Google Play Music will be discontinued

It has been clear for several months that Google LLC. will discontinue the Google Play Music service. Now this is imminent. This autumn, customers will have the opportunity to transfer their profiles to the YouTube platform with YouTube Music, which will be the central media platform for Google Inc. in the future.

Google LLC. is, as is well known, much more than just a search engine, because even if the group has been reorganised some time ago and Google itself is now part of Alphabet Inc. As a result, many a service or platform is developed and operated for a certain period of time, some of which are successful, others are gently dormant, or are simply restructured.

The latter is now once again the case with the music service Google Play Music. This service is to be discontinued, as has been known for quite some time. The strategy of Google LLC. envisages that in future this offer will be presented centrally via the YouTube service, which was initially launched as a pure video platform and has thus been expanded to include YouTube Music, and now functions as a central platform for video as well as music.

As Google LLC. now announces, the change will now become concrete, Google Play Music will be discontinued by the end of this year, YouTube Music will definitely replace Google Play Music. Between October and the end of this year, existing users will still have the opportunity to transfer their current profile from Google Play Music to YouTube Music.

Google LLC has promised that simple tools have been created for the transfer of personal data that allow this task to be completed with a single click. The switch is thus complete, including all playlists, uploads and recommendations.

The company also points out that the music section of the Google Play Store will be removed in 30 days, meaning that you will no longer be able to buy music from Google Play Music and any pre-orders will be cancelled. However, by switching to the YouTube Music app, which is available for Apple iOS as well as Google Android, all purchases will automatically be transferred to YouTube Music. It is also still possible to download all titles purchased or uploaded to Google Play Music, including a list of titles, playlists and radio stations from the Google Play Music media library. Users should be specifically notified by email before access is permanently suspended.

Getting to the point

All those who used Google Play Music should prepare themselves in the next few days for this service to be discontinued soon and replaced by YouTube Music. Existing customers can easily transfer all their content, according to Google LLC. The full options are now only available for 30 days, starting in October there are only rudimentary functions for transferring content, and by the end of the year Google Play Music will be history.

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  1. Just wanted to comment on Google Music download. I have seen many post regarding not getting everything in their downloads. It took me 4 times of downloading before I was able to restore my collection of music. Each download would add a few more tracks to each album. I don’t know why it worked that way, because the downloads were the same size.
    Don’t know how much time is left, but let your subscribers know to repeat downloading till they get their collections back.
    I hope this helps many people.

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