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James Tanner and Colquhoun Audio acquire Bryston Ltd.

Canadian high-end hi-fi company Bryston Ltd. announces that the company has been acquired by James Tanner in partnership with Colquhoun Audio, another Canadian-based manufacturer of premium audio products. Effective immediately, James Tanner is the CEO of Bryston.

Bryston Ltd. is considered one of the established Canadian hi-fi manufacturers. The company began developing and manufacturing amplifier systems as early as the early 1970s, quickly earning an impeccable reputation and increasingly celebrating international success. Bryston claims to be able to offer solutions with outstanding performance and reliability, first and foremost due to the high quality standards of the products, which are still handcrafted in Canada alone.

Bryston amplifiers can be found in some of the world’s most prestigious recording studios and have been delighting discerning hi-fi enthusiasts for years. The company, headquartered in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, is a major player in its home market and in the USA, but is also active in 60 countries worldwide.

Now Bryston is announcing a change in company leadership. Bryston is being acquired by long-time Vice President James Tanner in partnership with Colquhoun Audio, another Canadian-based manufacturer of premium audio products. Effective immediately, this makes James Tanner the CEO of Bryston.

James Tanner, who joined Bryston back in 1976, has a passion for the heritage brand and shares a commitment to delivering the high-performance audio experience Bryston customers want, Bryston said in the related release. Working with Colquhoun Audio, Tanner is expected to strengthen relationships with the dealer community.

This will include a number of measures, the first of which is to push online activities. An online portal for order processing is planned, as well as a so-called web-to-dealer referral service. In addition, the sales team will be expanded.

Also on the agenda of the new CEO is a modernisation of development as well as production at Bryston, whereby “Made in Canada” will continue to guarantee outstanding quality.

“There are very few high-performance audio brands that offer as many world-class products and award-winning services as Bryston – and we are committed to equipping our global dealer network with the tools they need to be even more successful. I’m very excited about the next generation of Bryston products, starting with the new BR-20 preamplifier scheduled to ship this month, as well as some outstanding designs currently in development.”

James Tanner, CEO Bryston

Bryston’s previous CEO, Chris Russell, is retiring but will continue as a consultant to the company founded by his family decades ago. His extensive knowledge of Bryston’s product design will thus remain a part of Bryston in the future.

Getting to the point

With the takeover of Bryston by the long-time Vice President James Tanner, the tradition of the Canadian high-end hi-fi manufacturer is to be continued. This is extremely gratifying, especially since Tanner has planned some significant innovations that should consolidate or even expand the company’s position on the international market, while at the same time not shaking the core competence “Made in Canada”.


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