Klipsch Cinema 600 – Pure film and music enjoyment

The US company Klipsch promises rich sound for the living room with its new Klipsch Cinema 600 soundbar, which is designed for both film and music and is intended to be a flexible system.

Klipsch Cinema 600, with which Klipsch is once again expanding its range of soundbar systems. A market segment that has long been one of the most important in consumer electronics and is therefore hotly contested. The US company already offers a wide range of products, whereby the focus is always on the typical Klipsch sound in all solutions, including the latest model.

Klipsch Cinema 600 with legendary Klipsch sound

The fact that Klipsch sound is always mentioned is of course justified, especially with soundbar systems like the new Klipsch Cinema 600. After all, Klipsch is one of those companies that can point to a long history in which professional sound systems for cinemas played an important role.

Klipsch Tractrix Horns

A key feature of Klipsch sound is, of course, the horn technology founded by Paul W. Klipsch back in 1946 with the Klipsch Horn, which is also found in the new Klipsch Cinema 600.

This is supposed to provide the basis for the new Klipsch Cinema 600 soundbar to offer rich sound for film, but also for music, whereby the manufacturer itself speaks of a detailed, effect-laden reproduction.

600 watts maximum power

Well, 600 watts of maximum power sounds powerful, but in fact this system power is divided between the actual soundbar and the subwoofer that is part of the system. The new Klipsch Cinema 600 is thus designed as a solution that comprises a slim soundbar and a – well – not so slim subwoofer. The subwoofer alone ultimately claims 400 watts for itself, but that still leaves 200 watts for the drivers in the soundbar.

The new Klipsch Cinema 600 is a so-called 3.1-channel system, which means that the actual soundbar has three channels, each of which is designed as a two-way system, plus the aforementioned subwoofer.

In the soundbar, a 1 inch driver with 90° x 90° Tractrix horn is used as tweeter on the outermost tip, paired with 3 inch fibre-composite cone woofers. In addition, there are two more 3-inch drivers in the centre, also in combination with a 1-inch tweeter and horn, in order to present dialogue particularly effectively.

The subwoofer is equipped with a 10 inch woofer. By the way, the subwoofer is connected to the soundbar via radio in the 2.4 GHz range, so there is no need to lay cables across the room. Only a power socket should be available in the immediate vicinity of the subwoofer.

The frequency response of the new Klipsch Cinema 600 is specified by the manufacturer as 28 Hz to 20 kHz.

DSP-based signal processing

Of course, the new Klipsch Cinema 600 also uses DSP-based signal processing, on the one hand to guarantee optimal control of the three channels, and on the other hand to be able to process Dolby Digital content.

This DSP is also responsible for the fact that the user can call up different sound modes and also use an equaliser, where special settings are available depending on the content. Special mention must be made of the so-called dialogue mode, which is supposed to guarantee a particularly high level of speech intelligibility.

Also on board is a Virtual Surround Mode, with which the manufacturer promises room-filling sound.


First and foremost, the connection between the soundbar and the TV set will probably be established via the latter’s HDMI port, which is equipped with ARC, an Audio Return Channel, as well as via HDMI CEC, so that central control is possible with the TV’s remote control alone.

In addition, there is an optical S/PDIF interface as a digital input and a 3.5 mm stereo jack as an analogue audio input.

Bluetooth on board

Of course, smartphones and tablets can also be used directly as sources with the new Klipsch Cinema 600, which is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0. For the sake of completeness, notebooks can also be used as a particularly flexible source. Music streaming services of all kinds are available at the touch of a button.

Via Bluetooth, control is also possible using an app, which is available in the form of the Klipsch Connect App for Apple iOS and Google Android. This makes it particularly easy to configure the various sound modes as well as the equaliser described above, and it can also be used to import future firmware updates.

High-quality workmanship

Klipsch promises a particularly elegant design with high-quality materials for the new Klipsch Cinema 600. Both the actual soundbar and the subwoofer are made of wood and are presented in discreet black. The horn drivers have a metallic look that creates an attractive contrast.

The soundbar itself measures 114.3 cm in width, 7.3 cm in height and 8.6 cm in depth. This means it will easily fit under any TV without protruding into the picture. However, it can also be mounted on the wall; the corresponding drilling template for the slotted holes on the back of the soundbar is part of the delivery.

The subwoofer, as described, is not quite as compact, measuring 36 x 47 x 37 cm.

Klipsch Surround 3 – Optionally expandable to 5.1-channel surround

With the help of the Klipsch Surround 3, the new Klipsch Cinema 600 can be upgraded to a full 5.1-channel surround system. This means that you no longer have to rely on virtual surround sound, but can enjoy multichannel recordings as they are actually designed. This also justifies the term home cinema as a description.

As already mentioned, the new Klipsch Cinema 600 will probably be controlled primarily with the TV’s remote control alone, but a suitable infrared remote control is included in the scope of delivery. It is noticeable that this is equipped with a sensor that illuminates the buttons when in use. Also included in the package is a 1.5 m HDMI cable.

The new Klipsch Cinema 600 is available immediately from specialist dealers. The recommended retail price is € 599. If you opt for the additional surround speakers in the form of the Klipsch Surround 3, you have to calculate € 299.

Getting to the point

Once again, Klipsch is expanding its range of soundbar systems, and the new Klipsch Cinema 600 is a very exciting offering. Not only does it offer a 3.1-channel system and thus a solution with a dedicated centre channel and powerful subwoofer, but with Klipsch Surround 3 you can even upgrade this system to a fully-fledged 5.1-channel surround system. This really turns your living room into your very own home cinema.

Distribution:Audio Tuning Vertriebs GmbH
Price:Klipsch Cinema 600 € 599,-
Klipsch Surround 3 € 279,- 
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