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JBL Stage Series - Equipped for HiFi and Home Cinema

The solutions of the new JBL Stage Series are supposed to offer a maximum of sound quality at an extremely attractive price, whereby Harman Luxury Audio does not only serve the hi-fi segment, but also the home cinema sector, thus presenting a broadly positioned speaker line.

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  • With the new JBL Stage Series, Harman Luxury Audio is now introducing a new line of loudspeakers that are equally suitable for hi-fi and home cinema.

JBL Stage Series, with this new product line Harman Luxury Audio presents a particularly broadly positioned family of loudspeaker systems of the JBL brand, which is equally designed for hi-fi and home cinema. The main focus of the developers has been on the highest possible sound quality, but – and this is the decisive factor – at a particularly attractive price. With the new JBL Stage Series, Harman Luxury Audio clearly wants to address a particularly broad target group.

JBL Stage Series – High sound quality at a highly competitive price

According to Harman Luxury Audio, a division of Harman International Industries, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Korean Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., the new JBL Stage Series once again relies on the expertise gained in decades of research and development work in the field of loudspeaker systems.

Especially in the case of JBL brand loudspeaker systems, the company feels committed to a long history, so that the engineers focus on solutions that are intended to achieve a sound experience that is particularly close to a live concert in the field of hi-fi and home cinema.

Proven technologies for impeccable measurement results

The key to success, according to Harman Luxury Audio, is first and foremost attention to detail, but also a focus on proven technologies to achieve impeccable measurement results, which of course always have to be proven in practice during extensive listening sessions.

Equipped with specially developed 25 mm aluminium dome tweeters in combination with an acoustic lens and high-definition imaging waveguides, the loudspeaker systems of the new JBL Stage Series guarantee, according to the manufacturer, harmonious, detailed imaging right into the highest frequency range as well as optimal directivity. Ribbed woofer cones made of white polycellulose are reminiscent of the legendary designs of the JBL brand and contribute precise, deep bass, with which all speakers of the JBL Stage Series are intended to shine both in the reproduction of music and in home cinema.

Nine speaker systems for the launch of the JBL Stage Series

The new JBL Stage Series is being launched with no less than nine loudspeaker systems, thus presenting itself, as we already indicated in the introduction, as extremely broadly positioned. The manufacturer wants to ensure that users will always find a suitable solution for the most diverse tasks in both the stereo and surround areas.

Three floorstanding and two bookshelf speakers, two centre speakers and two subwoofers

Three floorstanding speaker systems, two bookshelf speaker systems, two centre speakers and two subwoofers – that’s the JBL Stage Series.

The floorstanding speaker systems are 2.5-way systems, namely the JBL Stage A190, JBL Stage A180 and JBL Stage A170. While the JBL Stage A190 and JBL Stage A180 use 200 mm and 165 mm double woofers, the JBL Stage A170 is equipped with 133 mm double woofers.

These are joined by the two bookshelf speaker systems JBL Stage A130 and JBL Stage A120, each of which is a two-way model equipped with 133 and 114 mm woofers respectively. In addition, JBL offers the two centre speakers JBL Stage A135C (two-way system with six 75 mm woofers) and JBL Stage A125C (two-way system with 133 mm double woofers).

For added low-frequency punch, two active subwoofers are also available, the JBL Stage A120P with 305 mm woofer and 500 watts of music power, and the JBL Stage A100P with 254 mm woofer and 300 watts of power.

“When it comes to loudspeaker design, at JBL we draw on an unrivalled arsenal of developers as well as experience from our more than 75-year history. We aim to exceed our customers’ high expectations at all times and in every price range. And that’s exactly the goal of the new JBL Stage range. For a potent two-channel system or a larger home theatre setup, these speakers have you covered.”

Scott Campbell, Director of Sales for Harman Luxury Audio Group

Pricing and availability

The new JBL Stage Series solutions are available from retailers now. Pricing for this new product line is positioned exceedingly attractively, as we mentioned earlier, and we’ve summarised this in the table below.

Getting to the point

Loudspeaker systems that are equally recommended for HiFi and Home Cinema, and that can offer an appealing sound quality at a particularly attractive price – this is what Harman Luxury Audio Group now wants to offer with the new JBL Stage Series. What is particularly exciting is that the JBL Stage Series is also very broadly positioned, with three floorstanding and two bookshelf speaker systems, two centre speakers and two subwoofers.

PriceJBL Stage A190 € 499,- per unit
JBL Stage A180 € 385,- per unit
JBL Stage A170 € 329,- per unit
JBL Stage A130 € 275,- per pair
JBL Stage A120 € 219,- per pair
JBL Stage A135C € 399,- per unit
JBL Stage A125C € 329,- per unit
JBL Stage A120P € 499,- per unit
JBL Stage A100P € 385,- per unit
ManufacturerHarman International Industries Inc.
DistributionHarman Deutschland GmbH
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