x 27.1 x 7 cm – is of course ensured by the particularly efficient Class D amplifier design.

DSP-based signal processing

A very special feature of the new Nubert nuConnect ampXL is that it uses powerful DSP-based signal processing with 32 bits and 768 kHz, which allows a wide range of settings.

Not only is there a 5-band equaliser, but also the highly regarded, particularly sensitive Nubert sound balance and a loudness function for individual adjustment of the sound characteristics to your own preferences.

The new Nubert nuConnect ampXL also offers the possibility of an individual adjustment to the room through a room calibration Nubert X-Room Calibration and corresponding calibration. This is done with the help of the Nubert X-Remote App.

Connection wanted

The new Nubert nuConnect ampXL has numerous connection options, both analogue and digital, as well as “wireless”, so it can act as the central interface of an audio system in many ways.

At the rear you will find an analogue AUX input, a phono preamplifier for MM or MC cartridges, a headphone output at the front, and two optical and two coaxial S/PDIF interfaces for digital sources at the rear.

There are two USB ports, one in the form of a USB-A for direct connection to storage media and another USB-B for direct connection to a PC or Mac.

Unfortunately, there is no HDMI ex works, but this is available via an optional NUbert HDMI adapter.

Full streaming functionality

The new Nubert nuConnect ampXL can show its full flexibility when it is integrated into the network, which can be done either via WiFi or an RJ45 Ethernet interface. It is worth mentioning that the new Nubert nuConnect ampXL even has a network switch, which means that another RJ45 is available for connecting further network components.

As a streaming client, the new Nubert nuConnect ampXL can rely on UPnP as well as Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2, and it supports Spotify directly via Spotify Connect.

Of course, Bluetooth is also included, with support for aptX, aptX HD and aptX LL in addition to SBC and AAC.

Nubert X-Connect including Nubert X-Connect Surround

In view of the product name of the new stereo integrated amplifier from Nubert electronic GmbH, it goes without saying that it supports Nubert X-Connect and even Nubert X-Connect Surround and thus the manufacturer’s particularly reliable wireless standard, both for sending and receiving.

Even if a separate RCA output is available for subwoofers, it is of course more fun to bring a subwoofer into play “wirelessly” via the aforementioned Nubert X-Connect, as well as to control active speaker systems of the Nubert nuPro XS series “wirelessly”.

In the familiar elegant design

Of course, the new Nubert nuConnect ampXL presents itself in the well-known elegant design line of Nubert electronic GmbH, whereby this solution will be offered in black only for the time being.

While the front is adorned with a generously proportioned display including a rotary encoder, the sides feature aluminium elements as cooling fins, providing an attractive contrast.

Prices and availability

It is not yet clear when the new Nubert nuConnect ampXL will actually be available, but you won’t have to be patient for too long. What is certain is that the new stereo integrated amplifier will be very attractively priced at € 1.485,-.

Getting to the point

It is the big brother of the Nubert nuConnect ampX, which has now been presented for the first time by Nubert electronic GmbH in the form of the new Nubert nuConnect ampXL at the High End 2023. First and foremost, it is the concentrated power that catches the eye here, but the new stereo integrated amplifier can also shine with flexible connection options and intuitive operation.

Price€ 1.485,-
ManufacturerNubert electronic GmbH
DistributionNubert electronic GmbH
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