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Lyngdorf D-60 High-performance Custom Installation In-wall Speaker

Part of the Lyngdorf Discreet Series and extending SL Audio A/S' custom installation offering, the latest Lyngdorf D-60 High-performance Custom Installation In-wall Speaker.

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  • As part of the Lyngdorf Discreet Series, SL Audio A/S now presents the new Lyngdorf D-60 High-performance Custom Installation In-wall Speaker.

With the new Lyngdorf D-60 High-performance Custom Installation In-wall Speaker, the Danish company SL Audio A/S presents another solution of the so-called Lyngdorf Discreet Series, a product line that was already introduced to the market in 2021 and that plays an essential role in the product range of the Lyngdorf Audio brand as a custom installation solution. These solutions are intended to deliver first-class results, regardless of whether they are used for appealing hi-fi, impressive home cinema or simply multi-room audio systems for discreet sound reinforcement in the home.

Lyngdorf D-60 – The Fifth in the Lyngdorf Discreet Series Designed for Custom Installation

The new Lyngdorf D-60, presented at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, is already the fifth loudspeaker system in the Lyngdrof Discreet Series. This product line is thus becoming more and more diversified and flexible for the most varied projects of custom installation specialists.

In addition to the new Lyngdorf D-60, the Lyngdorf D-500, Lyngdorf D-500 Center, Lyngdorf D-5 and Lyngdorf D5 IC systems are available in this product line. All of them are designed as built-in loudspeaker systems, and, as already mentioned, equally for hi-fi and home cinema. Installations can be expanded with the Lyngdorf LS-1000 Line Source Speaker and the Lyngdorf BW-20 High-performance Passive Boundary Woofer, for example.

Lyngdorf D-60 – The most powerful in the Lyngdorf Discreet Series to date

The Lyngdorf D-60 is the model of the Lyngdorf Discreet Series that offers the highest sensitivity and power handling as well as the highest achievable sound pressure level, which is why the manufacturer calls it a high-performance custom installation in-wall speaker.

The new Lyngdorf D-60 has a power handling of 200 watts, a sensitivity of 92 dB and a maximum sound pressure level of 112 dB, making it ideal as a front speaker for the left and right channels of a smaller home cinema installation, as a surround system in larger home cinema systems, but also for hi-fi in stereo in larger rooms.

To ensure this, the new Lyngdorf D-60 uses a 1-inch soft dome tweeter with a particularly powerful drive unit and two 180 mm midrange drivers with aluminium cone and equally powerful vented drive unit as well as a die-cast basket. By the way, an inverted surround is used here to allow for a particularly shallow depth. The crossover starts at 2.5 kHz.

Designed for use with woofers

One interesting detail is the frequency response of the new Lyngdorf D-60, which is shown as 80 Hz up to 22 kHz. This clearly shows that this new addition to the Lyngdorf Discreet Series is designed for use in combination with woofers, such as the Lyngdorf BW-20.

Closed, low-resonance MDF cabinet

Like the rest of the Lyngdorf Discreet Series, the new Lyngdorf D-60 features a solid, closed MDF cabinet design that eliminates the need for an additional backbox or closed recess for in-wall installation. The Lyngdorf D-60 measures 388 x 646 x 104 mm and thus weighs 11.4 kg. For installation, an opening of 360 x 618 x 100 mm is required, as the data sheet reveals.

The cabinet is finished in matt black and a speaker grill in white is part of the delivery.

Prices and availability

The new Lyngdorf D-60 High-performance Custom Installation In-wall Speaker is expected to be in stores as early as March 2023, with a suggested retail price of € 2.499,- per unit.

Getting to the point

The new Lyngdorf D-60 High-performance Custom Installation In-wall Speaker is a high-performance in-wall speaker system and an extension of the Lyngdorf Discreet Series, which SL Audio A/S sees as the ideal solution for both stereo and home cinema. With this new Lyngdorf Audio brand solution, the Danish company is once again addressing the rapidly growing custom installation market, and in its tried-and-tested way, it is also serving customers who place a particularly high value on impeccable results.

Price€ 2.499,-
ManufacturerS/L Audio A/S
Distribution AustriaStyria HiFi GmbH
Distribution GermanyDREI H Vertriebs GmbH
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