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JBL L75ms Music System
Foto © Harman International Industries

JBL L75ms Music System – The High-performance Integrated Music System

The new JBL L75ms Music System is not just a high-performance integrated music system, but a solution that combines the latest features with the charm of the hi-fi heyday. This is, according to the manufacturer, inspired by the JBL Classic Series.

With the new JBL L75ms Music System, JBL Synthesis expands the so-called JBL Classic Line, a product series that skilfully plays with a certain vintage touch and whose solutions have also inspired the development of the new all-in-one.

The fact that the manufacturer advertises the new JBL L75ms Music System as nothing less than a high-performance integrated music system shows that the company pursues particularly high standards.

JBL L75ms Music System – The High-performance Integrated Music System

At first, it may seem surprising that JBL Synthesis is even considering this product group. However, a look at what is available on the market shows that the company is not alone with such a product. Numerous manufacturers in the premium segment, even high-end hi-fi manufacturers, can offer all-in-one systems.

The new JBL L75ms Music System would therefore be in very good company, that can be stated right at the start.

The modern reinterpretation of a traditional hi-fi system

The JBL L75ms Music System is aimed at music lovers looking for a simpler way to listen to their music collection without sacrificing acoustic performance, according to the manufacturer’s description.

A modern reinterpretation of the traditional hi-fi system, the JBL L75ms is inspired, as noted, by the design of the JBL Classic Series, with which it shares a walnut wood veneer cabinet and black Quadrex foam grille. Behind this retro look, as JBL Synthesis describes it itself, is thoroughly modern acoustic technology, including high-res audio capability and a wealth of wired and wireless connectivity options.

JBL Synthesis even talks about an incredible combination of style, size and performance, with almost nothing like the JBL L75ms Music System.

  • JBL L75ms Music System
  • JBL L75ms Music System
  • JBL L75ms Music System
  • JBL L75ms Music System
  • JBL L75ms Music System
  • JBL L75ms Music System
  • JBL L75ms Music System

Streaming as a central component

One thing is clear: streaming plays an essential role in the new JBL L75ms Music System. The developers naturally rely on the streaming platform that the parent company Harman Luxury Audio Group already uses for several solutions of the different brands, including JBL Synthesis itself.

So far, the JBL L75ms Music System focuses on Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2 support. We could imagine that Roon ready device support will be added soon, but there has been no official announcement yet.

It is fitting that JBL Synthesis offers the MusicLife app for Apple iOS and Google Android as an app for the JBL L75ms Music System, which is exactly the same app that is offered for the other streaming systems from the Harman Luxury Audio Group, be it for JBL Synthesis itself or the systems from A & R Cambridge Ltd. of the Arcam brand.

The integration into the network is done either via cable or the integrated WiFi module.

Furthermore, the JBL L75ms Music System naturally supports Bluetooth 4.2, so that music streaming can also take place directly via smartphones and tablets away from the network infrastructure.

The signal processing on the digital level is done by means of a D/A converter that is not described in detail, which can process signals with up to 32 bits and 192 kHz.

All essential inputs available

Of course, an HDMI input is quite essential these days, because it can be used to directly connect a TV set. The HDMI input of the JBL L75ms Music System also supports ARC, or Audio Return Channel, for this purpose.

The JBL L75ms Music System also offers two analog inputs, one of which is even designed as a phono preamp, although only drives with MM cartridge systems are supported. The second analog input is a 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack.

To conclude the list of connections, it should be mentioned that the JBL L75ms Music System also has an output for integrating a subwoofer.

DSP-based signal processing

The new JBL L75ms Music System relies on DSP-based signal processing, as is quite common in this field. This means that functions such as a Selectable Soundfield Expander or a Bass Contour Control are available here.

The amplifier is Class D, driving two 130 mm Pure Pulp Cone woofers, two 25 mm aluminum dome tweeters with waveguides, and a 100 mm Pure Pulp Cone midrange driver. 125 watts are available per woofer, 25 watts each for the tweeters, and the additional centrally located at the front Mittenton driver is driven with another 50 watts.

In addition, the new JBL L75ms Music System relies on a bass reflex system, whose two openings are led out to the front at the front. All in all, the system is thus capable of reproducing a frequency range between 45 Hz and 25 kHz.

Noble appearance

As already mentioned, the JBL L75ms Music System relies on a cabinet with a noble walnut veneer, which has a satin-matte finish. The front is protected by a speaker grille if desired, which presents itself as JBL’s almost characteristic Black Quadrex Foam Grille.

The JBL L75ms Music System measures 216 mm in height, 790 mm in width, and 287 mm in depth, so it is quite an impressive appearance and weighs in at 15.9 kg.

A suitable wireless remote control is included, so you do not have to rely on the aforementioned MusicLife app for Apple iOS and Google Android for convenient control.

Getting to the point

JBL Synthesis has a lot planned for the new JBL L75ms Music System. They want to offer an all-in-one system of the premium class that can meet even high demands. This puts the company in line with other manufacturers in the premium segment, who have been selling similar systems very successfully for years. The market for such solutions seems to have potential.

Manufacturer:Harman International Industries Inc.
Distribution:Harman Deutschland GmbH
Price:US$ 1.500,-

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