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Lyngdorf CS-2 In-cabinet Speaker - Designed for installation in furniture

A loudspeaker system that can be discreetly hidden in a piece of furniture is what the new Lyngdorf CS-2 In-cabinet Speaker offers, which SL Audio A/S now presents as a new solution in the Lyngdorf In-cabinet Speaker Series.

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  • The new Lyngdorf CS-2 In-cabinet Speaker, presented by SL Audio A/S at ISE 2023, is designed as a solution for integration directly into furniture.

It is already the second such system that SL Audio A/S is now presenting with the new Lyngdorf CS-2 In-cabinet Speaker at ISE 2023 in Barcelona, namely a loudspeaker system that can be integrated directly into a piece of furniture. A particularly discreet installation in the living room is thus possible. With this solution of the Lyngdorf Audio brand, the Danish company follows the Lyngdorf CS-1 In-cabinet Speaker, which was presented in October 2020, and thus establishes the Lyngdorf In-cabinet Speaker Series.

Lyngdorf In-cabinet Speaker Series

The intention behind the launch of the aforementioned Lyngdorf CS-1 was to offer a solution that could be integrated into the living space as discreetly as possible, requiring only a small amount of installation, but also serving as a fully-fledged loudspeaker system.

This is of course also true for the new Lyngdorf CS-2 In-cabinet Speaker, but interestingly, this new solution is designed to take up even less space.

Lyngdorf CS-2 In-cabinet Speaker – Specially Designed for Furniture with Little Depth

The Danish company SL Audio A/S explicitly emphasises that the new Lyngdorf CS-2 In-cabinet Speaker is quite similar to the Lyngdorf CS-1 In-cabinet Speaker, but that the new model is primarily designed to fit even into furniture with little depth, as is often the case with sideboards or lowboards, which are often used in the vicinity of TV systems. And this is exactly where the new Lyngdorf CS-2 In-cabinet Speaker is meant to be.

Its solid housing made of MDF in matt black lacquer measures only 20 cm in depth and is thus exactly 10 cm narrower than the Lyngdorf CS1. In concrete terms, it has dimensions of 42 x 30.7 x 20 cm and thus weighs 8.1 kg.

Optimal audio solution around the TV

Lyngdorf Audio sees the new Lyngdorf CS-2 in-cabinet speaker in combination with a small stereo integrated amplifier as an alternative to soundbar systems and thus as an audio solution around the TV.

For this purpose, the Lyngdorf CS-2 In-cabinet Speaker is equipped with an elevated tweeter, which is also angled slightly upwards, and a front bass reflex system. This is intended to achieve optimum radiation even when the speaker is placed low down, and also to prevent any sound diffraction from the edges of the furniture in which the speaker is placed. And since it finds its place in a piece of furniture anyway, there is no need for a loudspeaker grill.

Designed as a Two-way system

As already mentioned, the new Lyngdorf CS-2 resembles the Lyngdorf CS-1 as far as possible, so here, too, a 6.5 inch low-midrange driver with an aluminium cone and 35 mm voice coil and a particularly powerful drive is used. A 1 inch textile soft dome tweeter with PTC protection is used for the high frequency range. Coupled with the front-firing bass reflex system, the speaker should be able to reproduce a frequency range between 42 Hz and 22 kHz and thus essentially manage without an additional subwoofer.

Prices and availability

The new Lyngdorf CS-2 In-cabinet Speaker is expected to be available from April 2023, with a recommended retail price of € 799,- per unit. As already mentioned, this solution comes without a speaker grill, but of course you will find self-adhesive rubber feet in the scope of delivery, so that no damage should occur even on sensitive surfaces on the furniture.

Getting to the point

Especially as an alternative for a soundbar, the new Lyngdorf CS-2 In-cabinet Speaker is supposed to offer itself, namely in combination with a fine compact stereo integrated amplifier. In this case, the Lyngdorf Audio speaker system discreetly disappears into a piece of furniture, even if it is a sideboard or lowboard with little depth. The new solution from SL Audio A/S, which is part of the Lyngdorf In-cabinet Speaker Series, should also find its place there.

Price€ 799,-
ManufacturerS/L Audio A/S
Distribution GermanyDREI H Vertriebs GmbH
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