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LEAK Sandwich 150 and LEAK Sandwich 250 – modern technology in a vintage dress

The two new models LEAK Sandwich 150 and LEAK Sandwich 250 are intended to establish a new product line, the LEAK Sandwich Series, which the British company LEAK HiFi is now revealing. This is a special combination of modern technology and retro charm.

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  • This is how LEAK HiFi describes the new LEAK Sandwich 150 and LEAK Sandwich 250 speaker systems, which combine retro charm with modern technology.

LEAK Sandwich Series, with this new product line, the English company IAG Ltd. wants to offer very special loudspeaker systems under the LEAK HiFi brand, namely those that combine modern technology in a special way with the charm of those solutions that were in vogue many, many years ago in the heyday of hi-fi. In fact, you even have to go back to 1961 to recall the role models of the new speaker systems.

It is also particularly exciting that both new models in the LEAK Sandwich Series are compact loudspeaker systems, although the LEAK Sandwich 150 in particular actually lives up to this description, while the LEAK Sandwich 250 presents itself as a giant among compact loudspeaker systems.

Inspired by models from the 1960s

As already mentioned, you have to go back a long way in the history of the LEAK HiFi brand to find the role models that served the designers and developers as models for the new models in the LEAK Sandwich Series, as these are said to be the legendary LEAK Sandwich speakers from 1961, as the manufacturer itself describes them.

LEAK HiFi states that it was considered a pioneer in the hi-fi scene in those years and is now continuing this tradition by developing solutions with the new LEAK Sandwich Series that honour the company’s tradition with their attractive appearance and at the same time boast modern technology.

LEAK Sandwich construction for loudspeaker chassis

It may initially seem an unusual name when LEAK HiFi talks about the LEAK Sandwich Series, but very special transducers are the eponymous components.

In the 1960s, for example, drivers were used for the first time whose diaphragms were based on a special sandwich construction in order to benefit from their different properties by combining several materials.

In those days, paper diaphragms were primarily used, which meant that the diaphragm was set in motion by the voice coil in a more or less uncontrolled manner, resulting in diffuse reproduction due to distortion.

The solution was to be a cone with a sandwich construction, in which aluminium provided rigidity combined with low weight and a flexible core ensured speed and precision.

In the new edition, which is now to be available in the form of the new LEAK Sandwich Series, this layer is made of PMI structural foam which, according to the manufacturer, is often used in the aerospace industry. The aluminium skin, on the other hand, gives the membrane a high degree of rigidity.

This combination of a rigid outer layer and a softer core is said to ensure that the cone moves with precision and control, which in turn should result in a consistent frequency response over a wide range, as well as excellent transient response and particularly low unwanted distortion.

LEAK Sandwich 150 – The compact bookshelf speaker system

LEAK HiFi describes the new LEAK Sandwich 150 as a shelf speaker system that is particularly flexible to use because it is extremely compact. Designed as a two-way system, it features a 6.5-inch sandwich bass/midrange driver and a 1.2-inch textile tweeter.

LEAK HiFi speaks of an extremely appealing, precise performance and a solution that can be seamlessly integrated into any living environment.

With an impedance of 6 ohms and a sensitivity of 86.5 dB, the two-way bass reflex system solution is designed for amplifiers with an output of between 25 and 150 watts and covers a frequency range between 44 Hz and 26 kHz. The crossover starts at 2.4 kHz.

At 415 mm in height, 250 mm in width and 290 mm in depth, the LEAK Sandwich 150 weighs in at 12.3 kg each.

LEAK Sandwich 250 – Almost a floorstanding speaker system

Even though the LEAK Sandwich 250 is basically a bookshelf speaker system, it can probably be described as a floorstanding speaker system, especially as it is designed to be used on a matching solid stand. This speaker system measures 655 mm x 370 mm x 300 mm and weighs 27.3 kg, as the data sheet reveals.

A three-way bass reflex system is used here, combining an 11-inch woofer and a 4.12-inch midrange driver with a 1.2-inch tweeter.

The impedance of the three-way system is specified as 6 ohms, the sensitivity as 86.5 dB and the recommended amplifier output as 25 to 250 watts. The frequency range is said to be between 42 Hz and 26 kHz, with the crossover starting at 470 Hz and 3.1 kHz.

The LEAK Sandwich 250 impresses with its outstanding dynamic performance, as the manufacturer promises.

Sandwich construction also for the housing

The developers not only used a sandwich construction for the drivers, but also for the housing of this new speaker series, specifically a structure consisting of a combination of MDF and composite panels, which are finished with real wood veneer in walnut and aluminium applications.

Both speaker systems are supplied with a matching mesh grille.

Prices and availability

The new models in the LEAK Sandwich Series should be available from specialist retailers within the next few days. The LEAK Sandwich 150 model costs € 1.199,- and the LEAK Sandwich 250 € 2.999,-, although it should be emphasised once again that the price for the LEAK Sandwich 250 already includes the matching stand.

Getting to the point

Vintage Hi-Fi is still very much in vogue, and the new LEAK Sandwich 150 and LEAK Sandwich 250 loudspeaker systems from the British brand LEAK HiFi are probably in tune with the times, especially as they not only rely on the retro touch in terms of design, but also on State-of-the-art technology, even if in this specific case the LEAK Sandwich Series models have their origins in the early 1960s.

PriceLEAK Sandwich 150 € 1.199,-
LEAK Sandwich 250 € 2.999,-
ManufacturerIAG Ltd.
DistributionIAD GmbH
More about this manufacturer at HIFI BLOG
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