JBL Tune 130NC and JBL Tune 230NC

Harman International Industries is now introducing two true wireless in-ear headphones as an extension of the JBL Tune Series, namely the JBL Tune 130NC and JBL Tune 230NC solutions. They replace the JBL Tune 125 TWS and JBL Tune 225 TWS models.

JBL now offers two models in the JBL Tune Series: the JBL Tune 130NC and JBL Tune 230NC. Presented for the first time at Harman ExPLORE 2021 EMEA, these true wireless in-ear headphones succeed the JBL Tune 125 TWS and JBL Tune 225 TWS, respectively.

Harman International Industries is once again focusing on solutions that offer fine features at an attractive price, with active noise cancellation now also included in this class.

“Music has never been more important than it is today! It’s exciting to introduce JBL fans to our new True Wireless products and to offer new features and a new look after a challenging year. We are constantly working to evolve sound so that everything we do aligns people with others and with themselves. Whether it’s active noise-canceling or extra-long battery life for traveling to see friends or family, JBL has it all.”

Dave Rogers, President, HARMAN Lifestyle Division

JBL Tune 130NC and JBL Tune 230NC – The New Universal Solutions

From the very beginning, the models of the JBL Tune Series have distinguished themselves as particularly flexible headphones that are very attractively positioned in terms of price. As already described, we must speak of True Wireless in-ear headphones, which thus make contact with the source device via Bluetooth, in this specific case now Bluetooth 5.2.

The two new models, the JBL Tune 130NC and JBL Tune 230NC, are the successors to the JBL Tune 125 TWS and JBL Tune 225 TWS.

Two almost identical brothers

If you look at the features of the two new models, you will quickly notice that the JBL Tune 130NC and JBL Tune 230NC solutions are almost identical brothers, but ultimately differ in two crucial details.

JBL Tune 130NC and JBL Tune 230NC – one Earbud, one Earstick

The manufacturer refers to the new JBL Tune 130NC as headphones with a so-called TWS Earbud shape, while the new JBL Tune 230NC is described as headphones with a TWS Earstick shape. Harman International Industries describes this as a key feature that it has adopted from its predecessor and that meets the taste of many users. Newly designed silicone attachments are now supposed to ensure an even more secure fit and better bass performance at the same time.

The different design also means that the drivers are equipped differently. The JBL Tune 130NC uses a 10 mm driver, while the JBL Tune 230NC has a diameter of only 5.8 mm.

However, the proverbial JBL Signature Sound is supposed to be achieved there as well, whereas the two headphones are also supposed to appeal to fans of a somewhat more pronounced bass range and are equipped with JBL Pure Bass Sound for that.

As already mentioned, both headphones are equipped with active noise cancellation, so undisturbed music enjoyment should be guaranteed anytime and anywhere. Thanks to JBL Smart Ambient Aware, the user is not completely disconnected from the environment, if desired.

The signal transmission via Bluetooth 5.2 relies on Dual Connect + Sync, so each of the two earbuds is paired separately to guarantee reliable operation at all times and to offer the option of using only one of the two earbuds for phone calls, for example. Google Fast Pair is supported for smartphones with Google Android.

Hands-free function and voice control

By the way, the JBL Tune 130NC and JBL Tune 230NC models are equipped with four microphones each for phone calls to guarantee the best possible voice quality. Of course, you can not only make phone calls, but also use the voice control of a smartphone, whereby Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa are officially supported, but Apple Siri is actually supported as well.

JBL Tune 130NC True Wireless In-ear Headphone

40 hours playback time

You should be able to enjoy up to 40 hours of music with both the JBL Tune 130NC and JBL Tune 230NC headphones, with one charge lasting up to ten hours. Then the included transport box comes into play, which also acts as a powerbank and holds three more full charges at once. By the way, this only applies when the active noise cancellation is not activated, but if you use it, you still have eight hours plus 24 hours of reserve available. Via a quick-charge function, just ten minutes of charging are enough to enjoy music again for an hour.

By the way, both the JBL Tune 130NC and the JBL Tune 230NC are IPX4 certified and thus resistant to water and sweat.

JBL Tune 230NC 10

The JBL Headphone app for Apple iOS and Google Android is available for both models, with the JBL Tune 130NC and JBL Tune 230NC featuring touch controls directly on the earbuds that can be configured using said app.

The new JBL Tune 130NC and JBL Tune 230NC in-ear headphones are expected to hit stores in October 2021, with a choice of black, white or blue for the JBL Tune 130NC. The recommended retail price is stated at € 99. The new JBL Tune 230NC is to be available at the same price, whereby this will also be offered in sand in addition to black, white and blue.

Getting to the point

The new models of the JBL Tune Series are proof that features such as fine sound including active noise cancellation and very long battery life have now reached a price range that seems affordable for a wide range of customers. It is obvious that this is primarily aimed at a young target group.

Manufacturer:Harman Industries International
Distribution:Harman Deutschland GmbH
Price:JBL Tune 130NC € 99,-
JBL Tune 230NC € 99,-
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