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Klipsch R-40PM and Klipsch R-50PM - Two active loudspeaker systems from the Klipsch Reference Series

Klipsch classifies them as part of the Klipsch Reference Series, and the expectations for the performance quality of the latest generation of active bookshelf loudspeaker systems - the Klipsch R-40PM and Klipsch R-50PM - are correspondingly high.

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  • The latest generation of active bookshelf speaker systems from Klipsch, the Klipsch R-40PM and Klipsch R-50PM models, are now available.

The Klipsch Reference Series features two very compact bookshelf speaker systems, the Klipsch R-40M and the Klipsch R-50M, which nevertheless offer all the virtues that one can expect from a speaker system from Klipsch – especially from the Klipsch Reference Series. We find it particularly exciting that these two speaker systems are now offered as active speaker systems in the form of the new Klipsch R-40PM and Klipsch R-50PM solutions, whereby Klipsch speaks of solutions that can combine all the tasks of a modern hi-fi chain.

Music streaming is available via Bluetooth, there is no lack of analogue or digital inputs, and the Klipsch R-40PM and Klipsch R-50PM systems are even said to have an integrated phono preamplifier.

Easy to set up, easy to use – Klipsch R-40PM and Klipsch R-50PM as an all-in-one system

It is not for nothing that Klipsch explicitly states that with the new Klipsch R-40PM and Klipsch R-50PM they want to offer solutions that allow the user to use them as flexibly as possible with the least amount of effort, whereby both the space requirement and the effort required for installation are meant.

As already described, the Klipsch R-40PM and Klipsch R-50PM are quite compact active bookshelf loudspeaker systems, which in the case of the Klipsch R-40PM have dimensions of 30 cm in height, 14.5 cm in width and 25.65 cm in depth per speaker and thus weigh 8.3 kg per pair. The Klipsch R-50PM has speakers that measure 35.6 cm in height, 17.8 cm in width and 27.4 cm in depth and weigh a total of 11.2 kg.

For both models, it can be said that they really find their place everywhere, especially since the design with a black housing made of MDF with a wood finish contrasts with the typical copper-coloured membranes of the speakers and looks quite elegant and attractive. If desired, a speaker grill included in the scope of delivery can of course be used, whereby it is held in position by means of magnets.

And when it comes to setting them up, both models are ready for use almost immediately after unpacking, because all you have to do is supply them with power and connect a cable between the two speakers to play music directly via Bluetooth.

Everything you need

As already briefly mentioned, the two active speaker systems Klipsch R-40PM and Klipsch R-50PM should offer everything you need for a flexible all-in-one system. First and foremost, Bluetooth is available to play music directly from a smartphone, for example, and thus any streaming service.

A pair of RCA sockets is available for analogue sources, and if desired, an integrated phono preamplifier can be used here to connect a record player equipped with MM cartridge systems directly. The two solutions also offer a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack as a further analogue input.

For digital sources such as a TV set, an optical S/PDIF interface is available and a PC or Mac can be used directly as a source via a USB port.

Powerful sound in a compact form

Both systems are two-way bass reflex systems, with the Klipsch R-40PM using a 4-inch spun-copper TCP woofer and the Klipsch R-50PM using a 5.25-inch spun-copper TCP woofer. It wouldn’t be a Klipsch speaker if the tweeter wasn’t a 1 inch aluminium LTS tweeter with horn, a Klipsch 90° x 90° Square Tractrix Horn, on both the Klipsch R-40PM and the Klipsch R-50PM.

The drivers are driven by amplifier modules that deliver a power of two times 35 watts for the Klipsch R-40PM and two times 60 watts for the Klipsch R-50PM. Admittedly, this may not seem like much, but in view of the always very high efficiency of Klipsch speakers, the Klipsch R-40PM can produce a sound pressure level of 100 dB, and the Klipsch R-50PM even 104 dB.

The aforementioned bass reflex systems, which, for the sake of completeness, are routed out the back of the speaker systems, are supposed to guarantee rich bass.

It should also be mentioned that the Klipsch R-40PM cover a frequency range between 60 Hz and 20 kHz and the Klipsch R-50PM a frequency range between 55 Hz and 20 kHz.

If you want a bit more punch in the lowest frequency range, for example if the speaker systems are used in larger rooms, then a subwoofer can easily be brought into play. The Klipsch R-40PM and Klipsch R-50PM systems offer a separate RCA connection for this purpose.

Prices and availability

The Klipsch R-40PM and Klipsch R-50PM are already available in the USA, and it shouldn’t be too long now before these active loudspeaker systems from the Klipsch Reference Series are in the shops in Germany. The recommended retail price for the Klipsch R-40PM is € 549,- and for the Klipsch R-50PM € 649,-. Of course, both speakers come with a matching infrared remote control. All cables necessary for operation are also included and a suitable stand in the form of the Klipsch KS-28 is available as an option, which should be mentioned in conclusion.

Getting to the point

Two new active loudspeaker systems of the Klipsch Reference Series are available: the Klipsch R-40PM and Klipsch R-50PM. The US loudspeaker specialist Klipsch emphasises the simple installation and easy handling, the flexible use and the rich sound. With these two systems, Klipsch wants to address those customers who are looking for a higher-quality alternative to conventional soundbar systems, but are not willing to invest in a complete home cinema system based on an AV receiver.

PriceKlipsch R-40PM € 549,-
Klipsch R-50PM € 649,-
Distribution AustriaAudio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Distribution GermanyOsiris Audio AG
Distribution Switzerlandnovis electronics AG
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