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Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 Digital Amplifier - HDMI 2.1 Upgrade for the Flagship

From March 2023, proud owners of the Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 Digital Amplifier will have the opportunity to upgrade their solution to the very latest in HDMI. Then SL Audio A/S will not only be able to offer new amplifier systems with HDMI 2.1, but also the matching HDMI 2.1 upgrade.

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  • Starting in March 2023, SL Audio A/S will offer Lyngdorf Audio's flagship TDAI-3400 Digital Amplifier with HDMI 2.1 as well as a corresponding HDMI 2.1 upgrade.

The Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 Digital Amplifier is the flagship stereo integrated amplifier from the high-end HiFi and AV specialist SL Audio A/S of the Lyngdorf Audio brand. Apart from the fact that this solution is equipped with a multitude of interfaces for the most diverse sources, it also has an integrated streaming client to play back content from the network in the best quality. Among all the interfaces offered by this solution is HDMI, and here an upgrade option will soon be available.

HDMI 2.1 instead of HDMI 1.4 or HDMI 2.0 as before

The flagship amplifier system, the Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 Digital Amplifier, has always been available with various optional modules for analogue sources including phono preamplifier or HDMI modules, the latter first with HDMI 1.4, then HDMI 2.0. Now the company is going one step further and will offer users the amplifier with HDMI 2.1 from March onwards, as well as an HDMI 2.1 upgrade for existing customers on request.

With this, the company once again proves that it really takes the constant further development of its products seriously and is successively doing so for the entire product range.

As early as January 2021, SL Audio A/S was one of the first to use HDMI 2.1 in the flagship Lyngdorf MP-60 multichannel processor, followed by HDMI 2.1 for customers who owned the first-generation Lyngdorf MP-50.

HDMI 2.1 from the factory, but also as an upgrade for existing customers

From March 2023, the latest HDMI 2.1 module will now be available for new Lyngdorf TDAI-3400s, but also for customers who want to upgrade their existing Lyngdorf TDAI-3400.

The module offers two HDMI inputs for connecting various sources and one HDMI output for connecting to a TV set. Naturally, the interfaces support HDMI 2.1 content at 8K/ 50Hz or 8K/ 60 Hz and 4K/ 100Hz as well as 4K/ 120 Hz, Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Variable Refresh Rate Modes (VRR), Static and Dynamic HDR and HDCP 2.3. The HDMI output supports HDMI CEC for central control in the proven manner and is designed as eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel).

“We always want to offer our customers the latest technologies for the best video and audio experience. Making HDMI 2.1 available for our flagship stereo amplifier and even upgrading existing amplifiers underlines our focus on technology and customers.”

Thomas Birkelund, CEO and CTO of Steinway Lyngdorf

Pricing and availability

As mentioned earlier, HDMI 2.1 is scheduled to be available on all new Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 Digital Amplifiers from March 2023. Then the manufacturer will also offer the corresponding upgrade for existing customers. The price is listed at € 750,-.

Getting to the point

Once again, SL Audio A/S proves that they place the highest value on continuous improvement and optimisation of products, even if they have already been offered for quite some time, with the fact that the Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 Digital Amplifer can now rely on HDMI 2.1 from March 2023. What’s more, even existing customers will be able to upgrade their Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 Digital Amplifer to HDMI 2.1 from March 2023.

Price€ 750,-
ManufacturerS/L Audio A/S
Distribution AustriaStyria HiFi GmbH
Distribution GermanyDREI H Vertriebs GmbH
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