JBL JR 460NC – For small ears

The JBL JR 460NC is a Bluetooth headphone with active noise cancellation, designed specifically for children. Not only is its shape designed accordingly, but it also features JBL Safe Sound as a volume limiter.

With the new JBL JR 460NC, Harman International Industries expands a product line of the JBL brand, with which one is oriented specifically to the needs of children, namely in the area of headphones. The new JBL JR 460NC is thus part of the JBL JR Series and shines with features that can be expected from a modern Bluetooth headphone.

This includes active noise cancellation, which is supposed to guarantee undisturbed music enjoyment, but also a long battery life and a hands-free function for video conferencing and thus home schooling.

JBL JR 460NC as part of the JBL JR Series.

With the JBL JR Series product line, Harman International Industries has long been dedicated to solutions developed specifically for children. It is obvious that children have different needs than adults, especially when it comes to headphones.

This begins with an appropriately adapted fit, because for optimal fit headphones for children must be designed smaller than conventional headphones. But that’s not all, first and foremost it’s crucial that children don’t listen too loudly under any circumstances, so as not to damage their very sensitive hearing.

JBL Safe Sound

For this purpose, the manufacturer provides the new JBL JR 460NC with the JBL Safe Sound function. This specifies that the maximum volume of the headphones is always below 85 dB. Parents can thus rest assured that their children’s sensitive hearing is protected, the company states in this regard.

JBL sound with active noise cancellation

Nevertheless, the legendary JBL sound is guaranteed with the new JBL JR 460NC by 32 mm drivers, whereby an active noise cancellation also provides for this with the new JBL JR 460NC.

Active Noise Cancelling, as this function is also often called, determines the ambient noise and compensates for it through appropriate DSP-based algorithms. The result is supposed to be an undisturbed sound enjoyment.

This function is also very interesting when using the JBL JR 460NC on trips in the car or for home schooling, because it allows the child to concentrate even if the environment is not completely quiet, as can happen in a household.

Integrated microphones for e-learning

For home schooling, it is also exciting that the new JBL JR 460NC has integrated microphones that can be used not only in conjunction with a smartphone as a hands-free device, but also for video conferencing.

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Bluetooth including Google Fast Pairing

Of course, the new JBL JR 460NC is a Bluetooth headphone, whereby Bluetooth 5.0 is used and, among other things, Google Fast Pairing ensures fast pairing with appropriately equipped source devices.

But the new JBL JR 460NC is also supposed to offer a stable connection and it is possible to switch between several source devices quickly and easily via multipoint connection.


Long battery life

The new JBL JR 460NC is supposed to excel with a particularly long battery runtime. After all, the manufacturer states up to 20 hours for the lithium-ion polymer battery with 3.7 V and 450 mAh, whereby the integrated battery is fully charged again after two hours. After just 15 minutes, nothing stands in the way of up to another two hours of listening fun, thanks to a quick-charge function.

However, if there is no power outlet within reach, the new JBL JR 460NC can also be operated passively via cable.

Special design and robust materials

We have already mentioned that a pair of headphones designed for children must first and foremost have an appropriate design. Thus, the manufacturer states that the new JBL JR 460NC was developed specifically for children’s ears and are also made of child-friendly, robust materials. Thus, it should be able to withstand the rigors of everyday life in the nursery without any problems.

Equally essential is that the operation is designed to be child-friendly and thus particularly intuitive.

It also fits that the new JBL JR 460NC is offered in the colors pink, orange and blue, a color spectrum thus, ideally for children. The suggested retail price for the JBL JR 460NC, first unveiled at Harman ExPLORE 2021 EMEA, is listed at €99.99.

Getting to the point

Unfortunately, the range of headphones for children is not all that large, so it is to be welcomed that Harman Industries International is now expanding the corresponding range of the JBL brand, and here specifically the JBL JR Series, with the new JBL JR 460NC. This means that Active Noise Cancelling has also found its way into the children’s room with these over-ear Bluetooth headphones, the possibility of video conferences via integrated microphones is open, and of course JBL Safe Sound ensures that the volume of the headphones is limited in a child-friendly way.

Manufacturer:Harman International Industries
Distribution:Harman Deutschland GmbH
Price:€ 99,99
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