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New Perlisten i models of the Perlisten S-Series and Perlisten R-Series - Reference-level in-wall speakers

The in-wall speakers of the US brand Perlisten Audio, which the company offers as part of the Perlisten S-Series as well as the Perlisten R-Series and whose range is being expanded once again, are intended to serve home cinema at the highest level.

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  • The Perlisten S-Series and Perlisten R-Series in-wall speakers are designed to provide home cinema enthusiasts in particular with reference-class solutions.

The young US loudspeaker manufacturer Perlisten Audio is now devoting itself more and more to a product category that is increasingly coming into focus when it comes to realising discreet, yet very high-quality audio systems, primarily in the home cinema sector, but also in the classic stereo segment. We are talking about in-wall speakers, models that are in no way inferior to their conventional siblings in terms of performance potential and quality.

Perlisten Audio offers two series of in-wall speakers, the Perlisten S-Series and the Perlisten R-Series, both of which, according to the US company, are top-class, if not reference-class solutions.

The almost invisible speakers

In-wall speakers are becoming more and more popular because the times when such solutions were primarily used for discreet sound reinforcement in multi-room audio systems and the quality requirements were not as high are long gone.

As already mentioned, more and more manufacturers rely on features for their in-wall speakers that have been adopted one-to-one from the corresponding classic models, so that impeccable quality is ultimately guaranteed here as well.

This also applies to the solutions from Perlisten Audio, so that the company even speaks of systems that can be integrated almost invisibly into the living environment, but do not require any compromises in terms of quality. The Perlisten i models of the Perlisten S-Series and Perlisten R-Series are equipped with the same outstanding technologies and high-quality components as their siblings in the form of shelf or floor-standing speaker systems.

Perlisten S7i and Perlisten S4i

The new Perlisten S7i represents the spearhead in the field of in-wall speakers, as it is largely based on the floorstanding speaker system of the Perlisten S-Series, the Perlisten S7t, whereby the design has of course been adapted for wall installation.

What is the same is that the in-wall speaker, just like the floorstanding speaker system, is designated as THX Cerified Dominus, which means that it meets the highest standards in the home cinema sector.

Above all, the manufacturer emphasises the low installation depth of only 10 cm, as well as the robust housing made of extruded aluminium profile, which ensures that sound transmission into the wall construction and adjacent rooms is reduced to a minimum, even at maximum output.

Of course, this solution also focuses on the so-called DPC array, a combination of a 28 mm beryllium dome and two 28 mm TPCD domes. The result is one of the most technologically advanced speakers on the market. This tweeter/waveguide DPC array is said to deliver astonishing precision, smoothness and directivity for the critical vocal range and sensitive treble frequencies. All Perlisten S-Series speakers share the same DPC array, benefiting from unique timbre matching technology across the range.

For extra punch, four 180 mm Textreme TPCD woofers are paired to flank the DPC array.

It should be emphasised that the Perlisten S7i in-wall speaker is available in various versions, namely as solutions for the left and right channel in the form of the Perlisten S7i-LR, but also as a centre speaker in the form of the Perlisten S7i-C.

The smaller model, the Perlisten S4i, is primarily designed as a surround speaker, whereby the manufacturer even speaks of a superlative surround solution in the home cinema sector due to its compact design.

Specially developed for this application, the woofer is positioned above the DPC array. Together with the downward sloping baffle and the extremely shallow in-wall depth, this makes the Perlisten S4i perfect for use in surround applications with limited space.

Perlisten R5i and Perlisten R4i

With the solutions of the Perlisten R-series, it is above all the outstanding price-performance ratio that the manufacturer focuses on and thus wants to address a particularly broad target group.

Here, too, new in-wall speakers are intended to expand flexibility and enable a wide variety of stereo and home cinema solutions.

The Perlisten R5i, the sister model of the Perlisten R5m, is one of the new models in the Perlisten R-series. Like the top in-wall model of the Perlisten S-Series, the new Perlisten S5i is available in both LR (Perlisten S5i-LR) and centre (Perlisten S5i-C) versions.

As with the Perlisten S-series, the low installation depth of only 10 cm and the solid housing made of extruded aluminium profiles are an advantage. Based on the trickle-down technology of the Perlisten S-Series, the DPC array uses three 26 mm domes for excellent directivity and timbre matching with all Perlisten R-Series speakers. The 165 mm woofers are made from Perlisten’s own HPF pulp, created over two years of development and designed to bring a new technology to one of the oldest materials in loudspeaker construction.

According to Perlisten Audio, a Perlisten R-Series home theatre is perfectly complemented by the Perlisten R4i loudspeakers. The company is convinced that these speakers, with their particularly compact design, can brilliantly fulfil their role as timbre-tuned surround speakers even for larger Perlisten R-Series home cinemas.

Pricing and availability

The Perlisten R-Series and Perlisten S-Series solutions are all already available from specialist dealers, including of course the latest in-wall speaker models described. For a detailed list and prices, please refer to the table below.

Getting to the point

In-wall speakers have long been solutions that are in no way inferior in quality to their siblings in the field of conventional loudspeaker systems. This is impressively demonstrated, for example, by the US company Perlisten Audio with its product lines Perlisten R-Series and Perlisten S-Series, which, in addition to floor-standing, bookshelf, surround and centre speakers of classic form factor, naturally also feature in-wall speakers. What’s more, the product range is being successively expanded in the area of in-wall speakers, so that users can flexibly realise solutions that are optimally tailored to their needs in the area of stereo, but above all, of course, home cinema.

PricePerlisten S-Series In-wall Speakers
Perlisten S7i-LR € 7.495,-
Perlisten S7i-C € 7.495,-
Perlisten S5i-LR € 6.495,-
Perlisten S5i-C € 6.495,-
Perlisten S4i-LCRS € 3.995,-

Perlisten R-Series In-wall Speakers
Perlisten R5i-LR € 2.995,-
Perlisten R5i-C € 2.995,-
Perlisten R4i-LCRS € 2.495,-
ManufacturerPerlisten Audio
DistributionAudio Reference GmbH
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