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JBL TUNE 225 TWS Ghost Edition – A look inside

In the highly competitive headphone market, it is a good idea to have a product that is not only compelling from a technical point of view, but also has a unique selling proposition that makes it stand out from the competition. Harman International Industries now presents the JBL TUNE 225 TWS Ghost Edition, the latest true wireless in-ear headphones from the JBL brand with a very unusual design and in a limited edition.

If you look at the market for in-ear headphones, it is clear that models that do not use cables at all, and are thus called true wireless in-ear headphones, dominate the market. “Boundless” freedom of movement is therefore very popular among users, especially since there are hardly any disadvantages to be accepted for solutions with modern equipment and thus reliable connection via Bluetooth as well as sufficiently long battery life.

The range of corresponding solutions is growing and growing, so it can definitely be an advantage to be able to stand out from the market not only with technical features, but also with unusual design concepts.

Harman Industries International alone offers numerous true wireless in-ear headphones of the JBL brand, but can now come up with the new JBL TUNE 225 TWS Ghost Edition, a thoroughly unusual and interesting solution in a limited edition.

The new JBL TUNE 225 TWS Ghost Edition is designed in such a way that it allows a glimpse into its interior; the housing of the headphones, as well as that of the accompanying transport box, are transparent. This allows a view of those components that normally remain hidden. Especially in a solution that can serve as a prime example of miniaturisation, this is a thoroughly exciting matter.

From a technical point of view, the new model does not differ from the previous version of the JBL TUNE 225, which are True Wireless in-ear headphones that establish contact with the source device via Bluetooth 5.0. The Bluetooth profiles A2DP 1.3, AVRCP 1.5 and HFP 1.7 are used.

It should be especially emphasised that these in-ear headphones are particularly flexible in use. For example, it is possible to have both headphones in the ear via Dual Connect, or only individually, whereby you can choose whether you want to do this with the left or right earbud. This can be very practical when making phone calls, for example, because the headphones naturally have integrated microphones. This also works if you are charging one of the two ear tips.

Google’s Fast Pairing is intended to enable particularly fast pairing with smartphones based on the Google Android operating system. As soon as the lid of the transport box is opened, the connection to the smartphone is established.

The drivers have a diameter of 12 mm and rely on JBL Pure Bass Sound to deliver a particularly powerful, yet precise and ultimately balanced sound across the entire frequency spectrum. Once again, the manufacturer refers to the JBL Signature Sound. The manufacturer specifies a driver sensitivity of 105 dB, an impedance of 32 ohms and a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

At this point, it should also be mentioned that the headphones also support voice assistants, be it Google Assistant or Apple Siri.

In addition, the headphones naturally also offer a control option directly via the earphones, so that you can not only control the playback, but above all also the volume, as well as make and end calls.

As we have already mentioned, a transport box is of course part of the scope of delivery, whereby this functions as a mobile charging station and is particularly slim and light. The battery life is a very important factor for the JBL TUNE 225 TWS and thus also for the JBL TUNE 225 TWS Ghost Edition, because it is pleasantly long. The earphones alone last five hours at a stretch, and the charging box adds 20 hours.

The new transparent JBL TUNE 225 TWS Ghost Edition is offered in two design versions: classic black and casual orange, as the manufacturer describes it. It is important to know that this is a limited edition, so you should buy quickly if you are interested in one of the two models of the special series. Of course, the regular design variants of the JBL TUNE 225 TWS are still available, with a choice between Blue, White, Grey, Black, Pink and Gold.

It is pleasing to note that there is no extra charge for the limited JBL TUNE 225 TWS Ghost Edition, which is now available at a price of € 99.99 or CHF 159. This is exactly the same price as for the regular model JBL TUNE 225 TWS.

Getting to the point

These earphones are not stingy with their charms, that’s how Harman Industries International describes the new True Wireless in-ear headphones of the JBL brand, the JBL TUNE 225 TWS Ghost Edition. Proud and self-confident, the new edition of the JBL TUNE 225TWS in the limited Ghost Edition offers a glimpse under its bonnet. The housings of the Earsticks and the corresponding charging and transport box are made of transparent plastic, either in classic black or in casual orange. This gives a clear view of the usually hidden components that, according to the manufacturer, make up the legendary JBL signature sound.

Manufacturer:Harman Industries International
Distribution:Harman Deutschland GmbH
Price:€ 99,99
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