Melco C1-D20 SFP+ Direct Attach Cable – For best performance in the network

Hardware that has a so-called SFP should be able to realise its full potential with the help of a new adapter from Melco Audio, the network specialist states, namely the Melco C1-D20 SFP+ Direct Attach Cable.

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  • According to Melco Audio, the full potential of SFP network connectivity can be utilised with the new Melco C1-D20 SFP+ Direct Attach Cable.

Melco Audio is a recognised network specialist in the field of High-end Hi-Fi streaming systems. The company is not content with solutions such as the so-called Melco Digital Music Libraries as central components, but also develops corresponding accessories to guarantee the best performance and signal transmission free from external influences that could damage the sound.

And the new Melco C1-D20 SFP+ Direct Attach Cable is precisely such a solution, as Melco Audio states. It combines maximum performance with interference-free signal transmission at all times, at least in cases where users rely on a so-called SFP.

SFP – The best possible signal transmission for fast Ethernet

SFP stands for Small Form-factor Pluggable and refers to small, standardised transceiver modules for network connections using optical or electrical signal transmission. Depending on the type, copper-based network cables or fibre optic cables (Fibre Channel) can be used.

Devices equipped in this way, such as a network switch, router, NAS or even a streaming client, should therefore not only achieve the highest data rates, but also interference-free signal transmission, even over long distances that need to be bridged.

Melco Audio already relies on SFP for many solutions and now wants to offer special solutions that allow users to benefit from the potential of this connection in the simplest possible way.

Realising the full potential

To realise the full potential of SFP network connectivity, the Melco C1-D20 SFP+ Direct Attach Cable has been developed to overcome some of the most common limitations in network data transmission, Melco Audio promises.

It now offers a complete, in-house developed solution for connectors, cables and interface electronics that treats the entire connection interface as a critical component in the audio chain.

According to the Japanese company, the new Melco C1-D20 SFP+ Direct Attach Cable eliminates the need for the usual PHY interface that would normally be required for RJ45 connectors and SFP copper connections.

The cable consists of two twisted pairs of silver-plated OFC conductors instead of four as in a conventional RJ45 network cable. Each pair is individually shielded. According to the manufacturer, this ensures improved data integrity, which in turn has the advantage of reducing the demands on the decoding hardware, as less reinterpretation and reconstruction work is required.

To put it in a nutshell, the new Melco C1-D20 SFP+ Direct Attach Cable ensures signal transmission free of data errors and data loss, which directly improves the quality of audio playback.

The new Melco C1-D20 SFP+ Direct Attach Cable has a length of two metres and can be used with a variety of systems, above all, of course, those from Melco Audio itself, such as the Melco N1 and Melco N5, Melco S10 and Melco 100 products. The Japanese company also offers systems from Aurender, HiFi Rose, Linn, Taiko Audio and several others.

Prices and availability

As described above, the Melco C1-D20 SFP+ Direct Attach Cable is only available in a length of two metres and is now available from specialist retailers. The recommended retail price is listed at € 889,-.

Getting to the point

In principle, network connections using so-called SFP are designed for particularly long cables. However, providers such as Melco Audio also swear by them in the area of streaming solutions in the high-end hi-fi segment, especially because of the high data rates that can be achieved and signal transmission free from disruptive external influences. This is why Melco Audio, for example, already equips many of its systems with corresponding interfaces, and the new Melco C1-D20 SFP+ Direct Attach Cable should now be the perfect cable. The company is convinced that this guarantees outstanding performance that is not possible with any other connectivity today.

Price€ 889,-
ManufacturerBuffalo Inc.
DistributionDREI H Vertriebs GmbH
More about this manufacturer at HiFi BLOG
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