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Focal Theva Series - Impressive performance and elegant style at an attractive price

Focal JMlab is convinced that this is the entry into high-fidelity sound with the new Focal Theva Series, a loudspeaker line that is very broadly positioned with six models and is designed for both stereo and home cinema.

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  • The latest loudspeaker line from Focal JMlab, the Focal Theva Series, is to present itself with no less than six models.

French loudspeaker specialist Focal JMlab is convinced that the new Focal Theva Series loudspeaker line, which is now available, offers a complete range for every situation. The product line is set up in such a way that it is equipped for the most diverse tasks, be it in the field of stereo or home cinema.

With the solutions Focal Theva N°1, Focal Theva N°2, Focal Theva N°3, Focal Theva N°3-D, Focal Theva Surround and Focal Theva Center, six speaker systems are available. All models are said to feature pure hi-fi sound, an elegant design and a slim form factor.

Focal Theva – The entry into high-fidelity sound

From Focal JMlab’s point of view, the models of the new Focal Theva Series represent the entry into high-fidelity sound. At attractive prices, solutions are offered that allow the complete spectrum of hi-fi and home cinema at an exceptionally high level at home.

Six models available

As already mentioned, the new Focal Theva Series comprises six speaker systems, ranging from floorstanding and bookshelf speaker systems to centre speakers and solutions for surround, including immersive surround.

The Focal Theva N°1 is a compact bookshelf speaker system, the Focal Theva N°2 and Focal Theva N°3 are two floorstanding speaker systems, and the Focal Theva N°3-D has a special feature: an additional angled speaker is integrated into the top of this model. This makes the Focal Theva N°3-D a so-called Dolby Atmos-enabled speaker for immersive surround sound in the home cinema. The Focal Theva Surround, as a solution for wall mounting, and the Focal Theva Center, which, as the name clearly indicates, is intended to function as a centre speaker in a surround setup, are also a good fit.

Optional feet available

It should also be mentioned that Focal JMlab offers matching stands for the bookshelf speaker system of the product range, but also for the centre speaker. The Focal Theva Stand is available for the Focal Theva N°1, while the Focal Theva Center Stand, designed for the Focal Theca Center, is slightly smaller.

Prices and availability

The models of the new Focal Theva Series are already available in specialist shops, in Dark Wood, Light Wood and Black High Gloss finishes. Prices for this product line start at € 399,- for the Focal Theva N°1 and go up to € 799,- for the Focal Theva N°3, each per unit. Further details can be found in the list at the end of this report.

Getting to the point

With the new Focal Theva Series, Focal JMlab presents a loudspeaker family that is supposed to make the entry into stereo as well as home cinema particularly attractive. The new Focal Theva Series replaces the Focal Chora Series. In order to be equipped for stereo as well as home cinema, six speaker systems are available.

PriceFocal Theva N°1 € 399,- per unit
Focal Theva N°2 € 699,- per unit
Focal Theva N°3 € 799,- per unit
Focal Theva N°3-D € 999,- per unit
Focal Theva Surround € 798,- per pair
Focal Theva Center € 399,- per unit
Focal Theva Stand € 199,- per pair
Focal Theva Center Stand € 99,- per unit
DistributionFocal Naim Deutschland GmbH
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