JBL Premium Sound System in the new Abarth 500e

Fun on four wheels is what the new Abarth 500e stands for in every respect, even when it comes to fine sound, as this is provided here by a JBL Premium Sound System from Harman International Industries.

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  • The new Abarth 500e is a little runabout with considerable performance - not only in terms of horsepower, but also in terms of the wattage of the JBL Premium Sound System.

The all-electric Abarth 500e offers incomparable driving pleasure with an electrifying JBL Premium Sound System, promises the Harman International Industries Group, which can thus present another partnership in the important automotive segment, this time relying on the JBL brand. The company is thus clearly structuring its automotive division by relying on different company brands for different partnerships. JBL is considered a brand that is aimed at a rather young target group, which is ideal for a solution designed for the Abarth 500e.

Abarth 500e – The first collaboration with Abarth

For Harman International Industries, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Korean Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, this is the first collaboration with the Abarth brand, which in turn is part of Fiat and ultimately the Stellantis N. V. automotive group.

The collaboration around the new Abarth 500e is designed to ensure that it features a powerful JBL Premium Sound System that allows drivers and passengers to enjoy a 360° sound experience, according to Harman International Industries.

The Abarth 500e and the JBL Premium Sound System are designed to go hand in hand, providing drivers and passengers with an iconic premium car with a “Made in Italy” feel, coupled with electrifying JBL sound.

JBL Premium Sound System in the first electrified Scorpio

The JBL Premium Sound System delivers powerful, pure sound with clear highs, rich bass and well-defined mids that will satisfy all music fans who love to drive, the manufacturer promises.

It features seven optimally placed high-performance speaker systems, including two tweeters, two mid-woofers, two full-range speakers in the rear doors and a subwoofer in the boot, as well as an 8-channel amplifier.

Easy and intuitive to use, the system is said to feature a host of advanced technologies. Highlights include Virtual Centre Technology, an algorithm that ensures every passenger enjoys a coherent soundstage regardless of their position in the vehicle, and speed-sensitive volume adjustment, which maintains the perceived music playback level and low-frequency balance at any vehicle speed. The volume and sound spectrum automatically adjust as speed increases.

He said the 320-watt amplifier is the foundation for the intense JBL sound that represents energy, emotion and power, especially in this sporty electric vehicle, offering what the Abarth 500e expresses.

“JBL and Abarth share a love of great design, impeccable quality and great loud music, and we are excited about our collaboration on the new Abarth 500e. Stylish, bold and loud in all the right places, JBL and Abarth bring a new energy to driving.”

Greg Sikora, Senior Director, Global Acoustic Systems Engineering at Harman International Industries

Getting to the point

It is a new partnership that Harman International Industries can now announce around the JBL and Abarth brand. Together, they have designed the JBL Premium Sound System for the new Abarth 500e, which, true to the car’s image, is said to feature a particularly stirring, high-performance performance. The JBL audio system is standard equipment on the new Abarth 500e Turismo.

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