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IsoAcoustics zaZen Isolation Platform

The specialist for decoupling solutions IsoAcoustics Inc. now presents a new model series, the IsoAcoustics zaZen Series. This is a so-called Isolation Patform, i.e. solutions for the optimal placement of record players, but also HiFi components. Two products, the IsoAcoustics zaZen I and IsoAcoustic zaZen II, are available.

In recent years, the Canadian company IsoAcoustics Inc. has built up an impeccable reputation as a specialist in decoupling systems, with solutions for loudspeaker systems being developed first and foremost. Initially active in the purely professional field, especially in the studio segment, the Canadians gradually developed a broad portfolio of system solutions for the hi-fi segment.

In autumn last year, IsoAcoustics Inc. presented for the first time solutions dedicated to the optimal placement of electronic components and record players, the so-called IsoAcoustics DELOS Series.

Once again, IsoAcoustics declared war on resonances with this IsoAcoustics DELOS Series. They were convinced that especially sensitive components such as record players and CD players can only develop their full sound brilliance in the right environment, and for this, the “right” placement is virtually indispensable. Now another product line in this area follows, namely the new IsoAcoustics zaZen Series. Once again, these are insulation platforms, with the IsoAcoustics zaZen I and the IsoAcoustics zaZen II being available in addition to the IsoAcoustics zaZen I model. These two differ mainly in their load-bearing capacity.

  • IsoAcoustics zaZen Isolation Platform 01
  • IsoAcoustics zaZen Isolation Platform 02
  • IsoAcoustics zaZen Isolation Platform 03
  • IsoAcoustics zaZen Isolation Platform 04
  • IsoAcoustics zaZen Isolation Platform 05
  • IsoAcoustics zaZen Isolation Platform 06

With the new IsoAcoustics zaZen Isolation Platform Series, a particularly elegant solution has been created, which provides an optimal basis for record players and audio components and serves to enable systems to develop their full potential free from external influences.

The name comes from Zen Buddhism and means nothing else than sitting in peaceful meditation.

Of course, the special insulation technology developed and patented by IsoAcoustics Inc. and proven over the years is part of the new IsoAcoustics zaZen Isolation Platform, with these isolators integrated into the lower corners of the platform.

The new models of the IsoAcoustics zaZen Isolation Platform have also been designed to have a particularly elegant appearance, with a dense fibre composite panel as the base. This has a black finish, which has been refined with a discreet shine.

“After the success of our DELOS platforms, we wanted to make a smaller platform designed for lighter turntables and hi-fi components.We are excited for the release of zaZen because we have been extremely happy with how it performs. It’s affordable and very effective. We can’t wait for people to try it for themselves.”

Dave Morrison, founder of IsoAcoustics Inc.

To start with, as described, the range includes two products, the IsoAcoustics zaZen I and IsoAcoustic zaZen II solutions. Both have a width of 432 mm and a depth of 381 mm, but they differ in height. The IsoAcoustics zaZen I measures 30 mm in height, while the IsoAcoustic zaZen II is a little higher at 34 mm. The load-bearing capacity for which these solutions are designed is also different. Thus, the IsoAcoustics zaZen I should be suitable for drives and components with a mass of up to 11.3 kg, the IsoAcoustic zaZen II for a mass of up to 18.1 kg.

Getting to the point

After IsoAcoustics Ltd. presented the IsoAcoustics DELOS Series as an insulation platform last year, a further product line in this area is now following, namely the new IsoAcoustics zaZen Series. Once again, these are insulation platforms, whereby the IsoAcoustics zaZen I model is available as well as the IsoAcoustics zaZen II model. These two differ primarily in their load-bearing capacity and present themselves as extremely elegant solutions.

Manufacturer:IsoAcoustics Inc.
Distribution:cma audio GmbH
Price:IsoAcoustics zaZen I € 219,99
IsoAcoustics zaZen II € 249,99
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