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Klipsch RSM Series and Klipsch PSM Series – Made for wind and weather

Klipsch RSM Series and Klipsch PSM Series are two new product lines from Klipsch that have been designed for use as outdoor loudspeakers and are therefore intended to provide good sound outdoors in any weather.

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  • Klipsch is now launching two product lines as outdoor loudspeakers for use in both private and professional environments: the Klipsch RSM Series and Klipsch PSM Series.

US speaker specialist Klipsch is presenting two new custom installation product lines at ISE 2024 in Barcelona these days: the Klipsch RSM Series and Klipsch PSM Series. The aim is to provide solutions for outdoor use in both private and professional environments that can deliver good sound in any weather.

The Premium Audio Company LLC. even goes so far as to speak of loudspeaker systems for surface-mounting that perform at Hi-Fi level and therefore always provide an appealing sound system.

Good sound in any weather

The two model lines already bear their primary applications in their names, with the Klipsch RSM Series standing for Residential Surface Mount and the Klipsch PSM Series for Professional Surface Mount. According to the manufacturer, the eight available products in these two new lines will replace the long-standing Klipsch AW Series, Klipsch CA Series and Klipsch CP Series models, with the aim of setting new standards in sound quality and durability, as promised.

All models are extremely robust for outdoor use, with IPX6 certification guaranteeing water resistance even in the event of pressurised water jets. This means that conventional rain cannot harm the speakers and they are also suitable for use in damp indoor areas, such as a wellness area or bathroom.

Available in four different sizes

The Klipsch RSM Series and Klipsch PSM Series speakers are available in four different sizes. From the compact version with 10 cm bass to the powerful top model with 21 cm bass speaker. For high efficiency and minimal distortion, Klipsch has introduced the completely new, patented Klipsch Tractrix Hyperfold bass reflex tube. This maximises port length for maximum bass performance through a fivefold folded shape. The improved airflow also reduces noise even at extreme levels.

The new compression driver with titanium dome and the well-known Klipsch Tractrix horn offer a wide range of applications with very good performance data.

In terms of design, the emphasis is on a thoroughly elegant but above all discreet appearance, with the speakers all available in either black or white and their grille can also be painted.

Klipsch RSM Series – For HiFi for indoor and outdoor installations

Klipsch now offers four models in the Klipsch RSM Series, namely the Klipsch RSM-400, Klipsch RSM-525, Klipsch RSM-650 and Klipsch RSM-800, all of which, as already mentioned, are characterised by hi-fi level sound, with particular attention being paid to the widest possible, homogeneous dispersion, so that the Klipsch RSM Series solutions can always be used to cover a large outdoor area or even larger indoor spaces. The name of the respective speaker allows direct conclusions to be drawn about the drivers used, i.e. low-midrange drivers with diameters of 4 inches, 5.25 inches, 6.5 inches and 8 inches are used. The tweeter is always a 1-inch tweeter.

Klipsch PSM Series – Versatile use as passive speakers or in 70/100 V installations

While the Klipsch RSM Series described above is aimed at both private and commercial users, the Klipsch PSM Series is primarily reserved for commercial installations. This means that the systems in this product line can be used not only as passive speakers with corresponding amplifier systems, but also specifically in the environment of a 70/100 V installation. Here too, use is possible both outdoors and indoors; the manufacturer refers to applications in the hotel and catering industry, business premises and public facilities, as well as schools and universities.

Here, too, the product designations naturally allow direct conclusions to be drawn about the chassis used, so the Klipsch PSM-450-T, Klipsch PSM-525-T, Klipsch PSM-650-T and Klipsch PSM-800-T models are equipped with 4.5-inch, 5.25-inch, 6.5-inch and 8-inch woofers in combination with 1-inch titanium compression drivers.

“We are delighted to be able to launch the brand new outdoor speakers. Designers and construction professionals have been looking for a great sounding, easy to install solution for some time – with the PSM and RSM series we deliver just that. The hyperfold port combined with the 1-inch titanium compression driver delivers impressive angular coverage with full bandwidth and incredible intelligibility.”

Trevor Gibson, National Sales Manager CI/Professional at Klipsch

Pricing and availability

The new Klipsch RSM Series and Klipsch PSM Series solutions will be available immediately from specialist retailers. We have summarised the corresponding prices for you in the table below.

Getting to the point

Weatherproof loudspeaker systems for custom installations are very important to many loudspeaker manufacturers, including the US company Klipsch. The company is now replacing the models previously available as the Klipsch AW Series, Klipsch CA Series and Klipsch CP Series with the new Klipsch RSM Series and Klipsch PSM Series solutions, which will be presented for the first time at ISE 2024.

PriceKlipsch RSM-400 € 349,- per pair
Klipsch RSM-525 € 599,- per pair
Klipsch RSM-650 € 699,- per pair
Klipsch RSM-800 € 999,- per pair

Klipsch PSM-450-T € 349,- per piece
Klipsch PSM-525-T € 399,- per piece
Klipsch PSM-650-T € 449,- per piece
Klipsch PSM-800-T € 549,- per piece
ManufacturerKlipsch Group Inc.
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyMagnat Audio-Produkte GmbH
Distribution Switzerlandnovis electronics AG
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