JBL Reflect Flow PRO – style and quality without compromise

True wireless in-ear headphones, designated as extra rugged to the highest industry standard, and featuring Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling and JBL Signature Sound, are said to be available with the new JBL Reflect Flow PRO.

With the new JBL Reflect Flow PRO, Harman International Industries is introducing a very special True Wireless in-ear headphone from the JBL brand as part of the Harman ExPLORE 2021 EMEA. This is a solution that is clearly designed as a versatile headphone for the active lifestyle, because what is striking here is that this presents itself at the same time as elegant, also very robust.

It will come as no surprise that these headphones feature JBL’s Signature Sound, nor that they offer Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling for unadulterated music enjoyment.

JBL Reflect Flow PRO – Not just for sports

It would be too short-sighted to reduce the new JBL Reflect Flow PRO to the sports application alone, but the manufacturer itself first states that these were created to increase the user’s personal performance. Officially, as part of the JBL Reflect Series, it is of course a headphone for sports.

Music is, and this can be confirmed without a doubt, simply indispensable for many users during sports.

The new JBL Reflect Flow PRO was therefore designed so that it can be optimally used as a training partner.

Unique design

Its unusual design is immediately noticeable. The JBL Reflect Flow PRO is designed to completely occupy the user’s ear cup, while being held comfortably but securely by the so-called JBL POWERFIN design. This refers to small “wings” made of silicone, which are included with the JBL Reflect Flow PRO in different sizes. Of course, you can also find ear molds in the different sizes in the scope of delivery, that should be mentioned for the sake of completeness.

Certified according to IP68

Another key feature is that the new JBL Reflect Flow PRO is certified to IP68, making it resistant to sweat, rain and dust. In this context, the manufacturer even speaks of the highest industry standard when it comes to a robust design. In short, nothing can really harm the JBL Reflect Flow PRO, you could in principle even use this while swimming, since it is extremely waterproof, even in salt water.

JBL Signature Sound with Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation.

The manufacturer advertises the new JBL Reflect Flow PRO with JBL Signature Sound, whereby a 6.8 mm driver is offered for this and Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling is also offered in addition to the already very good passive shielding from ambient noise. However, you can also let ambient noise through via JBL Ambient Aware, which is an indispensable safety feature especially in traffic.

  • JBL Reflect Flow PRO
  • JBL Reflect Flow PRO
  • JBL Reflect Flow PRO
  • JBL Reflect Flow PRO

Hands-free function and voice control

Of course, the new JBL Reflect Flow PRO has integrated microphones to make phone calls as well as to enable voice control in interaction with the smartphone’s voice assistants.

As an alternative, however, a simple control of all essential functions is also available via a so-called all-access touch control.

This can be configured in the proven manner via the appropriate app, for which the JBL My Headphones app for Google Android and Apple iOS is available.

Bluetooth 5.0 with Dual Connect + Sync

Of course, the signal is transmitted via Bluetooth, whereby Bluetooth 5.0 is used and Dual Connect + Sync is supported. Each earphone is connected separately to ensure a particularly stable signal transmission without latency. It is also possible to use only one earphone to make phone calls, for example.

30 hours of playback time and Qi wireless charging

The JBL Reflect Flow PRO is supposed to last up to 30 hours away from the power outlet, while the earphones themselves last up to ten hours and two more full charges are possible via the included transport box, which acts as a so-called powerbank.

By the way, the box is charged via Qi Wireless Charging in the simplest case, or via USB-C. The battery is supposed to provide maximum capacity again after just two hours.

The new JBL Reflect Flow PRO is available in four colors: blue, white, pink and black. Especially in the latter version, the new JBL Reflect Flow PRO also cuts a very elegant figure in everyday use. The reason why we thought it was too short-sighted to reduce these True Wireless in-ear headphones to sports alone.

The JBL Reflect Flow PRO will be available in stores from October 2021. The suggested retail price is listed at €179.

Getting to the point

Yes, the new JBL Reflect Flow PRO is first and foremost a pair of sporty True Wireless headphones with a purpose-built design and features like high ruggedness and fully waterproof housing. However, other features such as Adaptive Active Noise Cancelling including JBL Smart Ambient Aware, simple operation and, last but not least, a long battery life also make the new JBL Reflect Flow PRO interesting as an elegant companion for everyday use.

Manufacturer:Harman Industries International
Distribution:Harman Deutschland GmbH
Price:€ 179,-
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