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Naim CI Series – Naim CI-UNITI 102, Naim CI-NAP 108 and Naim CI-NAP 101

Naim CI-UNITI 102, Naim CI-NAP 108 and Naim CI-NAP 101 are the new Naim CI Series, which the English Hi-Fi manufacturer Naim Audio Ltd. is now announcing for the first time at ISE 2024 in Barcelona.

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  • Naim Audio Ltd. is now presenting three new systems at ISE 2024 as the Naim CI Series, namely Naim CI-UNITI 102, Naim CI-NAP 108 and Naim CI-NAP 101.

The English Hi-Fi manufacturer Naim Audio Ltd. describes the latest Naim CI Series, which the company is presenting for the first time at ISE 2024 in the Catalan metropolis of Barcelona, as solutions that are perfectly suited to guaranteeing the ultimate listening experience in the custom installation sector.

The Naim CI-UNITI 102, Naim CI-NAP 108 and Naim CI-NAP 101 solutions are designed to provide the optimum electronics for state-of-the-art smart home systems of the highest quality.

Naim CI Series – In combination with solutions from Focal JMlab

At first, it may come as a surprise that Naim Audio Ltd. is now also devoting itself to custom installation solutions, even launching its own new product line on the market. On closer inspection, however, it quickly becomes clear that the company’s commitment in this area is by no means new, and that the English company has long been involved in this field, not least in direct co-operation with Focal JMlab, the French sister company with which it is united under the umbrella of the Vervent Audio Group.

At the presentation of the Naim CI Series, Naim Audio Ltd. stated that it has been developed primarily as a supplement to integrated systems and is designed for the realisation of projects in conjunction with CI loudspeakers from the Focal brand.

The company believes that it is ideally equipped to usher in a new era for the Naim and Focal brands, as for the first time complete solutions for the flourishing custom installation market can be realised with its own products. These combine and unite Naim’s core DNA with Focal’s expertise in acoustics to create a perfect audio concept, as they explicitly state.

It is also explicitly emphasised that the solutions are designed for a particularly wide range of different tasks, making the custom installation systems from Naim Audio Ltd. and Focal JMlab ideally suited for the home, indoors and outdoors, as well as for maritime and commercial spaces.

Naim CI-UNITI 102 Streaming Amplifier

Naim Audio Ltd. describes the new Naim CI-UNITI 102 as the central component of the entire Naim CI Series, as this is the brain of the product line. As you can easily recognise from the name, this is essentially a version of the Naim Uniti Series all-in-one systems specially adapted for custom installation, i.e. it is a streaming client combined with an amplifier.

This is an established streaming platform that offers direct access to a wide range of services and, in addition to UPnP, supports Apple AirPlay 2, Google Chromecast, TIDAL Connect and Spotify Connect streaming technologies and is also labelled as Roon Ready.

A special feature of the new Naim CI-UNITI 102 is that it uses DSP-based signal processing, which should allow complete system calibration, according to the manufacturer. Compatible speaker profiles are even offered for Focal CI speaker systems to guarantee optimum customisation.

The Focal & Naim Manager software takes over control, guaranteeing the best possible, yet simple installation in any private or commercial environment.

Incidentally, the output power is two times 260 watts for speaker systems with 4 ohm impedance and two times 150 watts for 8 ohms; 480 watts are to be delivered with an impedance of just 2 ohms.

Naim CI-NAP 108 8-Channel Rack-mountable Power Amplifier

The new Naim CI-NAP 108 is an 8-channel rack-mountable power amplifier which, in conjunction with the Naim CI-Uniti 102, allows the connection of multiple speakers in different rooms or the amplification of eight separate audio streams with local inputs for each amplified channel. The Naim CI-NAP 108 is also said to be an ideal solution for pairing with audio-video processors to achieve a combination of sound quality and performance, as Naim Audio Ltd. promises.

According to the data sheet, 150 watts are available per channel at 8 ohms, 260 watts at 4 ohms impedance and 260 watts at just 2 ohms.

Naim CI-NAP 101 rack-mountable mono amplifier

The Naim CI-NAP 101 is a mono amplifier with 70/100 V line compatibility in the form of a rack-mountable component that can be operated in both low and high impedance modes. Together with the Naim CI-Uniti 102, it has been specially developed for use with subwoofers or loudspeakers on a 70/100 V line, with the manufacturer emphasising its exceptional audio quality. It is also designed to be the optimum solution for operating Focal 1000 Series speakers, such as Focal 1000 IWLCR built-in loudspeaker systems in conjunction with Focal 1000 IWSUB built-in subwoofers.

After all, the Naim CI-NAP 101 delivers an impressive 500 watts of power at 8 ohms, 800 watts at 4 ohms and 810 watts at 2 ohms, as the data sheet reveals. When used with high impedance 70/100V speakers, 150 watts or 240 watts are available.

Prices and availability

According to the manufacturer, the systems in the new Naim CI Series will be available in the second quarter of 2024 for designated custom installation specialists. While the Naim CI-UNITI 102 will cost € 1.499,-, the Naim CI NAP 108 systems will be available for € 2.999,- and the CI-NAP 101 for € 1.499,-.

Getting to the point

The new Naim CI Series was developed by Naim Audio Ltd. primarily in order to be able to offer custom installation systems as a complete solution together with its sister company Focal JMlab, for use in the private, commercial and maritime sectors, as the British company states. There are three systems that form the Naim CI Series and were presented for the first time at ISE 2024 in Barcelona: the Naim CI-UNITI 102 Streaming Amplifier, the Naim CI-NAP 108 8-Channel Rack-mountable Power Amplifier and the Naim CI-NAP 101 Rack-mountable Mono Amplifier.

PriceNaim CI-UNITI 102 Streaming Amplifier € 1.499,-
Naim CI-NAP 108 8-Channel Rack-mountable Power Amplifier € 2.999,-
Naim CI-NAP 101 Rack-mountable Mono Amplifier € 1.499,-
ManufacturerNaim Audio Ltd.
Distribution AustriaNaim Audio Ltd.
Distribution GermanyHorn Distribution S.A.
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