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JBL L82 Classic Mk II and JBL L100 Classic Mk II - Powerback inclusive

Harman Luxury Audio Group describes the updated Mark II editions of the legendary JBL L82 Classic and JBL L100 Classic speakers as a true highlight in the JBL speaker segment. The passive hi-fi speaker systems feature performance enhancements for woofers, midrange drivers and tweeters, as well as revised crossover designs, thanks to JBL's Performance Package.

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  • JBL L82 Classic Mk II and JBL L100 Classic Mk II, Harman Luxury Audio Group presents two new models of the JBL Classic Series.

These are clearly legendary speaker systems that Harman Luxury Audio Group is now presenting in the form of the JBL L82 Classic Mk II and JBL L100 Classic Mk II solutions in the latest generation as the so-called Mark II Edition of the JBL Classic Series. Compared to the previous models JBL L82 Classic as well as JBL L100 Classic, these are said to have been extended by the so-called Performance Pack from JBL.

This Performance Pack was first introduced for the models of the JBL Classic Series Black Edition and the manufacturer is convinced that it will bring about a significant improvement and thus bring the JBL L82 Classic MK II and JBL L100 Classic MK II up to a new level of quality.

Update through Performance Pack

The Performance Pack for the JBL L82 Classic MkII and JBL L100 Classic MkII includes an improved woofer design that is designed to improve linearity and reduce distortion.

The tweeter and midrange drivers have also been refined, the manufacturer says, so that a higher level of performance can now be achieved.

Other upgrades include a change in crossover design to provide two inputs for use in bi-wiring applications, with the newly designed connector panel providing two sets of premium gold-plated terminals for secure connection to bare cables as well as a wide range of connector types.

“The acoustic performance of our popular Classic Series loudspeakers is legendary, but legends are not born by resting on their success – they are constantly evolving. For our L100 and L82 passive hi-fi speakers, the next step in that evolution is the Mark II edition with JBL’s Performance Package, which takes their award-winning sound to the next level for the ultimate listening experience.”

Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, Harman Luxury Audio

JBL L100 Classic Mark II

The roots of the JBL L100 Classic Series go back a long way, to 1970, when its direct prototype – the JBL L100 – was first unveiled. It was the JBL brand’s most successful loudspeaker system, so it’s no wonder that Harman Luxury Audio based the current JBL Classic Series on it.

The three-way bass reflex system uses newly developed JBL JT025Ti1 Titanium Dome Tweeter with 25 mm, equipped with a waveguide and an acoustic lens for optimal dispersion. In addition, a JBL JM125PC cast-frame pure pulp cone midrange driver with 125 mm diameter is used here, positioned directly below the tweeter to achieve a harmonious transition. Both drivers mentioned so far are positioned slightly outboard, so not in line with the JBL L100 Classic’s woofer, which uses a JBL 1200FE 12-inch cast-frame pure pulp cone woofer supported by a front-firing bass reflex system for even more sovereignty in the lowest frequency range.

JBL L82 Classic Mark II

The JBL L82 is the little sister of the JBL L100 and thus a compact two-way bass reflex bookshelf loudspeaker system, which once again takes up the retro touch, but of course relies on the latest technologies for the equipment, but all in all should convey the charm of a classic.

The drivers are titanium dome tweeters with a so-called waveguide for optimal radiation. The user should be able to adjust the sound character a little by means of a so-called L-pad damper. This is located directly on the baffle. A 200 mm driver with a cellulose membrane and a solid cast frame is responsible for the bass sound of the JBL L82. This is supported by a bass reflex system, which is designed to work towards the front.

Prices and availability

The new loudspeaker systems JBL L82 Classic Mk II and JBL L100 Classic Mk II were presented for the first time at the High End 2023 in Munich and, according to the manufacturer, should be available in specialist shops within the next few days. The recommended retail price for the JBL L82 Classic MkII is € 2.250,- per pair, and those who are interested in the JBL L100 Classic MkII will have to pay € 2.250,- per pair, making a total of € 4.500,- per pair.

Getting to the point

Thanks to a so-called Power Pack, which was used for the first time in the models of the JBL Classic Series Black Edition, the solutions of the JBL Classic Series, the JBL L82 Classic as well as the JBL L100 Classic in the latest generation as Mark II versions are to be able to present themselves through an even more refined performance, as Harman Luxury Audio Group promises for the systems JBL L82 Classic Mk II and JBL L100 Classic Mk II.

PriceJBL L82 Classic Mk II € 2.250,- per pair
JBL L100 Classic Mk II € 4.500,- per pair
ManufacturerHarman International Industries Inc.
DistributionHarman Deutschland GmbH
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