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Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS Stereo Power Amplifier - High-end power amplifier with power and finesse

A magical combination of power and finesse, the Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA Series' new stereo power amplifier, the Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS Stereo Power Amplifier, is described by high-end hi-fi specialists Musical Fidelity as a no-compromise solution.

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  • The new Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS Stereo Power Amplifier is the new high-end power amplifier in the Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA Series.

The Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA Series now presents itself in the latest generation, whereby the Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS naturally plays a central role, since it is a stereo power amplifier which, as a partner to the also new preamplifier Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PRE, appeals to many hi-fi enthusiasts. Especially since the latest generation of the Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA Series, according to the English hi-fi manufacturer Musical Fidelity, is not to be understood as an evolution, but rather as a revolution and raises the quality of these solutions to a completely new level.

Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS – A whole new level of quality

The Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA Series has always been exceptional, and this is even more true of the latest generation of systems such as the new Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS.

For the first time, Musical Fidelity has decided to combine Nuvistor tubes with the latest fully symmetrical, discrete technology. The result is an amplifier that not only delivers impeccable measurement results, but also sounds fantastic.

Three Years of Development – Enormous Investment

It took three years of development to achieve the desired result, which is now presented in the form of the new stereo integrated amplifier of the Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA Series, the Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS.

It is also stated that enormous investments have been made in order to make this development possible, about one million Euros, as Musical Fidelity explains. Now, however, they are sure that they did exactly the right thing by not setting any limits to the developers and enabling them to realise uncompromising systems.

The ultimate stereo power amplifier

The developers’ declared aim was to fully live up to the claim that Antony Michaelson, the founder of Musical Fidelity, had always pursued, namely to realise an audio system that sounded like tube and Class A amplifier systems, but at the same time had the power to realistically reproduce music in all its dynamics.

The aim was to combine a warm, musical sound with the corresponding power potential, and this is exactly what the Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA Series has always been known for, and in the latest generation it is supposed to do with flying colours.

Nuvistor tubes – The alternative to conventional tubes

The heart of the latest Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA Series is once again the so-called Nuvistor tubes. These were developed in the 1950s with the aim of eliminating the shortcomings of conventional tubes.

In contrast to tubes of classical design, nuvistor tubes were supposed to convince with a very high reliability, low sensitivity to microphonics, low noise, a high consistency from batch to batch, a small size and last but not least a comparatively low power consumption.

Nevertheless, the great success on a broad front failed to materialise, because, as is well known, the triumphant advance of transistor technology began precisely at this time. Nuvistor tubes were only used in a few solutions, but these developed into true legends, such as the Musical Fidelity NUVISTA Series.

Symmetrically constructed

As already described, the new Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS presents itself with a balanced, low-distortion circuit, which, according to the manufacturer, is based on the Musical Fidelity Titan – a real powerhouse with an output of 1.000 watts. The new Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS should be similarly powerful.

The developers here rely on five pairs of high-performance output stages for stable and reliable operation, with separate capacitors for the main power supply and output stages reducing impedance and improving dynamics. Extra built-in chokes improve supply ripple and reduce pulse current spikes, according to the manufacturer’s description.

Eight 6S51N Nuvistor tubes are used here, not to leave this unmentioned, of course.

Separate power supply – Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS PSU

It is remarkable that Musical Fidelity now uses a separate power supply, the Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS PSU. This allows the developers to keep the sensitive signal processing completely free of disturbing influences and to draw from the full range of power supply options without having to compromise in any way.

Two mighty toroidal transformers in the Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS PSU are responsible for the fact that the PSU weighs in at a hefty 40 kg, while the amplifier itself weighs in at 27 kg, making it seem like a lightweight.

The new Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS delivers two times 300 watts into 8 ohms, two times 500 watts into 4 ohms and 1,000 watts peak power into 2 ohms.

The Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS has four inputs, two designed as unbalanced RCA jack pairs, two in the form of balanced XLR connections.

In addition, there are outputs on the rear panel, one as a pair of unbalanced RCA sockets and one as a balanced XLR.

Trigger inputs and outputs can be used to set up a central control system, and for connecting the loudspeaker systems, extremely solid, even massive screw terminals are available, four of them per channel.

Extremely sturdy cabinet

It goes without saying that once again the enclosures are of solid construction, and the designers have succeeded in creating an appealing, clear design line.

The front of the Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS is adorned with a dimmable colour display that shows all relevant information or, if desired, VU meters. What the display shows is determined with a button, another button is used to select the input, and a third functions as a standby button.

Prices and availability

The new Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS should be available in specialist shops within the next few days, in silver and black. The recommended retail price is listed at € 24.000,-.

Getting to the point

The Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA PAS is the latest generation stereo power amplifier in the Musical Fidelity NU-VISTA Series, a very special product line from Musical Fidelity. It is a now fully balanced, discrete Class A stereo power amplifier with legendary Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista tubes and now a separate, particularly powerful power supply.

Price€ 24.000,-
ManufacturerMusical Fidelity
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyReichmann Audio Systeme
Distribution SwitzerlandMarlex GmbH – Audiophile Produkte
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