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Norma Audio Electronics now with Audio Components Vertriebs GmbH

With immediate effect, the Hamburg-based company Audio Components Vertriebs GmbH is the new distributor responsible for the solutions of the Norma Audio Electronics brand. The solutions from Cremona are thus to be brought into the focus of discerning hi-fi enthusiasts more than before.

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  • The products of the Italian hi-fi manufacturer Norma Audio Electronics are now supported by Audio Components Vertriebs GmbH.

Norma Audio Electronics is one of those Italian brands in the hi-fi sector that are familiar to many a hi-fi enthusiast in this country, but are still clearly underrepresented in the broad specialist trade. This is exactly what is about to change, because from now on, the Hamburg-based company Audio Components Vertriebs GmbH will be responsible for the solutions of Norma Audio Electronics.

The declared goal of the Hamburg-based company is, first and foremost, to give the solutions of the Norma Electronics brand the attention they deserve in cooperation with the specialised trade.

Norma Audio Electronics – Traditional high-end HiFi forge from Cremona

The Norma Audio Electronics brand was founded in 1987, so it has long been a well-established company, especially in its home market of Italy, that can already point to decades of experience and a long tradition.

The company behind the Norma Audio Electronics brand is Opal Electronics, with Dipl. Ing. Rossi Enrico primarily responsible for the development.

The company is active in more than 20 countries worldwide, primarily in Europe, of course, but also in Asia and the USA.

Norma Audio Electronics specialises in the development and production of amplifier systems, offering pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers and stereo integrated amplifiers. In addition, the Italian company also dedicates itself to the field of digital sources, with a focus on D/A converters in addition to CD players.

The solutions from Italy are all characterised by an appearance of timeless elegance based on a very reduced, straight-lined design. Inside, the most modern technology is used. The philosophy is to combine traditional Italian craftsmanship with advanced technologies to express a deep-rooted passion for music.

Audio Componentes Vertriebs GmbH relies on Norma Audio Electronics

The Hamburg-based company Audio Components Vertriebs GmbH sees the Norma Audio Electronics brand as an exciting addition to its own product range and is certain that these products will enable it to offer further solutions that stand for quality and passion for genuine, unadulterated sound.

Getting to the point

It is definitely a great opportunity for the Norma Audio Electronics brand to generate considerably more attention than before with the new distributor Audio Components Vertriebs GmbH. The solutions from Cremona have been regarded as the finest high-end hi-fi systems for years, but so far they have not been able to grow beyond the status of insider tips in this country. The dedicated Italians around Dipl. Ing. Rossi Enrico could now succeed in doing so.

Norma Audio Electronics
ManufacturerNorma Audio Electronics
DistributionAudio Components Vertriebs GmbH
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