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IsoAcoustics Product Selector and IsoAcoustics Mobile App available in 7 languages

Not only is the IsoAcoustics Mobile App available in an improved new version and now in seven languages, IsoAcoustics Inc. now also offers the IsoAcoustics Product Selector as a web service.

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  • IsoAcoustics Inc. presented the IsoAcoustics Mobile App at the beginning of this year, which has now been improved and a corresponding web offering is also available.

The so-called IsoAcoustics Mobile App is an immensely important tool for the Canadian company IsoAcoustics Inc., as the company can point to a very versatile range of solutions for the optimal decoupling of hi-fi and AV solutions as well as speaker systems and subwoofers. The Canadians developed the IsoAcoustics mobile app to help users find the best solution for their needs from this wide range of products.

With the IsoAcoustics Product Selector, the range is also available as a web service, so that information about the IsoAcoustics Inc. range can also be obtained in this way. Both offers are now available in an improved, extended version, in no less than seven languages.

For the right decision

Optimised decoupling is an essential factor in both hi-fi and AV systems and ultimately affects all components, some more, some less, as IsoAcoustics Inc. points out.

In order to achieve the best possible results, a little specialised knowledge is required, especially about various basics, and this is exactly where the IsoAcoustics Mobile App comes in to support users,

The app provides detailed explanations of the basics and, in this context, of course also of various patented technologies from IsoAcoustics Inc. and the corresponding products. Users should find all the content they need to make a well-informed decision. In addition, and this is also of interest to specialist dealers, the app also provides information on any new products.

An important part of the IsoAcoustics mobile app is the so-called Product Selector Wizard. This should make it easier than ever to find the ideal IsoAcoustics product for a particular application.

This service is not only available via the app, but also via the IsoAcoustics Product Selector as a web service.

Seven languages, expanded library

The information offered by IsoAcoustics Inc. was first made available in January 2023 – reported – and is now available in a much more comprehensive form. While the database initially contained around 3,000 products from various manufacturers, it now contains over 5,000 models, meaning that users can now obtain all relevant recommendations for many of their solutions.

And they no longer have to rely on English alone, as the IsoAcoustics Inc. range is now available in seven languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese and Korean.

Prices and availability

The IsoAcoustics Mobile App is of course available free of charge for Apple iOS and Google Android. It can already be found in the respective stores – Apple App Store for Apple iOS and Google PLAY Store for Google Android. The web version can of course also be accessed free of charge at any time.

Getting to the point

Finding the right solution for the optimum decoupling of a wide range of hi-fi components, speaker systems and subwoofers is not always easy, which is where IsoAcoustics Inc. comes in with a comprehensive range of information that is accessible via an app or the web and is now available in seven languages with an even more extensive library of different products from a wide range of manufacturers.

Pricefree app
ManufacturerIsoAcoustics Inc.
Distributioncma audio GmbH
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